Friday, April 13, 2018

Crayola Craft Night: Rockin' Paper ...More

Elizabeth and her daughter Bernie spent a night at Crayola Experience at Mall of America doing fun crafts with winners of our Crayola Coloring Contest! Today they tackled "Rockin' Paper"!

4/13 Host Chat   ...More

It's a special "weather centric" version of Free for All Friday as Steve and Elizabeth are joined by 5 Eyewitness News Weather's own Nicole Mitchell!

4/13 Movie Trip   ...More

Paul McGuire Grimes from Paul’s Trip to the Movies reviews two movies out in the theaters and has a suggestion for one to watch at home.

Spring Beauty Inspiration   ...More

Ladies pretty soon we'll be able to put all of our sweaters away and pull out the shorts. We'll see white pants again and wear tank tops. That means our hair and makeup routine will need to freshen up a bit. Melissa Matthews from Simonson’s Salon & Spa stopped by with Spring Beauty Inspiration.

Jodi Livon: Turn Your Luck Around   ...More

To many people, Friday the 13th is just another day on the calendar. But for those who believe in superstitions, it’s a very unlucky day. And if you're having a bad day, our Happy Medium wants to help turn that luck around. Psychic and Medium, Jodi Livon, stopped by to tell us why Friday the 13th is actually a very lucky day!