Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Brothers Barber Shop Challenge  

We had an inside look at the new recruitment campaign from the Twin Cities chapter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters. The Barbershop Challenge targets the African-American community by using barbershops. The challenge is to recruit 60 mentors in six weeks and some local area shops have already kicked things off.  Sheletta Brundidge, host of Crossroads on KSTC 45, stopped by to add commentary, comedy and a little heart. Crossroads has an in-depth piece on the program this weekend. For more information, click here.

Sport Stacking Champion  
At the age of 6, Justyn Bongard, a first grader at Rahn Elementary, already holds a world record.  Sport-stacking, formerly known as cup-stacking, requires speedy moves and excellent hand-eye coordination, both of which Justyn has mastered.  His hands fly as he effortlessly stacks and re-stacks cups in a series of pre-set pyramid schemes.  Justyn has taught his mother, Theresa, a thing or two about the sport, which is now a family affair. 
The Cast of A Prairie Home Companion  
Over the years, A Prairie Home Companion has introduced the Minnesota lifestyle to the world. We all know the centerpiece of the program, Garrison Keillor, but he canít do it alone. The voices behind A Prairie Home Companion joined us live to share some insight on working on the popular show and preview some political impressions. The new season starts this fall, for tickets and other information click here.  
The Summit Dance Shoppe Performs!  
The Summit Dance Shoppe of Plymouth stopped by today! Dance teacher, Geoff Higgins, talked about how unique his team of guys is, and highlighted the fact they finished first place in competition last weekend. The Summit Dance Shoppe will be holding a fundraiser for a program called Housing Uganda's Children on June 4th at 7pm at Hopkins High School. For more information about Summit Dance Shoppe, click here.
Tide-me-over Snacks  
Marianne Miller, of Saga Hill Cooking School, was in the TCL studios today to give John and Rebekah good ideas for afternoon snacks. Her ideas included a "make your own" trailmix, Cowboy Caviar and Gourmet cheeses with crackers. Check out the video for more information!

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