Thursday, May 31, 2018

Fruit Fashion Trends   ...More

Pineapples, lemons, and strawberries aren't just for eating.  You'll see them on summer fashion as well!  Sara Rogers from Mall of America shows off her Fruit Fashion Finds.

TCL Happy Hour: Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge on Lake Minnetonka   ...More

Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge has been a hot spot on Lake Minnetonka for fifty years! Not only does it have a cozy atmosphere indoors, it’s best known for its patio outside. The patio not only has great views of the lake, it’s also a great spot to gather with friends for a cocktail, good food or just great conversation.

5/31 What's Happening This Weekend   ...More

Twin Cities Live's local guy about town, Mike Marcotte, has some ideas for you to add to your social calendar this week.

Grilled Food and Wine Pairings   ...More

Twin Cities Live's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, is firing up the grill to pair burgers, steak and more with bottles of vino.

Best Meat Markets in the Twin Cities   ...More

The Food and Dining Editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, unveils three of her favorite meat markets in the Twin Cities.

5/31 3PM Host Chat   ...More

Steve and Elizabeth sample new cereals from Post and talk about how many gifts the royal wedding couple will be returning.

5/31 4PM Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth and Steve get a visit from the Exotic Pet Fair! They also talk about Mick Jagger posting fun "dad" comments on his son's Instagram. And a Bored Panda article about interesting finds from Japan!