Friday, June 29, 2018

6/28 4PM Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth and Steve talk about a Techcrunch article on Facebook adding a snooze feature, Julia Roberts joining Instagram, and attempted to discuss a Mental Floss story about how "football" became "soccer" in America.

Sidewalk Psychic Along the Water  

It's Water Week on Twin Cities Live. We’ve been out on the water, but now we’re strolling along a lake in Minneapolis. And we also made TCL reporter Kelli Hanson approach random people with our psychic and medium Jodi Livon.  
We call it Sidewalk Psychic and this time, Jodi didn't just read people.

DIY Lemonade Stands   ...More

TCL Craft Star Alisun Abbott shared how to make fun DIY lemonade stands and party tables.       

Minneapolis Water Taxi   ...More

Minnesotans love the water and now you don’t need a boat to get out and enjoy it. The Minneapolis Water Taxi is a solar powered electric launch that is powered by the sun. The water taxi does mostly cruises for folks looking to get out on the water, but they are adding to their list of docking spots and stops along Minneapolis. The cruises are about an hour.

Best Chilled Wine Under $10   ...More

Twin Cities Live's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, stopped by with his picks for four chilled vinos all under $10.

4th of July Picnic Staples   ...More

Natalie Jaeger, owner of The Olive Grove Olive Oil Company, revolutionizes the way you'll prepare your picnic staples for 4th of July! Natalie is making it easy for you to try her recipes with a gift box set of the products she uses in her recipes. 

Paper Tossing Contest with the Cast of "Newsies"   ...More

"Newsies" is wowing audiences at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. Several of the stars of the show stopped by for a paper tossing challenge!

6/29 4PM Host Chat ...More

Steve and Elizabeth talk about a Huffington Post article on tweets about kids today vs. back in the day.

6/29 Movie Trip   ...More

Paul McGuire Grimes from Paul's Trip to the Movie reviews some of the biggest theatrical releases.