Monday, August 28, 2017

Hot History with Twin City Jacuzzi  

Twin Cities Live Reporter Emily Engberg is hanging out all week giving us “Hot History” from the fair at Twin City Jacuzzi. Twin City Jacuzzi has all sorts of hot tubs and swim spas on display for you to check out. They are even offering special pricing.

8/28 Money Machine  

Lana from Dayton steps inside the TCL Money Machine sponsored by Hiway Federal Credit Union for her chance to win up to $500!

Fair Freebies D-I-Y Ideas for Back to School   ...More

If you're coming to the fair for all the delicious food, chances are you'll leave not only with a full belly but also a bag full of free stuff! TCL Craft Star, Alisun Abbott, showed us some unique back to school ideas you can do with some of your fair free freebies.

Patio’ke Contest Winner  

Nina Gerner from St. Paul wowed the judges in the Patio’ke finale with her rendition of Paris by Grace Potter.


We’ve welcomed RC BBQ on Twin Cities Live before with their double dose of pork belly.  But there is another popular item they make and that’s their brisket.  They estimate they’ll sell around 3,000 pounds of it at the fair this year.  Executive Chef and Owner of Charlie T’s Foods, Charlie Torgerson, shows us what goes into making this fair favorite.

The Big Wheel  

This year at the Minnesota State Fair, there’s a new attraction.  The Big Wheel takes you 156 feed in the air – making it one of the tallest traveling ferris wheels in North America.  Emily wanted to take a spin on it and brought her two buddies from KS95 with her.  Ryan and Crisco gave her a ride she’ll never forget!

8/28 Fair Insider  

Mike Marcotte is no stranger to the fair.  He shares some of his tips to make your time at the fair the best.

8/28 Top 5 at Four  

Steve, Lindsey Brown and Kevin Doran count down their top five things to see at the fair!

Behind the Blue Ribbon   ...More

Hundreds of people lined up to drop off their home baked goods at the fair before it even opened in the hopes of taking home the prized blue ribbon!  Reporter Kelli Hanson met up with the judges to find out just how this whole process works.

8/28 Host Chat  

Dez co-hosts with Steve.  Dez participated in the 15 Minute Fair Food Challenge and Steve checks out the campgrounds at the fair.