Friday, July 30, 2010

World Record Fishing   ...More
Trying to break one world record is hard enough but Jeff Kolodzinski is trying to break his won record of catching the most fish from shore in a 24 hour period.  Emily Engberg is live on the shores of Lake Minnetonka to see how he’s doing. You can check in with him and see how he's doing yourself by clicking here.
Bubbly Wines   ...More
A good sparkling wine is a perfect light summertime drink.  Ted Farrell of Haskell’s shed some light on the bubbly drink that most of us don’t know a lot about.  Prosecco, Spumante, Champagne, and sparkling wines all have a place in this category – but Ted sorts out the differences to make your choice an easy one. 
Always a Bridesmaid…   ...More
Do you have so many bridesmaid dresses you don’t know what to do with them?  Even though you hear it all the time – “you can wear them again”…can you really?  Twin Cities fashion designer,  JoyNoelle, took the bridesmaid dresses from two Twin Cities Live viewers and gave them a reformation.  Now, these two dresses for sure will be worn on the town again. 
7/30 To Do’s   ...More
There’s a lot on tap to check out this weekend and Dez gives us some of her picks for your “To Do” list.
Doggy Daycare   ...More
Stone Mountain Pet Lodge has a pretty good turnout for their Doggy Daycare program.  Some of the dogs are regulars and some of them are sent there when their owners are on vacation.  Amy Cheney from Stone Mountain Pet Lodge has some games that you can play with your dogs at home – and you are their “doggy daycare”!
Mad Men Fashions   ...More
Almost 3 million people tuned in last Sunday for the season 4 premier of Mad Men on AMC.  Mad Men has won 9 Emmys and 4 Golden Globes – and it’s fashion has all the ladies talking.  Mall of America Trend Specialist, Sara Rogers, is here with some looks inspired by the ladies of Mad Men.
The Kids Are All Right  

Rusty Gatenby sat down with the stars from the movie “The Kids Are All Right.”  The movie, about a same sex couple trying to raise a family when their children’s biological father is brought back into the mix is getting rave reviews nationwide.  For movie times, click here