Monday, June 01, 2009

An Adoption Story   ...More
Choosing adoption is an option that many family take in hopes of creating a family.  Thousands of people want to adopt but those dreams could be held up just by the cost of adoption itself.  Adopting a child could cost anywhere in the range of $5000 to $40,000.
TCL’s New Patio!  

The day is finally here when we reveal our new TCL patio!  We are so excited to show it off.  We are so appreciative all the people who helped and contributed to make this possible.  The Parade of Homes and Hedberg Landscape & Masonry Supplies headed up the project, lining up all the other contributors to make it happen!  Thank you to Tier One Landscape, Anchor Block Company, Beuchel Stone Corp., Original Rock, Halla Nursery, and Hom Furniture for making it all come together.  We love it and plan to spend a lot of time out here!

DIY Fountain   ...More
Our home improvement expert, JoJo Liebeler, is our first guest out on our new patio!  And, she has the perfect project for you to do to put out on your patio.  A do-it-yourself fountain is a simple way to bring the soothing sounds of water to your home. 
Old Classics   ...More
Some of the classic books that we were required to read in school have remained favorites for a long time.  Hennepin County Librarian, Maureen Millea Smith, revisted some of these books and made some suggestions for similar books that you will probably like just as well.
Patio Accessories  
Our favorite lawn and hardware guy, Mike Frattallone of Frattallone’s Ace Hardware joins us with some great accessories that will spruce up any patio!  All of the products you see here can be found at any Frattallone’s Ace Hardware.  Find the location nearest you, click here.
Special Needs Kids   ...More
What would you do if your child saw a little girl in a wheelchair and asked loudly, “What’s wrong with her?”  As a parent you would most definitely be embarrassed but how would you deal with this hard to handle situation?

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