Kid Connection

MN ADOPT promotes and supports successful adoptions for Minnesota children and families by providing information, resources, education, public awareness and support in an effort to find stable and permanent homes for Minnesota waiting children. We serve Minnesota children and their adoptive, kinship and foster families.

Kid Connection: MaKayla  

Thursday’s on Twin Cities Live, we feature one of Minnesota's waiting children. MaKayla is a 14-year-old that has been searching for the right match for several years. She’d like one or two moms, older siblings, and most important a dog. She told TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson she loves Pitbulls. And that’s when we found A Rotta Love Plus, a rescue organization that works to rehome Pitbulls and Rottweilers. MaKayla got the chance to interact with two Pitbulls and what it created was pure joy.

Kid Connection: Gabe  

Thursdays on Twin Cities Live we introduce you to a child in Minnesota, that on the surface seems like any other kid. They go to school, they have friends, but on the inside something is missing and that's a place in a family. In this Kid Connection TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson introduces us to a bright smile. Gabe is a teenager who has found his people through his love of sports.

Kid Connection: CJ  

Horse Therapy is a treatment that can physically and emotionally help to treat things like ADHD, anxiety, dementia and depression.

Kid Connection: A Look Back at 2016  

Since we started our kid connection series nearly two years ago -- 13 kids have been placed with adoptive families. Even though we celebrate that number, there are still hundreds of school aged kids in Minnesota dreaming of a permanent place to call home.

Kid Connection: Kortez  

TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson introduces us to school age children looking for a place to call home.  She met thirteen year old Kortez and took him to make a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear.  What she learned was that what he really wants is something much more important.

Kid Connection: Michael  

Thursdays on Twin Cities Live we introduce you to a school-aged kid here in Minnesota in need of a family. Meet Michael, a 17-year-old who has a smile you won't soon forget. Michael wanted to go roller skating so Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson took him to the Roller Garden where she learned he can skate and he can dance!

Kid Connection: Still Looking  

We have helped several kids find homes but there are still hundreds of school aged kids in Minnesota looking for new families.  Kelli reintroduces us to two teens whose stories she told before.

Kid Connection: Jacob   Back To Top

Thursday's on Twin Cities Live we introduce you to kids that are in need of a family. It's a series we call Kid Connection and one child is hanging on tight to his faith.  TCL’s Kelli Hanson found out that 16-year-old Jacob loves being active so she got him out on the track at ProKART Indoor Racing, where you drive European racing carts that can go up to 40 miles per hour.

Kid Connecion: Lonnae   Back To Top

Since we started our Kid Connection series a year and a half ago, 15 kids have been placed with adoptive families. And the teen in this Kid Connection, hopes to be number 16 on that list. 

Kid Connection: Foster Art Company   Back To Top

When your child brings home a piece of art from school, it usually goes on the refrigerator. But what if that painting or drawing could be sold -- and help a child in need all at the same time? It's an idea a Minnesota mom had and it turned into a company.  

Kid Connection: Aaron   Back To Top

As a kid, finding a passion, something you really love is important. It can help shape your identity build an imagination and let your personality shine. That’s what happened with TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson took 13-year-old Aaron to the Minnesota Zoo this summer. What she found was a kid who loves dinosaurs, love math and science and one that can’t wait to be loved by a family.

Kid Connection: Ethan   Back To Top

Thursday’s on Twin Cities Live, we feature a child looking for a place to call home forever. We call it Kid Connection, helping the hundreds of school aged kids here in Minnesota connect with and find a family.

Kid Connection: Fostering a Child   Back To Top

Over the last year we’ve introduced you to several school-aged children here in Minnesota looking for an adoptive family. We’ve also met kids who have found their forever family. But we haven’t really touched on another huge need in the system. That need is foster families. A Champlin family is urging people to consider opening their home to kids in their greatest time of need, for a roof over their head and love. In this Kid Connection, TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson introduces us to the Massenburgs, a family who has opened their home to more than 100 children over the last 9 years.

Kid Connection: Adopting Josie & Chris   Back To Top

The bond of a brother and sister who were in Minnesota’s adoption system is still strong after they found separate families. Josie and Chris had been in the system for several years, and were separated recently. Still they longed to see each other. Knowing the two couldn’t be adopted together, their Adoption Recruiter crafted a grand plan and created an even bigger family for the two. 

Kid Connection: Update   Back To Top

Over the past year our "Kid Connection" stories have helped find permanent homes for more than 10 kids. But there are still many school-aged kids in Minnesota who are waiting to find a family. 

Kid Connection: Razziya   Back To Top

The Minnesota Lynx, our states only professional winning team, are on a roll again. They just became the first team in WNBA history to start a season 11-0.

Kid Connection: Jade & Caleb   Back To Top

If you have a sibling, you know the bond that can be formed. They know your quirks and even if they hate you one day, they love you the next.

