Monday, December 04, 2017

12/4 Host Chat ...More

Steve is joined by Lindsey Brown from 5 Eyewitness News to talk about Lindsey's search for the perfect pecan pie and a viral video of a cheerleader doing what looks like an impossible stunt!

TCL Gift Guide Giveaway: FlyOver America ...More

Get ready to take quite the ride!  No need to pack a bag or book a flight. FlyOver America is a virtual flight ride that takes you a journey across the country. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg took a ride and loved every moment of it. Emily says it makes you appreciate the beauty of North America. It’s also super fun and perfect for the entire family to enjoy together. 

Skincare Gifts for Guys ...More

We talk a lot about beauty on this show and how women can take care of their skin. But what about the fellas? They need help too. Our guest says now is the perfect time to introduce your guy to great skin care products -- as a gift they'd likely never give themselves. Jen Vick from ShineUP Living stopped by with her picks for men’s skincare lines. 

Bachman’s Holiday Ideas House   ...More

It’s holiday decorating at its finest. Bachman’s is making it easy for people to get some great ideas for their own homes. Bachman’s Holiday Ideas House is completely decorated with unique holiday designs. Every floor and room has a different look or trend. The main focus this year is warm copper and brushed gold. You’ll also see a lot of outdoorsy items like trees and birds. The neatest part is seeing the traditional trends intertwined with the more modern looks, too.

Intergenerational Living at TowerLight   ...More

When my kids get around your parents, or even grandparents it's as if the entire room lights up. That burst of energy is what residents at Towerlight Senior Living in St. Louis Park experience every day through something called intergenerational programming. 

New Technology in Female Hair Restoration

You hear about hair loss solutions for men, but the ladies have to deal with it too. Especially if you're over the age of 65. At that age, half of women are experiencing hair loss. There are prescriptions and shampoos out there that claim to help, but Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa is now offering a more natural approach to getting back a full head of hair. 

Holiday Breakfast That Wows   ...More

When it comes to bacon, there are no rules. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Marinating your bacon may seem strange but it creates a delicious twist on a crowd favorite.  Patty Morrissey won a cooking contest on Twin Cities Live a few years ago, today she shared a delicious breakfast idea when company comes over for the holidays.