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Mom and Fashion Blogger Amy Seeman is a people leader by day, and led by little people by night. She is breaking the mom blog concept by sharing the not-so-glamorous side of parenting through her witty storytelling at To Wit, To Woo. She refers to this stage in life as the survival years and believes the key to survival is finding humor in the madness and leaning on your #MomTribe. The only advice you'll find her handing out on the blog is on how to create more looks from the clothes in your closet. She gets her energy from inspiring women to look differently at their existing wardrobe knowing that, like her, most don't have endless funds for shopping. Instead of showing 6 photos of the same look in a different poise, you'll find 6 different ways to style one piece. Her candor and eye for styling has made her the mom friend you want around when you need a good laugh or a little inspiration. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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Closet Consultation and Styling Tips  

Do you ever stand and just stare at your closet? It's full of clothes but still you think, "I've got nothing to wear."  It isn't because you need to go and and spend more money on more clothes. Rather, you just need a little closet facelift!  Fashion expert and blogger, Amy Seeman, shows us how to get inspired with the looks you already own.

Va Va Velvet  

Velvet has been a big trend for the past 3 fall seasons and it’s one of those luxurious fabrics that will keep making it’s reappearance time and time again. Fashion blogger, Amy Seeman stopped by with three different velvet looks.

Simplify Your Wardrobe  

A lot of women tend to think of their wardrobe as work clothes and casual clothes but finding pieces you can wear dressed up for work and dressed down for the weekend will save you money and room in your closet. Fashion expert and creator of To Wit To Woo, Amy Seeman stopped by to share her tips on how you can simplify your wardrobe.

Back-To-School Looks  

Fashion expert and blogger from To Wit, To Woo Amy Seeman, stopped by to share some of her favorite back school looks for all ages.    

Staple Piece You Need When Traveling  

Fashion Blogger Amy Seeman stopped by with her favorite traveling essentials and three different outfits each styled with the same classic cardigan.

Music Festival Fashion  

Summertime is usually filled with tons of outdoor music festivals and half the fun of going to a concert is picking out what to wear.  Fashion expert and blogger, Amy Seeman stopped by to share tips on what to wear to a summer music festival.

Rompers & Jumpsuits  

It's romper season and fashion expert Amy Seeman stopped by to show us how to find a piece that looks good on all different body types.