Monday, May 26, 2008

The Twin Cities Pizza Acrobat!  
Thin or thick crust, Italian or Chicago style; Randy Hueffmeier knows pizza.  Having traveled the world to refine his technique, the owner of Premier Pizza in Oakdale is also an international pizza spinning champion!   He stopped by the TCL kitchen today to show John and Rebekah a thing or two about the art of tossing a 30-inch pizza.  To take a peek at his website, click here or stop by his Oakdale restaurant to enjoy a slice.
Save on Gas   ...More
With gas prices climbing higher and higher each day, anything you can do to save a few bucks or get a few more miles to the gallon helps.  Kevin Lund of Firway Collision Center stopped by to share some tips on how to stretch your money, spend less time filling up and more time getting out and about.
Three Must-Haves for Summer!  
Minnesota Monthy Style Editor Elizabeth Dehn was in studio today to show John and Rebekah three new items that are about to hit the shelves for summer. Ladies- you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

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