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Senia Mae fell in love with holistic healing over a decade ago and quit her pragmatic engineering career to bring holistic health to the Twin Cities. She earned her Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine summa cum laude from Northwestern Health Sciences University and studied at the largest Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in the world in Tianjin, China. She’s a Licensed Acupuncturist through the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice and a nationally board-certified herbalist.

She founded Healing InSight Acupuncture | Herbs | Food Therapy and built a team of expert practitioners who specialize in treating digestive issues, chronic pain, women's health and anti-aging. Senia is a renowned holistic health expert in the Twin Cities and has been featured in Minnesota Monthly magazine, Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, Women’s Health and FM107.

She loves taking the woo-woo factor out of acupuncture and making it approachable for everyday people, as well as sharing holistic remedies to take the guesswork out of self-care. It has always been her dream to be the Holistic Health Expert on Twin Cities Live and she’s excited every time she goes on the show! Senia spends her days doing acupuncture in her sunny, aqua-infused clinic on Grand Avenue and her weekends decorating yet another room in her old Victorian house with French furniture and damask wallpaper. In the summer you'll find her training for her next cycling adventure in the French Alps with her physician husband.

Senia’s State Fair Fixes  

When you come out to the State Fair you're going to do two things.1 - Eat a lot, and 2 - walk until you drop.  You'll be tired and full, but Holistic Health expert and owner of Healing InSight in Saint Paul has two tricks that’ll have you feeling more like yourself in no time. Senia Mae stopped by our building out at the Minnesota State Fair to help fairgoers feel more like themselves in no time!

Holistic Health at Home  

Senia Mae, owner of Healing Insight, has shown us how acupuncture can help you live a more holistic life.  Senia goes a step above to live a healthy life. 

Be Well with TCL: Elizabeth’s Cosmetic Acupuncture  

Elizabeth’s mom Susie had such amazing results with Cosmetic Acupuncture, Elizabeth decided it was her turn to try it at Healing Insight in Saint Paul. For the last 5 weeks, twice a week, Elizabeth has been fine tuning her elastin and collagen and she couldn’t be more thrilled with her results!  Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson takes us along as she follows Elizabeth’s Cosmetic Acupuncture journey!

What is Holistic Medicine?  

Why do you normally make an appointment to see a doctor? Allergy problems, asthma, maybe you have migraines or you just can't sleep? Holistic Health Coach, Senia Mae, says trying a different option, like a holistic approach, could erase all of these problems.  But here's the burning question -- what is holistic health? Senia Mae from Healing Insight stops by our studio to explain.

Holiday Emotions & Acupuncture  

The Holidays are full of joy, family and excitement. But all of those things, can bring on many different emotions this time of year like stress, extreme fatigue and sometimes grief. But as we’ve learned over the last few years, acupuncture can really calm the mind. Senia Mae, owner of Healing Insight in Saint Paul, stopped by to show us how.

Headaches & Acupuncture  

Of all the reasons people try acupuncture for the first time, headaches seems to top the list. That certainly rings true for holistic health expert and owner of Healing Insight, Senia Mae.  Senia stopped by our studio to show us how this Ancient Chinese System of Medicine can alleviate that chronic pain.

Relieving Anxiety with Acupuncture  

Are you feeling a little extra anxiety these days? With school starting and routines changing, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. To get out of our own heads, we turn to something that relaxes us, like scrolling through Facebook or stress eating. But Holistic Health Expert and owner of Healing Insight, Senia Mae, says that’s only a bandaide. She stopped by to show us how Acupuncture can help us calm down with lasting effects.

Acupuncture for Tummy Troubles   Back To Top

The kick off to the Minnesota State Fair means one thing to a lot of people who attend it…FOOD.  More specifically, fried foods galore!  Holistic Health expert and owner of Healing Insight, Senia Mae, says there is one thing you should be eating to make room for all that food.

Be Well with TCL: Cosmetic Acupuncture   Back To Top

Even if you are familiar with acupuncture, most of us don’t realize that all those needles can be used for cosmetic purposes.  People have been flocking to Healing Insight for Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Be Well with TCL: Acupuncture 101   Back To Top

If you've had a cold this winter or maybe your allergies are beginning to flair, you've probably relied on medication to pull you through right? In this Be Well with TCL, we head to Healing InSight in Saint Paul where acupuncture needles are clearing congestion and allowing your body to just rest. 

Acupuncture & Seasonal Affective Disorder   Back To Top

Having a bit of the blues toward the end of February? Especially when it’s cold and gray outside? That’s not all that abnormal. But how can you tell if it's developing into something more serious?

Acupuncture to Boost Immune System   Back To Top

When it’s cold and dry outside and you’re stuck inside the house, you go crazy right? And you get sick! Over the counter medications are an $8-billion dollar industry, but Senia Mae, owner of Healing Insight in St. Paul says Acupuncture can relive sinuses and boost your immune system. She stopped by the show for a live demonstration.

Acupuncture for Heartburn   Back To Top

When googling “heartburn and holidays”, nearly half a million links pop up. Many pointing to eating and drinking in moderation this time of year. But if you're one of the roughly 7-million people in the US that experience reflux symptoms all year long, there's relief beyond popping pills. There's acupuncture. Our holistic health expert and owner of Healing Insight in Saint Paul, Senia Mae stopped by to show us how it works.

Bodywork   Back To Top

If you need a good gift idea, you can’t go wrong with a massage, not giving one, but gifting one. Twin Cities Live Reporter Kelli Hanson has been raving about a massage she just received, one unlike she’s ever had. It’s Call Tui Na, a form of Chinese Therapy that she said made her relaxed and somehow energized all at the same time.

Cosmetic Acupuncture   Back To Top

You know what acupuncture looks like and typically think of it as needles in the arms, legs, even feet. But an acupuncturist in Saint Paul is bringing a west coast trends all the way to the Midwest. It’s called Cosmetic Acupuncture and involves needles all over your face. In this Bell Well with TCL, Kelli heads to Healing InSight in Saint Paul where a Hasting’s woman says she gained confidence she’s been lacking.