Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Poke Bowls and Birthday Appetizers   ...More

When you're taking a break from shopping, CRAVE American Kitchen and Sushi Bar located on the 3rd floor is a hot spot for delicious appetizers. Chef Daniel Green explains how to make Poke Bowls that's perfect for a special occasion like a birthday celebration.

8/9 Host Chat

Twin Cities Live is helping Mall of America celebrate their 25th birthday!  Kat Perkins joins Steve to co-host our live show from the rotunda!

Sea Turtles

Four stories of shops, two food courts and an entire theme park isn’t the only thing Mall of America managed to fit in its mall.  Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium is another destination you’ll find on your outing there.  Sea Life Senior Aquarist, Asher Berg brought over a couple of sea turtles for us to check out.  

Fashion Challenge   ...More

We couldn’t be at Mall of America and not do a little shopping!  We challenged two savvy shoppers to put together a head to toe look.  Fashion experts Amy Seeman and Wendy Witherspoon did their best to put together an outfit that is budget friendly, can transition from summer to fall, and is versatile.

Masters of the Mall  

Back in 2001, the Game Show Network aired Mall Masters. It was a game show filmed right at Mall of America.  Three contestants would guess how shoppers would answer pop culture questions.  We play our own version and we cleverly call it…Masters of the Mall!

Back to School Fashion  

Before we know it, the kids will be heading back to school.  Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers, shows off some back to school outfits for kids of all ages.