Thursday, November 30, 2017

11/30 Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth and Steve talk about a rule from Monopoly you might not be playing by. Plus, a USA Today article about how dogs are smarter than cats. And they share their thoughts on a Good Housekeeping article about how goats might interact with humans just like dogs do. 

"Beauty and the Beast Junior" Performance from Stages Theatre   ...More

The cast of "Beauty and the Beast Junior" at Stages Theatre in Hopkins stopped by to perform "Something There". For ticket information, click here

DIY Holiday Decorations   ...More

Danielle Rode from Upsy-Daisy shared her ideas for DIY holiday decorations!

Holiday Brunch Bakes   ...More

Many families take part in traditions to celebrate the holiday season from sending out Christmas letters to decorating the tree and leaving cookies out for Santa. 

11/30 What's Happening This Weekend   ...More

Twin Cities Live's Mike Marcotte shares his picks for What's Happening This Weekend.

Guide to Prime Rib   ...More

The owner of a southern Minnesota meat shop sees customers who drive nearly 200 miles one way to purchase his products. Greg Endres, the owner of Greg's Meats, stopped by with ways to cook prime rib thanks to the support of the Minnesota Beef Council.