Kid Connection: Devin   Back To Top

Minnesota is known for their 10,000 plus lakes and good fishing. In fact people from all over the country plan fishing trips here to get out on our water.

Kid Connection: Jasper   Back To Top

Thursdays on Twin Cities Live we introduce you to kids living in Minnesota that don't have a real place to call home. A home that they feel is permanent. That's because there are hundreds of school-aged kids living in foster or group homes.

Kid Connection: Matheau   Back To Top

Whether it was playing a sport, or maybe being involved in gymnastics or dance, finding a passion as a kid can be liberating. You feel like you can really be yourself.  That is a feeling 15-year-old Matheau gets when he's talking about science. He’s one our Kid Connection Children and once TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson found out he liked robots, she knew just the place to take him.

Kid Connection: Tyler’s New Home   Back To Top

In May 2015, we launched our series called Kid Connection, where we introduce you to kids here in Minnesota searching for an adoptive family. Since then we've learned that 10 kids we've featured are in pre-adoptive placement. We promised a follow-up and here it is.

Kid Connection: Vanessa & Julia   Back To Top

Vanessa and Julia are teenage girls who are looking for adoptive families.  Because of their situation, they met each other in a foster home and formed a bond.  Now they consider each other family.  Today they live hours apart.  Kelli Hanson brought the two girls together for some fun in St. Cloud.

Kid Connection: Cheyenne   Back To Top

Most kids have big dreams about their life – what they’ll wear to prom, where they’ll go to college, where they’ll lay down their roots. Imagine that bream being something a lot of us take for granted – that’s simply having a family.

Kid Connection: Kaylee   Back To Top

We regularly feature a school aged child looking for an adoptive family. There are hundreds of children right here in Minnesota in foster or group care. 

Kid Connection: Markell   Back To Top

Thursdays on Twin Cities Live, we feature a child looking for an adoptive family. Before you meet them, it's up to us to find out what they're tuned in to. What is the one experience they really want? 15-year-old Markell told TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson that snowboarding was at the top of his list. So in this Kid Connection, Kelli takes us to Afton Alps and shows us how the snow brings joy to this young man.

Kid Connection: Omari   Back To Top

Omari is a sixteen year old who loves baseball.  Kelli met Omari and brought him to see the Minnesota Twins where he got quite a surprise!

Kid Connection: Dylan   Back To Top

Dylan is sixteen years old and has a love for collecting rocks and looking at cars.  Kelli took him to the Enchanted Rock Garden to get to know Dylan a little better.  The owner of the Enchanted Rock Garden, Peter Giangrande, took Dylan under his wing, showing him his huge collection.

Kid Connection: Marcus   Back To Top

Ten-year-old Marcus is full of energy and loves listening to music. He was born without eyes and is physically impaired, but social workers say his growth this year has been remarkable. Marcus has been in foster care for only a few years. He loves to be around a lot of people and craves physical mobility. Marcus does music therapy once a week and TCL’s Kelli Hanson had the chance to join him during one of his sessions.

Kid Connection: Sanni   Back To Top

Sanni Brown-Adefope from St. Paul spent her teen years in foster care.  Now at 32 years old, she introduces us to her foster mom who, she says, changed her life.

Kid Connection: Talondre   Back To Top

Ten year old Talondre isn’t looking for what you would consider a traditional family.  Kelli took Talondre to opening day at Valley Fair where he opened up about his ideal home.

Kid Connection: Levi   Back To Top

At seventeen years old, Levi’s biggest hope is to find a home.  Levi is just like any other typical 17 year old boy, he likes sports, to draw, and he loves to eat!  Levi enjoys cooking in the kitchen so Kelli Hanson took him to the kitchen of the hottest restaurant in the Twin Cities.

Kid Connection: Reedy Family   Back To Top

Robert and Brenda Reedy changed their lives when they adopted the family they’ve always wanted.  When Asiah was in second grade and Jose was just in preschool, they met the Reedy’s for the first time.  Now at 17 and 14, they have been Robert and Brenda’s kids for ten years.

Kid Connection: Jahnia   Back To Top

Kelli Hanson introduces us to Jahnia, an 11 year old 5th grader who is one of the many Minnesota children without a permanent home.  Jahnia loves gymnastics so she got her own personal lesson!

Kid Connection: Ambrosia   Back To Top

Six hundred school-aged kids in Minnesota do not have a permanent home.  Ambrosia is one child looking for a family.  Kelli Hanson met up with her and when she found out that Annie was her favorite movie, she knew just where to take her!

Kid Connection: MN Adopt Office   Back To Top

There are hundreds of school-aged kids in Minnesota living without a permanent home.  Kelli Hanson and Kid Connection are trying to help some of these kids find their forever home.  Kelli introduces us to one of these kids and gives them a once in a lifetime experience.