Thursday, November 29, 2018

North Local Market   ...More

Tis the season for shopping! Downtown Minneapolis has a new pop up shop with all things local. North Local Market is open through December 27th inside City Center. The market is on the first floor across from Saks on 7th. The market is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Haute House Studios  

TCL In Your Town takes us to the city of Edina where for 10-years, two amazingly talented women have been making every day just a little more beautiful. Bridget Connell and Marsha Hunt are the talent behind Haute House Studios, an Edina based Floral and Event Design Company. They’re known for their wedding arrangements, but their holiday displays are not to be missed. Bridget and Marsha stopped by the TCL Studio to show Elizabeth how to add fresh fruit and ornaments to an arrangement to create a festive look in your own home.

New Orleans Brunch   ...More

There's a restaurant in Minneapolis, called McKinney Roe, which is dedicated to bringing new Orleans flavor to the Twin Cities. General manager and executive chef of McKinney Roe, Scott Pampuch stopped by to make Oyster Foch.

TCL in Your Town: What to Do in Edina This Winter   ...More

Whether you're looking to embrace the cold and get outside or let out some energy indoors, Edina has plenty to offer. In celebration of TCL in Your Town: Edina, the editor of Edina Magazine, Angela Johnson, shared some of the can't miss spots in that community.

TCL In Your Town: Edina’s Southdale Center  

TCL in Your Town is celebrating Edina this week and if you know nothing else about this suburb, you probably know it’s a destination for shopping. That reputation is well-deserved and dates back to 1956 when the very first indoor mall in the entire country opened: Southdale Center. Elizabeth walks the mall with Twin Cities Business Editor In Chief Allison Kaplan to talk about the impact Southdale had not only on Edina but on the shopping scene throughout the United States.

Missing Pieces Escape Games in Edina   ...More

For our special Edina edition of TCL In Your Town, we were looking for fun activites for the family. But we found a family that's doing a fun activity! Missing Pieces Escape Games is a family-owned business. Everyone in the family is involved in the design and production of their escape room games. 

11/29 3PM Host Chat   ...More

Steve and Elizabeth recap our year of TCL In Your Town and find out what's happening in Edina for today's edition!

11/29 4PM Host Chat   ...More

Steve and Elizabeth talk about the beautiful holiday decorations at CoV in Edina along with a few tasty drinks! Plus, they shared their thoughts on a Tom's Guide article about an Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass.