Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Big Flavor for Simple Dinners   ...More

Natalie Jaeger, the owner of The Olive Grove, is here to help us take those simple dinner ideas and kick them up with some big flavors!

Emily Goes Back to School at Woodbury Middle School   ...More

Kids are back in school and for a lot of parents things are definitely different since they were in class. Twin Cities Live is heading back to school to see just how much is new. Reporter Emily Engberg spent the day at Woodbury Middle School in Woodbury.

9/27 Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth Ries returns! Steve and Elizabeth catch up on her time home with Baby Franklin (and he stops by for a visit too!) 

9/27 Super Saver   ...More

A few weeks ago Apple announced the release of the new iPhone 8 and they surprised everyone by unveiling the iPhone 10, due for release in November. If you're in the market for a new phone, whichever one you buy, expect to shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  Or you could just trade in and trade up. Our Super Saver, Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson stop by to help us get the most money for our phone.

"American Idol" Auditions in South Dakota   ...More

Five Minnesotans won a chance to go to the front of the line at "American Idol" auditions in Rapid City, South Dakota. Our cameras tagged along to see what happened.

A Year in the BWCA   ...More

Can you imagine dropping everything to live in the Boundary Waters for an entire year? That's what one Minnesota couple from Ely did. No car, no groceries not even a light switch to flip on.  Instead, the new normal for Amy and Dave Freeman included sleeping in a tent every night. They stayed at 100 different camps, and visited over 500 bodies of water.