Katie Blozis



Hometown: EDINA, MN

Bump Club Website

Who do you live with: My husband, three daughters (Grace, Avery, Ellie) and our 3 dogs. Our house is anything but boring, or quiet.

Where would you like to live: After having lived in a few different states, I'm happy to be back in Minnesota for good!

Your favorite occupation: Mom

What do you order in a coffee shop: Skim Chai

TCL regulars who you'd like to have dinner with: Alice, cause it would be delicious, Jodi, so she could give me some much needed fashion advice and Sunday because I love projects!

Favorite State Fair food: Pronto Pup

Favorite TCL moment: I usually bring young kids on the show with me, they always provide great entertainment!

One thing you can't live without: Ice Cream

Dream TCL interview/segment: I'm so excited for Elizabeth's first day back after baby. It will be so fun to see her as a Mom!

What is your motto? It takes a village.

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