Thursday, March 06, 2014

3/6 Host Chat ...More

Dez from KS95 is co-hosting with Elizabeth today!

3/6 What’s Happening this Weekend ...More

Assistant Producer Mike Marcotte has some things for you to check out this weekend!

Fish Grenoble ...More

You are use to seeing Ted Farrell on Twin Cities Live with wine from Haskell’s.  Ted not only knows his stuff when it comes to wine, he knows how to use wine in the kitchen too! 

Women’s Heart Disease ...More

Did you know that people who experience severe anger outbursts have a higher risk for heart attack?  Just being a woman raises that risk too.  Dr. Lori Bethke from Entira Family Clinics shares some little known facts about heart disease.

Surprisingly Rewarding Moments ...More

One random act of kindness can turn a person’s day around in no time.  That’s the idea behind TCF Banks’ Surprisingly Rewarding Moments program.  They set out to surprise people with all sorts of things just to brighten a person’s day!  Emily joins the folks from TCF Bank at Cub Foods where shoppers are surprised with more than $500 in free groceries!  

Wacky Sports Leagues: Whirlyball ...More

There is a hybrid sport making a bang in Maple Grove.  Whirlyball combines bumper cars with basketball, hockey, and lacrosse; and you don’t have to be good to have a LOT of fun!  For more information on leagues, click here

Dealing with Difficult People ...More

There are some people in this world that are just tough to get along with in everybody’s life.  The author of The Happy Hour Effect, Kristen Brown, has ways to help us learn how to deal with these difficult people.