Thursday, March 09, 2017

3/9 Host Chat   ...More

Steve surprises Elizabeth with the new Strawberry Nut M&Ms, available at stores now! Plus, they tried a new browser extension for Chrome called "NOPE" that will make a fake phone call to your number to get you out of a conversation. And they gave an update on our eBay auction of a TCL Coffee Mug for charity!

3/9 What’s Happening this Weekend ...More

Local Guy About Town, Mike Marcotte has his picks for what’s happening this weekend.

Weekender Bags   ...More

If you’re planning a Spring Break trip or just looking forward to a weekend getaway, you’ve got to have a great bag to hold all of your stuff, right? TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson rounded up a few of her favorites and has deals to help you get packing!

Gypsy Bacon and Comte Mac and Cheese   ...More

Private Chef Justin Davis made a gourmet spin to the classic Mac and Cheese with this Gypsy Bacon and Comte recipe.

Kid Connection: “HOME”   ...More

On Thursdays we bring you stories about kids in your communities waiting to find a family. These kids have moved from place to place, in foster and group care.