Thursday, September 13, 2018

9/13 What's Happening This Weekend ...More

Twin Cities Live's Mike Marcotte shares his picks for what's happening this weekend.

Chicken & Cauliflower Wings ...More

Are you ready for some football? Be sure to check out TCL cook Patty Morrissey's chicken and cauliflower wing recipes for your next tailgate. 

Adopt Pace! ...More

Katie K9 stopped by our show with an adorable puppy named Pace who available for adoption through Warrior Dogs Rescue.

The Flight of the Monarch ...More

The monarch butterfly makes a 2,000 plus mile trek from Minnesota to the same mountains of Mexico every autumn. It's a migration that is a mystery to many scientists. The Twin Cities Live were curious about the insect and called up Cora Lund Preston from the non-profit, Monarch Joint Venture, to educated us.

9/13 3PM Host Chat ...More

Elizabeth and Steve talk about how the Waffle House is used by FEMA to gauge the aftermath of hurricanes, how Taco Bell topped the Harris Poll of the country's favorite Mexican restaurant and a look back at Oprah's famous "you get a car!" giveaway!

TRIA Rink Minnesota Wild Locker Room ...More

The Minnesota Wild is ready for another season of hockey. In honor of the new season, the Wild opened their doors to media to show off their 22,000 square foot locker room at TRIA Rink. TRIA Rink is their practice facility. 

Fall Fashion Color ...More

Yellow, red, orange – they’re all colors that pop during a beautiful Minnesota fall. But they also pop in fall fashion. We turned to The Refinery Boutique, which just opened a new location in Minneapolis, to find pieces that’ll make you crave fall. Owner Ashleigh Moelter stopped by our studio with four looks to ring in the season.