Thursday, September 07, 2017

Guthrie Theater’s Romeo and Juliet   ...More

William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is the classic and tragic story of two star crossed lovers. The passionate story returns to the Guthrie Theater’s Wurtele Thrust Stage on September 9th and runs through October 28th. It’s recommended that children be at least twelve years old to see this show.

Fashion Week   ...More

Fashion Week in New York City gets a lot of buzz every year, but did you know you can see high fashion right here in the Twin Cities? Fashion Designer Christopher Straub stopped by with a preview of an incredible runway show you can see at a pretty luxurious place in town.

Back to School Lunch Ideas   ...More

Many schools are back in session! So we want to make sure you know how to liven up your child's lunchbox with foods they love!  The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten explains how to make traditional pepperoni pizza and a PB&J with a twist.

Kid Connection: Matheau   ...More

Whether it was playing a sport, or maybe being involved in gymnastics or dance, finding a passion as a kid can be liberating. You feel like you can really be yourself.  That is a feeling 15-year-old Matheau gets when he's talking about science. He’s one our Kid Connection Children and once TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson found out he liked robots, she knew just the place to take him.

9/7 What's Happening This Weekend   ...More

Twin Cities Live's Local Guy About Town, Mike Marcotte, shares his picks for What's Happening This Weekend.

9/7 Host Chat   ...More

Steve and TCL reporter Kelli Hanson talk about her daughter's first day of kindergarten, the upcoming iPhone 8 and Steve's attempts to see the Northern Lights!