Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Water Fashion   ...More

There has been a big merger in the water fashion world - Big Island Surf & Swim and Nani Nalu joined forces under the parent company JB Swim. Editor and Chief of Twin Cities Business, Allison Kaplan, stopped by to break it down for us and show some fun items they have available at each store.  

Various Ways to Save Cash   ...More

It's suggested that you have six months of income in an emergency fund. Many Americans don't. If that amount seems daunting, Bill Wagner from Hiway Federal Credit Union breaks it down into more achievable goals. Plus, watch to see the difference between the various types of savings accounts.

Somalis + Minnesota at the Minnesota History Center   ...More

The Minnesota History Center has a new exhibit called “Somalis + Minnesota”. Minnesota is home to more Somalis and Somali Americans than any other state in the country.

National Sunglasses Day   ...More

Whether you think sunglasses are worth the investment or you look for an inexpensive pair, creator of and Fashion Style Expert, Katie Fokken, shared some of her favorite styles with a variety of price points.

Super Saver: Huge July Savings   ...More

July is a huge, huge month for summer sales. And if your email inbox isn't full of promo codes and discounts yet, our Super Saver says buckle up. TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson all the details on big sales you'll want to mark on the calendar.

Coffee with Cool People: Matt Birk   ...More

Former Minnesota Vikings star and Super Bowl champion Matt Birk is enjoying retirement.  Some people feel a weight lifted after they hang up the cleats.  He feels that too.  Quite literally.  The former lineman has dropped some 75 pounds.  Which is proabably a good thing.  Helps him to get around quicker when he’s chasing after his kids.  The father of eight was more than ready to have a large black coffee when he got together with Twin Cities Live host Steve Patterson at Caribou Coffee in Eagan.

Mom Approved Bug Repellents   ...More

Here's a fun fact -- Female mosquitos are the biters. Male mosquitos don't even bother. And did you know that female mosquitoes can live for up to 100 days?  If you hate the smell of insect repellant or maybe you just don't want it all over your skin, Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson has found a few products she says are worth a try and they're safe for kids.

6/27 3PM Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth gave Steve an update on her chickens! Then they talked about a CNBC article on what people use their digital assistants to do and a CNET article about the new robotic engineer Barbie!