Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4/16 Host Chat   ...More

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS’ anchor, Leah McLean is co-hosting with Elizabeth today!

Spring Clean Your Man ...More

Emily is live at Roosters Men’s Grooming Center in Woodbury where they are cleaning up the winner of our Spring Clean Your Man Makeover Contest.  Tim Christenson from White Bear Lake was laid off his job last month and wants to start a new career as a financial advisor.

Talking to Your Kids About Tragedies   ...More

The tragedy in Boston is flooding your television screens and most likely your kids are asking questions.  Images of tragedies like this are scary for kids and you may not be sure how to address it with your kids.  Twin Cities Live Parenting Expert, Jenny Hanlon, is here with some advice on how to talk to your kids about these type of situations.

Bridesmaid Dress Trends   ...More

Gone are the puffy sleeves and taffeta in bridesmaid dresses and now you really are seeing the dresses get worn after the big day.  Editor of Minneapolis St. Paul Weddings, Emily Howald, is here with the newest trend in bridesmaid dresses. 

Kardashian Nanny   ...More

Pam Behan was keeping up with the Kardashian’s way before their hit reality show.  The Minnesota native went to California for a summer and ended up staying several years working as a nanny, first for Bruce Jenner and then for the Kardashians.  She’s sharing her experiences in her new book, Malibu Nanny: Adventures of the Former Kardashian

Safety in the Skies   ...More

It’s never any fun going through the airport security lines, with all the rules and regulations that you have to follow.  While we all know it’s important, it sure takes the fun out of traveling.  Well, there are some changes coming to your safety in the skies!  Louise Kurzeka from AAA Travel Store shows us some products that are a “must”.