Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fun Household Hacks   ...More

We all have things around our house that we tend to toss when we're done with them. But some of these items can be used in new ways. Reporter Emily Engberg has some interesting new uses for a handful of items that may surprise you.

Best Supper Clubs   ...More

The supper club culture invites people to visit with friends, enjoy a hearty meal and remains an important part to the Minnesota dining scene because it allows guests to feel at home. Food critic for the Minnesota Monthly, Joy Summer gave a roundup of her favorite supper clubs in the Twin Cities.

Shrubs that Thrive in Minnesota   ...More

Ryan McEnaney from Woodbury-based Bailey Nurseries introduces us to five shrubs that thrive in Minnesota, including one that literally is a four-season plant.

Behave Your Best: Proactive Toddler Program   ...More

Any parent will tell you that being a mom or dad is wonderful and fulfilling. But there will be hard days because, well, parenting is tough!

5/30 Host Chat   ...More

Elizabeth and Steve recap their Memorial Day weekends! Then they talked about Kim Kardashian talking about her brief marriage to Kris Humphries on Bravo TV (careful, some grown-up language here!). Then Elizabeth shares her chat with the new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay!