Wednesday, May 09, 2018

TCL’s Got Class: Emily Learns to Cook   ...More

The Twin Cities Live team is headed back to class to work on a new or improve a skill that needs a little help. Emily Engberg doesn’t love to cook. However, she’s trying to do it more often. So, we decided to send her off to Sur La Table in Woodbury.

Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa: Skin Tightening for Mom   ...More

Here's something mom probably won't tell you she really wants this Mother's Day -- a mini face lift. But the one we're talking about doesn't involve surgery.  Our friends over at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa have been raving about their skin tightening treatment. In involves small probes that can be used around the eyes and lips, even on the neck.
Dr. Lisa says it feels like a hot stone massage and who wouldn't love that?

Super Saver Deals for Mom   ...More

You know what mom would love just as much as breakfast in bed this Mother's Day? Knowing that you saved some money on her present!  TCL’s Super Saver, reporter Kelli Hanson, stopped by to help with half-price deals on gifts for mom.

Pantry Oatmeal Dough Bites   ...More

Melissa Coleman is the creator of The Faux Martha, which was named a Huffington post Top 10 Food Blog. Her passion is to help her 125 thousand Instagram followers how to make more with less. Her cookbook, The Minimalist Kitchen has over 100 recipes. She stopped by to share her tips and how to make Pantry Oatmeal Dough Bites.

Coffee with Cool People: Donna Valentine  

When Steve is not busy with Twin Cities Live, he has a second place he calls "home".  In the mornings, Steve hangs with Donna Valentine at myTalk 107.1 for the Donna and Steve Show.  It was an easy pick for him to find a cool person to sit down and have some coffee with.  Off to Caribou Coffee for a little chat with his radio partner, Donna Valentine.

5/9 3PM Host Chat   ...More

Steve and Elizabeth talk about a BBC article on getting rid of wet wipes, a Good Housekeeping article about Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos working out together and an MTV story about Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ending their feud. 

Subscription Planter Service in Minnesota   ...More

You can get boxes of clothing, pet toys, food and even knitting supplies delivered to you home each month. There's a new subscription service now delivering potted plants to your front door. Cheryl Thiele, the co-owner of Simple & Grand stops by to explain how it works and advice on taking care of your planters.

Rose All Day with Haskell's   ...More

Twin Cities Live's Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, explains the popularity behind rose wine and shares four of his favorites bottles, along with an exclusive deal.

5/9 4PM Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth and Steve talk about an article from Variety about movie star salaries and what The Rock charges for social media posts. Plus a Bored Panda article with funny movie descriptions. And their thoughts on a Mental Floss article on the return of "Bill and Ted" to movie theaters!