TCL Talks Back

4/19 TCL Talks Back  

Elizabeth shared the news that her former TCL co-host John Hanson's wife Amy had a baby! The TCL team is thrilled that Ford Wayne Hanson is now part of their extended family!

4/4 Talks Back  

Steve and Elizabeth hear from who shared how much her toddler loved our "cup blowing challenge" - so Steve and Elizabeth tried it again!

3/8 TCL Talks Back  

Steve's Facebook page has been getting a lot of chicken comments. He took a moment to direct viewers to Elizabeth's page instead!

2/21 Talks Back

Elizabeth got an email from a viewer who recommended this 3-in-1 tool to slice avocados, so we gave it a try!

2/14 TCL Talks Back  

Elizabeth reveals how a viewer thought Steve looked like a character from the board game Mystery Date! TCL Talks Back is presented by Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating.

2/7 TCL Talks Back  

Steve answers a viewer question about if he waxes his eyebrows! TCL Talks Back is presented by Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating.

1/3 TCL Talks Back  

Steve responded to the comments he received on if he should keep his "vacation beard". Click here to see the conversation for yourself!