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Coffee with Cool People: Ben Utecht  

Steve sat down to enjoy a cup of joe with former Minnesota Gophers tight end and Super Bowl champion Ben Utecht.  It’s easy to look at Utecht’s career and automatically think of success, but in his conversation with Steve, he tells the story of how his NFL dreams turned into a nightmare.  But then, suddenly, his dream came true thanks to one very fortunate phone call, made by a Hall of Famer who was determined to act on a promise he had made.  Utecht, now retired, stays busy raising four daughters.  He and Steve bonded over their rare but shared approach to their daughters eventually dating.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee and listen in on the conversation.

Coffee With Cool People: Dave Ryan  

In this week’s “Coffee With Cool People,” Elizabeth has a conversation over coffee with Dave Ryan, the longtime host of the “Dave Ryan Show” on KDWB. Dave and Elizabeth recount memories of flying together, the discuss how you know you’ve gone too far on the radio and find out about Dave’s new party trick.

Coffee with Cool People: Staci Matthews  

In this edition of “Coffee with Cool People”, presented by our friends at Caribou Coffee, Steve sits down Staci Matthews.  She makes up one-half of the award-winning afternoon radio show “Moon and Staci”, heard weekdays in the Twin Cities on KS95.  Her unlikely pairing with her on-air radio partner has led to great success.  She plays off of his personality effortlessly.  Their afternoon antics have garnered them a devoted fan base.  For those who want more than what they hear on the radio, Matthews has taken it upon herself to perform puppet shows, set to the dialogue of her radio program, on the side.  Consider that a creative outlet to her already creative outlet.

Coffee with Cool People: Kent Hrbek  

Caribou Coffee is the perfect place to get to know a little bit more about pretty cool people in the Twin Cities. Elizabeth sits down with Twins legend Kent Hrbek.  Kent was part of the 1987 and the 1991 World Series winning teams.  His professional career is widely known but Elizabeth wanted to find out more about him personally.

Coffee with Cool People: Ben Leber  

Former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Ben Leber is a familiar face to Twin Cities Live viewers.  The athlete-turned broadcaster has guest-hosted the show many times.  But despite his numerous appearances, he and Twin Cities Live co-host Steve Patterson have never met each other.  That all changed when the two sat down over a cup of joe in our series “Coffee with Cool People”, presented by our friends at Caribou Coffee.  

Coffee with Cool People: Mary Uran  

In this week’s Coffee With Cool People, presented by Caribou Coffee, Elizabeth has a cup of joe with Mary Uran, the co-founder of Girls on the Run Twin Cities. It’s an organization that works to build confidence in girls and help them lead joyful, healthy lives through connection, community and of course, running.

Coffee With Cool People: Laura Schara  

In today’s edition of “Coffee With Cool People,” presented by Caribou Coffee, Elizabeth grabs a caffeine boost with her good friend Laura Schara. Laura is a nationally recognized outdoor television host and also an expert in fashion. The women discuss balancing two seemingly different passions and Laura shares a side of her that you don’t always see when she’s on TV.

Coffee With Cool People: Sunday Burquest   Back To Top

In today’s “Coffee With Cool People” presented by Caribou Coffee, Elizabeth has light roast with heavy cream with Sunday Burquest. TCL guests will recognize her from her DIY segments on the show. And fans of the his show “Survivor” will remember her stint on the Millenials vs. Gen X season of the reality competition. Sunday is also a breast cancer survivor and she writes and speaks about finding her inner “grit” – that inner strength she says we all have inside of us.

Coffee with Cool People: Kristin Shane   Back To Top

According to a New York Post article, 80% of the people who join a gym in January quit within 5 months. It’s a stat that one Minnesota Mompreneur wants to change. She’s created a killer workout called Fly Feet Running. So how did Kristin Shane go from a job in Corporate America to running a successful boutique? Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson sat down with her in this week’s Coffee with Cool People presented by Caribou Coffee.

Coffee with Cool People: Dave Dahl   Back To Top

Every Wednesday on Twin Cities Live, we shine our spotlight on someone who happens to be doing cool things in and around the metro.  We call it “Coffee with Cool People”, and it’s presented by TCL sponsor Caribou Coffee. 

