Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4/30 Host Chat   ...More

Dez from KS95 is back to co-host with Elizabeth!

Baked Alaska   ...More

Our lovely co-host, Dez, spent a big part of her childhood growing up in Alaska.  We thought we would give her a taste of home with some Baked Alaska.  While Dez has eaten the dish before in Alaska, she says she thinks it’s more of a tourist thing.  None the less, cake decorator and baking instructor, Nancy Burgeson took a try at making the dessert she’s never made before.

Railway Man, Other Woman, & Enough Said   ...More

It’s all about relationships in the movies that Paul McGuire Grimes, from the blog Paul’s Trip to the Movies, reviews. 

Bedroom Transformation   ...More

IKEA stepped in to a St. Louis Park man’s small plain bedroom and completely transformed it.  Now the room not only feels more inviting, but also more spacious.

Spring Clean Your Mind   ...More

Since the rain is keeping you indoors, it’s the perfect excuse to stay inside, get organized and spring clean your “personal house.”  Kristen Brown, author of The Happy Hour Effect, explains ways to do this.