Susie Ries
Name: Susie Ries
TCL Contributor: Interior Designer
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Susie Ries is the owner of Susie Ries Interiors, Inc., a Twin Cities interior design firm specializing in high-end furniture, rugs, and accessories.  Susie has been helping her clients pursue their dreams for their homes for nearly three decades.  Many clients have continued to return to her during that entire time, appreciating the imaginative vision and personalized service she brings to the design process.  She builds her business mainly through referrals, thanks to the enthusiasm and passion she brings to each project on which she works.  She values quality furnishings at the most affordable possible price, bold and imaginative color, creative layouts, and over-the-top customer service.  Susie began her design career at the Dayton’s Home Store in Edina, before forming her own firm in 2009.  She has a Bachelor of Arts from Texas Christian University and an interior design certification from Century College.  Susie has been married to Tom for thirty-five years, and the couple has three daughters (including TCL co-host Elizabeth Ries), two sons-in-law, and two grandchildren. 

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