Coffee with Cool People: Sally Wingert   Back To Top

Sally Wingert is full of personality. The actress calls the Twin Cities home. She has been in countless shows in theaters across the cities. She’s currently in the hilarious and entertaining show, “Noises Off” at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. Sally has even appeared in some movie roles.

Coffee with Cool People: Becca Kufrin   Back To Top

In this week’s “Coffee With Cool People” presented by Caribou Coffee, Elizabeth spends a little time with "Bachelorette" star Becca Kufrin. They chatted at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel in Becca's home town of Prior Lake! They discussed how Becca takes her coffee, what it's like dealing with newfound celebrity and where she wants to live in the future!  

Coffee with Cool People: Ryan Dungey   Back To Top

In this week’s “Coffee with Cool People” presented by Caribou Coffee, Twin Cities Live host Steve Patterson sits down Motocross Champion and Minnesota native Ryan Dungey.  

Coffee with Cool People: Mitch Hedlund, Recycle Across America   Back To Top

There’s a woman in Mound making a huge splash nationwide, thanks to obsession with recycling. Mitch Hedlund is the founder of Recycle Across America, an organization that’s working to take the confusion out of recycling and it’s attracting celebrities like Kristen Bell and Johnny Galecki.

Coffee with Cool People: Gavin Kaysen   Back To Top

Gavin Kaysen is a James Beard Award winning chef who is best known for Spoon and Stable and Bellecour Restaurant. Soon, he’ll be adding another hot spot to his list. Demi will open this winter.

Coffee with Cool People: Jodi Livon   Back To Top

In this week’s “Coffee With Cool People” presented by Caribou Coffee, Elizabeth grabs a cozy warm drink with TCL’s resident psychic and medium Jodi Livon. It’s a conversation that’s fitting for Halloween. But while Jodi spends plenty of time connecting with spirits on the other side, she’s also like any other mom, busy connecting with her teenagers.

Coffee With Cool People: Paul Fletcher   Back To Top

He’s not only an on-air personality, he’s also a diehard Pearl Jam fan, a dad and a hockey nut. Paul Fletcher from Cities 97.1 is on air from 2-7 p.m. Paul is also the Music Director at Cities 97.1. He says he is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. Radio has been a great fit. He loves radio and all of the fun things that come with it. Paul also says he feels lucky that his career has given him opportunities to be so involved in charities, special events and more.

Coffee with Cool People: Dez   Back To Top

She’s been the voice of Twin Cities Live from day one. You’ll hear our friend Dez weekday mornings on the KS95 Morning Show.  But we wanted to chat with her on a different level over a cup of Caribou Coffee.

Coffee with Cool People: Caribou President John Butcher   Back To Top

His kids might not think he’s cool, but we do! We’re talking about the President of Caribou Coffee who’s the subject of this week’s “Coffee With Cool People.” John Butcher spent two decades at Target before taking the job at Caribou. He’s a dad of three who’s married to his high school sweetheart. He’s super proud of his unique Caribou order and has a view on leadership that’s all about the team.

Coffee with Cool People: Steve Schussler   Back To Top

Steve Schussler may not be a name you know, but there’s a good chance you know one of the projects he has been a part of. Steve is responsible for coming up with the Rainforest Café. Steve and his team create all sorts of unique restaurants, retail stores and venues.

Coffee With Cool People: Melissa Peterman   Back To Top

In today’s installment of “Coffee With Cool People” presented by Caribou Coffee, Elizabeth heads to Grand Avenue in St. Paul to have a cup of joe outside with actress and Minnesota native Melissa Peterman. The two chat about things that drive their husbands up the wall, what Melissa thinks about before her head hits the pillow and about handling transitions in life.

Coffee with Cool People: Nick Engbloom   Back To Top

Everyone can make a difference. That’s the message that Nick Engbloom tries to share with people he meets. Nick says he has always had some sort of feeling that giving back is what he was meant to do. Today, he works for the University of Minnesota Foundation as the Director of Development.

