Thursday, August 31, 2017

8/31 Hot History with Twin City Jacuzzi  

Twin Cities Live Reporter Emily Engberg is hanging out all week giving us “Hot History” from the fair at Twin City Jacuzzi. Twin City Jacuzzi has all sorts of hot tubs and swim spas on display for you to check out. They are even offering special pricing.

8/31 Money Machine  

Cindy from White Bear Lake steps inside the TCL Money Machine sponsored by Hiway Federal Credit Union for her chance to win up to $500!

Loaded Waffle-on-a-Stick   ...More

Chef Mike Engel from Grand Casino uses the Minnesota State Fair to change up one of his breakfast recipes! 

Gluten Free Fair Foods  

Eating is one activity that everyone partakes in at the fair.  If you have sensitivity to gluten you might think all that fried food means you’ll have to pass.  “Not that fast!” says Twin Cities Live reporter, Kelli Hanson.  She scoured the fairgrounds and found some tasty gluten free options to enjoy!

Yarn Bombs  

Yarn bombing.  What’s that you ask?  Head over to the Grandstand ramp and check out the yarn street art covering the chainlink fence.  That’s what a yarn bomb is!  The artist, known as Knitteapolis began doing this in 2014 all with one purpose in mind…to make people smile!

Marjorie Johnson  

It would not be a fair for Twin Cities Live if we didn’t invite our favorite Blue Ribbon Baker to join us.  Marjorie Johnson has won so many blue ribbons at the Minnesota State Fair that she has actually been banned from entering in certain categories! 


The Road to Blue Ribbon Baking 

8/31 Fair Insider  

Mike Marcotte is no stranger to the fair.  He shares some of his tips to make your time at the fair the best.

8/31 Top 5 at Four  

Steve, Lindsey Brown and Kevin Doran count down their top five things to check out at the fair!

Kevin Goes Barrel Racing   ...More

Kevin Doran dons his finest cowboy wear to go riding on one of the horses participating in the Barrel Racing competition put on by the Western Saddle Club Association.  Only, they had other ideas for him…

8/31 Host Chat   ...More

Steve and Dez from KS95 get a visit from Knitteapolis, who's making a special TCL yarn project out at the State Fair! Plus, another round of "Confessions for Cookies" and a killer beatboxing performance from Nick Wishard!