Natalie Jaeger



Hometown: GRANVILLE, IL. Currently live in WOODBURY, MN

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Natalie moved from Chicago to the Twin Cities in 2008, and found it difficult to find a job in the industry she knew best; real estate! With experience in a down industry and unemployment rates increasing, she knew it would be really hard to land her dream job. She knew she had to make a job for herself, but what? After months of soul searching, she decided to pursue her passion of food and cooking. A few months later, she opened The Olive Grove, and they have been pouring great tasting and healthy extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegar ever since. "One of the best things about our products, is they're for anyone," says Natalie. "You don't need to be good in the kitchen, you just need to enjoy food! The olive oil and balsamic have such amazing flavor on their own, they will take an average dish, and put it over the top. Our customers can sample the oils and vinegar when they visit, so you'll always go home with something you love."

The Olive Grove also carries a variety of other specialty foods such as pasta, seasonings, mustard, jams, olives and spreads, and much more.

When she's not pouring bottles at her store, Natalie enjoys cooking, entertaining, dining out and traveling. She can also be found volunteering each week at her children's school. On the weekends, she is soaking up time with her husband and two daughters in their backyard or on the slopes.

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