Coffee With Cool People: Sweet Martha   Back To Top

In today’s “Coffee With Cool People” presented by Caribou Coffee, Elizabeth sits down with a Minnesota State Fair legend: Martha Rossini Olson, better known as Sweet Martha. Sweet Martha’s is celebrating 40 years of fresh basked chocolate chip cookies at the Fair this year with a huge expansion. Their third Fair location is opening in the North End of the Fairgrounds. If you can’t make it to the fair, Sweet Martha’s frozen cookie dough is now available in all Target stores.

Coffee with Cool People: Kyndra de St. Aubin   Back To Top

The new Allianz Field, home of the Minnesota United Soccer Team is changing the landscape of St. Paul.  There's one person who can't wait to get inside. That person is Kyndra de St. Aubin, currently the only female color commentator in major league soccer. Kelli Hanson found out what that hefty title means to this college soccer star in this Coffee with Cool People sponsored by Caribou Coffee.

Coffee with Cool People: P.J. Fleck   Back To Top

P.J. Fleck is a man on a mission.  The 37 year old enters his second year as the head coach of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football team, hoping to rebound from a lackluster 5-7 record in 2017.  And by the look and sound of it, he’s got what’s needed to right the ship. 

Coffee with Cool People: Paul Allen   Back To Top

He’s the play-by-play guy for the Minnesota Vikings. He announces races at Canterbury Park and he’s a host of KFAN’s 92Noon show. Paul Allen is a sports fanatic, but what does he like to do when he’s not calling a football game or a horse race? Paul sits down with Twin Cities Live Reporter Emily Engberg to chat over a Caribou Coffee in this week’s “Coffee with Cool People”.  It was an easy fit because Paul loves a good Caribou Coffee. In fact, he’s known to frequent the Caribou in Eden Prairie on the way to work.

Coffee with Cool People: Keith Rice   Back To Top

If you’ve seen a show at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, chances are you’ve seen Keith Rice on stage.  With 47 credits to his name at the West Metro venue, Rice has made more than just a name for himself.  He’s legendary.  The actor’s unmistakeable intensity was on display when he chatted with Twin Cities Live host Steve Patterson for the series “Coffee with Cool People”, presented by Caribou Coffee. 

Coffee with Cool People: Falen   Back To Top

You may have seen her filling in on TCL as a guest host, but more likely you hear her every morning on The Dave Ryan Show on KDWB.  Kelli Hanson sits down with Falen for a cup of Caribou Coffee to get to know her a little better.

Coffee with Cool People: Julia Cobbs   Back To Top

It's the perfect way to get to know someone a little bit better...just sit down with some coffee and have a little chat!  Elizabeth sits down with Julia Cobbs, the co-host of Lori & Julia Show on myTalk 107.1, at Caribou Coffee.

Coffee with Cool People: Matt Birk   Back To Top

Former Minnesota Vikings star and Super Bowl champion Matt Birk is enjoying retirement.  Some people feel a weight lifted after they hang up the cleats.  He feels that too.  Quite literally.  The former lineman has dropped some 75 pounds.  Which is proabably a good thing.  Helps him to get around quicker when he’s chasing after his kids.  The father of eight was more than ready to have a large black coffee when he got together with Twin Cities Live host Steve Patterson at Caribou Coffee in Eagan.

Coffee with Cool People: Megan Tamte   Back To Top

In this week’s installment of Coffee With Cool People presented by Caribou Coffee, Elizabeth orders two cups of light roast with cream. One for herself and the other for Evereve co-founder Megan Tamte. Megan started her clothing boutique chain with just one Edina store originally called “Hot Mama.” Now called “Evereve,” her empire has grown to almost 90 stores. Elizabeth and Megan have coffee and conversation at the very first Caribou Coffee location in Minneapolis, which is just steps away from the original Evereve corporate offices.

Coffee with Cool People: Chris Hawkey   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live and Caribou Coffee have teamed up for “Coffee with Cool People”. It’s a great way to get to know another side of come cool people who call the Twin Cities home.

Coffee with Cool People: Carrie Tollefson   Back To Top

We are getting the opportunity to chat with some really cool people when we sit down for a cup of coffee at Caribou Coffee.  TCL Reporter, Kelli Hanson was thrilled to sit down with runner and 2004 Olympian, Carrie Tollefson.