Wednesday, November 07, 2018

TCL Trend Report: Holiday Entertaining   ...More

It’s that time of year when families and friends are getting together for holiday parties and celebrations. Ridgedale Center has all sorts of options to make your decorating easy and sometimes it’s as simple as changing your linens and accents on the table. Jodi Mayers & Style Partners will even help you pick out what’s best for your theme. Jodi shows off three different themes. Thanksgiving, non-traditional and traditional. Here’s the list of items and where they can be found at Ridgedale Center.

Coffee with Cool People: Gavin Kaysen   ...More

Gavin Kaysen is a James Beard Award winning chef who is best known for Spoon and Stable and Bellecour Restaurant. Soon, he’ll be adding another hot spot to his list. Demi will open this winter.

Best Pie in the Twin Cities   ...More

Joy Summers, Editor of Eater Twin Cities, shares her favorite spots to get pie in the Twin Cities.

11/7 3PM Host Chat   ...More

Steve and Elizabeth talk about an article from SWNS Digital about how much time Americans spend in "food comas". Plus, they talked about a Delish article on a collection of Thanksgiving-flavored ice cream. And how researchers used science to figure out the best way to cook a pizza in a Livescience article

Balancing Being a Couch Potato   ...More

Author and keynote speaker Kristen Brown stopped by to help us navigate the positive and negative affects of being a couch potato.   

Buddy the Elf's Holiday Cookie Recipe   ...More

Cooking instructor Nancy Berguson stopped by with a festive holiday cookie recipe to help celebrate Ordway's Elf: The Musical.