Monday, April 30, 2018

Origami in the Garden   ...More

Most of us have had some sort of experience seeing or maybe even trying our hand at origami. But wait until you see origami turned into sculptures. Origami is art made by folding a flat piece of paper usually without making cuts or using glue. Now, those pieces of art are in a new exhibit called “Origami in the Garden” at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Monday Night Meal: Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa   ...More

We’ve all been in a recipe rut before, that’s why you can catch a new series on Twin Cites Live at Four, called “Monday Night Meal.” You can start your week off strong with a simple dinner idea that’s easy to make and will impress your whole family. Recipe Developer, Mary Jane Miller shared how to make Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa.

#MyHouseCrushMonday   ...More

Minneapolis designer Patti Wagner is like a lot of us when she’s out on a walk with her family.  She looks around the neighborhood, picks out her favorite houses and imagines who and what is inside. Except Patti started going one step further. She created the hashtag #MyHouseCrushMonday and started posting images of the homes that inspire her to her 100,000 Instagram followers. Turns out, the people who live in the homes she loves were pretty flattered by the attention and started asking Patti if she’d ever like to pop over for a tour. Elizabeth tags along as Patti takes one of those homeowners up on the invitation to come inside and they discover a gem of a home where the inside is just as beautiful as the outside.

Grilled Oysters from Grand Cafe's Jamie Malone   ...More

In late 2016, Jamie Malone joined the team at the Grand Cafe in Minneapolis. A short time later, she was presented the opportunity to purchase the restaurant and she snatched the opportunity. After a complete makeover, the Grand Cafe is receiving high praise and was a 2018 James Beard Foundation Award semi-finalist for Best New Restaurant. Jamie stopped by to share a recipe for grilled oysters.

4/30 3 PM Host Chat   ...More

Steve and Elizabeth talk about a Huffington Post article where women compare their post-birth pics to Kate Middleton. Plus they give a shout-out to a 100-year old TCL fan! 

4/30 4 PM Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth and Steve talk about James Beard Award winning food from Jamie Malone at Grand Cafe and one of the award winning books, the Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen!

Best Educational Apps   ...More

Our TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser shares his picks for educational apps, including ones to help students cram for last minute tests or keep learning all summer long!

Be Well with TCL: Bungee Fitness   ...More

If bungee jumping never peeked your interest, a new kind of workout just might. The Aviary in Minnetonka has a new kind of workout class where a bungee rope is tethered to a harness. That push and pull creates a workout unlike any other. We sent TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson to The Aviary to check it out.