Friday, September 07, 2018

Batch Cooking Breakfasts with Coborns Delivers   ...More

Starting out your morning with a healthy and nutritional breakfast is key to kickstarting a successful day. Registered Dietian Emily Parent stopped by the TCL studio to share how Coborns Delivers can help you do just that. 

Comedian Hal Sparks Returns!   ...More

We love it when comedian Hal Sparks returns to Twin Cities Live. He's in town for a show at New Hope Cinema Grill tonight. Click here to purchase tickets!

Taste the Trend: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes   ...More

Twin Cities Live staff love when chef Mary Jane Miller tears apart a viral recipe and makes it better. It's a series called Taste the Trend. She tackles 5-ingredient chicken stuffed sweet potatoes.

Sleep Sherpa   ...More

If you spend much time online, you might be noticing more and more mattress advertisements popping up.  Most have pretty pictures and convincing online videos that make the whole process look easy.  Not to mention, most mattresses that sold online come with great deals.  A win-win, right?  Well, there’s one catch.  You can’t test it out until it’s in your house.  And that is a risk that some potential buyers aren’t willing to take on.

Makeup For Beginners   ...More

If you're new to the makeup world then the beauty aisle at Target may feel a little overwhelming. Beauty Expert and Creator of Kline to The Top Hillary Kline says you don’t have to be confused by all the products on the cosmetic shelves. She stopped by with tips that every makeup beginner should know.

9/7 3PM Host Chat   ...More

Steve and TCL Reporter Emily Engberg talk about a Prevention article about signs you could live to be 100 and the praise Stillwater received from Lonely Planet as one of the best places to see fall colors!

9/7 Rockstar Row: Missing GRACE   ...More

Missing GRACE is a foundation dedicated to helping parents deal with loss of a baby, infertility and adoption challenges. For info on their mission, click here. And for a link to participate in their upcoming Minnesota Hope and Hearts Run 5K coming up on September 15th, 2018, click here.

9/7 Movie Trip   ...More

Paul Mcguire Grimes from Paul's Trip to the Movies tells us how to see every Harry Potter on the big screen as well as a home release that's sure to bring those tears. 

Tailgating Products to Step Up Your Party   ...More

It’s football season! That means tailgating and Sunday afternoon parties. Emily Engberg found three products that will make your outing more fun and convenient.