Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Women’s USA Bandy   ...More

It’s not a brand new sport, but it is growing in popularity. Bandy has been around since the late 1980’s. The game is played on the ice, just like hockey. But in Bandy, it’s played on a surface that’s as big as a hockey field. There are eleven players, including a goalkeeper. The sport is often described as a cross between lacrosse and hockey. The players attempt to score by hitting a small ball about the size of a tennis ball into the net.

Meet Lillian: January’s Pet of the Month   ...More

Our pet of the month for January is named, Lillian. Lillian is a 4-year-old Bullmastiff from Underdog Rescue. This sweet Bullmastiff has the head of a giant and the heart of an angel.  Side Walk Dog is a dog-friendly resource center and wants to help her find a forever home.  Learn more and find out how to adopt her here.

Trend Wedding: Pick the Décor   ...More

You’ve chosen the couple, the invitations, and now the dress!  On March 2, 2018 Matt and Kay are tying the knot LIVE on the show!  Kelli Hanson tagged along with Kay to Angelique’s Bridal in Blaine where she fell in love with three different dresses.  You voted…and the winner is option number 1!

Farrell’s Guide to Jumpstart Your Health   ...More

Setting a New Year’s resolution is the easy part.  The hardest part might be just getting started.  Justin Gordon from Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping sets up the steps to take in the next five days to jumpstart your health in 2018.

Super Saver: Advice on Returns   ...More

If you had to pull out your acting hat again when opening grandma's gift this year -- you know the "Oh, I've always wanted this chicken oven mitt" response, then you're ready to make those returns.  Our Super Saver, TCL’s Kelli Hanson, stopped by to help us understand and navigate those lengthy return policies for your holiday gifts.

1/3 Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth and Steve catch up after the holidays and share their "Words of the Year"!