Friday, March 02, 2018

Trend Wedding: A Look Back   ...More

Twin Cities Live is no stranger to love.  Multiple Minnesota couples have tied the knot on our show.  We take a look back at Matt and Kay's journey...and get an update on some of the other weddings that Twin Cities Live has hosted!

Meet the Wedding Guys   ...More

Matt and Kay's ceremony would not be possible without the help of Matthew Trettel and Bruce Vassar - also known as The Wedding Guys.  Their job is traveling the world to find the hottest trends happening in the world of weddings and bring them back home to Minnesota.

Trend Wedding: The Reception   ...More

Twin Cities Live reporter, Emily Engberg got a sneak peek of the party about to take place after Matt and Kay tie the knot.

Trend Wedding: The Ceremony   ...More

The time is finally here as Kay makes her way down the aisle to join her soon-to-be husband, Matt.

Trend Wedding: Happily Ever After   ...More

Matt and Kay are finally wed. Now they get to find out where you decided they should go on their honeymoon!