Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Haunted Tours   ...More

Halloween is fun for all sorts of reasons. Costumes, pumpkins and of course anything haunted!  We’re hooking you up with some fun options that are more than just haunted house. We have a list for haunted tours.

Health Headlines: A Potentially Dangerous Supplement, Overscheduling Leads To Anxiety and How UTI’s Present in Seniors   ...More

On Twin Cities Live at Four, we go straight to the doctors at Fairview Health Services and North Memorial to dig into the latest Health Headlines.  Steve Patterson sits down with Dr. Katie Klingberg from Fairview to chat about a new health supplement that is making headlines.  It’s called higenamine.  But Dr. Klingberg suggests that some of its potential risks might outweigh its suggested benefits.  And, are you feeling stressed out?  It could be because you are overscheduling.  Dr. Klingberg digs into the article that has some folks suggesting you schedule less of your day in order to become more productive.  Plus, some important information for seniors and those who care for them.  Urinary tract infections could be the root cause of some behavioral changes in older adults.  She breaks down some of the symptoms to look out for and what to ask for at the doctor if you or someone you know is experiencing them.

Paranormal Investigators   ...More

The Twin Cities Paranormal Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching the paranormal through scientific methods while using the most modern equipment possible, providing support to our clients by eliminating fear and empowering individuals to move forward.

Kid Connection: Ampersand Families Celebrates 10-years   ...More

For 3 1/2 years, Twin Cities Live has shared stories of hope in our Kid Connection series, introducing us to kids waiting to find a family. But now it's time to introduce you to a few of the people helping to make that happen.
Twin Cities adoption agency, Ampersand Families, specializes in finding parents for kids ages 10 and older.  It's a unique job, having hard conversations with kids well aware of their situations.

Easy-Breezy Whole Jerk Chicken   ...More

Tomme Beevas from Pimento Jamaican Kitchen stopped by to share his Easy-Breezy Whole Jerk Chicken recipe! Contact them if you need help with your holiday meals!

10/23 3PM Host Chat   ...More

Steve and TCL Reporter Emily Engberg talk about the lottery, including a Business Insider breakdown of what would happen if you picked all the possible numbers, a special Halloween candy deal that could help feed hungry kids through Feed My Starving Children and a Seeking Alpha story about Snapchat vs. Instagram!

Halloween Sweets   ...More

Owner of Something sweet by Maddie Lu stops by to continue our Halloween celebration.  She shows us some easy ways to decorate your treats for the spooky holiday. 

10/23 4PM Host Chat   ...More

Steve and TCL Reporter Emily Engberg talk about a USA Today article about the nostalgia for Sears, a BBC article on the search for the subjects of an epic proposal photo and the story of Chris Hemwsworth giving a hitchhiker a ride in a helicopter.