Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Good Company: Papa Tronnio’s   ...More

Pizza night is certainly a popular night for many families and there’s one hot spot in Prescott, Wisconsin that has been feeding the stomachs and the hearts of families for almost forty years. Papa Tronnio’s is a staple. Known for its laid back atmosphere and great pizza, Papa T’s attracts people from Prescott and from all over the cities. Some families come weekly just to get a taste.

Styling Summer Hats   ...More

How often are you washing your hair? We headed to Facebook and asked viewers, “How often do you wash your hair?” Apparently if you’re washing your hair every day, it could be stripping your hair of its natural oils. Most viewers said they wash their hair every other day….some every 10 days! Blogger and Fashion Expert, Amy Seeman, says a Styled Summer Hat can hide your hair on those in between shampoo days and everyone will just think you’re right on trend.

7/26 Host Chat   ...More

Steve is joined by TV star and Minnesota's own Melissa Peterman for a special head-to-head competition before our first Patio'ke competition!

7/26 SuperSaver Weekly Deals   ...More

Here on Twin Cities Live we are all about saving you some money, money, money. We've put twin cities live reporter Kelli Hanson on a mission to find you deals from big box stores -- all the way to your local mom and pop shop.  She's our resident super saver. Check out her weekly deals below!

The Melissa Peterman Wine Four-Pack   ...More

In honor of actress Melissa Peterman co-hosting Twin Cities Live, our Wine Guy, Haskell's Ted Farrell, stops by with four of her favorite varietals of wine along with a great deal!