Star Wars Science Projects For Kids  

Liz Heinecke, the Kitchen Pantry Scientist, has written several books full of fun science projects for the whole family. She's also a lifelong "Star Wars" fan and for her latest book, she teamed up with "Star Wars" historian Cole Horton to write "Star Wars Maker Lab". She shared a few projects from the book in the TCL studio!

DIY Lemonade Stands  

TCL Craft Star Alisun Abbott shared how to make fun DIY lemonade stands and party tables.       

DIY Face Masks  

Beauty Expert and Creator of “Kline to the Top,” Hillary Kline stopped by with some of her favorite DIY Face Mask recipes and her go-to face mask products you can buy from a department store.  

DIY Your 4th of July  

The fourth of July is even more fun in Elizabeth’s house these days. This year they’re not only celebrating Independence Day, but baby Franklin’s 1st birthday!  If you’re planning a festive red, white and blue party this summer too, let the party preps begin now. Daniel Rode from Upsy Daisy stopped by with DIY ideas for that summer BBQ.

DIY Father's Day Gifts  

TCL Senior Producer and "handy dad" Christian Unser shares a few of his finds for DIY Father's Day gifts you can make on the cheap!

DIY Mason Jars  

Twin Cities Live Producer Lisa Adams showed up some fun DIY Mason Jar crafts to try for your next patio party. 

DIY Yard Games  

Nothing screams summer like grilling burgers, kids running around in the grass and good old fashion yard games.
Thanks to a Hopkins couple, you can now build your own. PIP, or Projects in Person, opened just over a year ago. It’s a guided workshop great for a girls night out, even date night! Owner Jill Miller stopped by our studios to show us how to make your own Washer Toss Game!

That's S’more Like it Cook-Off   Back To Top

We challenged our Twin Cities Live producers to share a S’more recipe with a fun twist in a game called, "That's S’more Like it Cook-Off.”

Fun With Balloons and Bubbles   Back To Top

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist Liz Heinecke shares the fun science behind balloons and bubbles! 

Crayola Craft Night: Model Magic   Back To Top

Elizabeth and her daughter Bernie spend a night crafting at Crayola Experience at Mall of America with the winners of our Crayola Coloring Contest! The spent time making their own sculptures with Model Magic.

DIY Teacher Gifts   Back To Top

Kids will be a little extra crazy this week because it’s their final full week of school! That means it's time to give their teachers a big ol' round of thanks. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson headed to Pinterest to get some unique ideas to help you say thank you.

Bathroom Advice with Matt Muenster   Back To Top

Former HG-TV and DIY Network "Bath Crashers" host Matt Muenster stopped by the studio to chat about the latest trends in the bath renovation world.  

Fun Kitchen Science Projects   Back To Top

Liz Heinecke, the "Kitchen Pantry Scientist" shared more fun science experiments with Steve and Elizabeth. For all of her experiments, click here

TCL’s Got Class: Sawdust Savvy   Back To Top

For our TCL’s Got Class week, we learned new skills.  On Monday, Steve learned how to play the piano at the MacPhail Center for Music. Tuesday, Reporter Kelli Hanson took us to Zenon Dance Company in downtown Minneapolis to take a tap dance lesson.  On Wednesday, Emily Engberg went to Su La Table in Woodbury to become a master chef.  And Thursday Elizabeth became a Beekeeper on the University of Minnesota campus.

Mother's Day DIY Hug Me Pillow   Back To Top

Mother's Day is just around the corner and there is nothing better than making a gift for the mom in your life. 

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas   Back To Top

Pioneer Press Lifestyle Columnist, Donna Erickson stopped with tips to help you surprise the mom in your life with D-I-Y creative gift ideas.

Refresh with Fabric   Back To Top

Take a look around your home right now. Does it need a little update? Before you run out to buy new, why not refresh with fabric?  We're tackling those old dining room chairs and those ugly lamp shades you'd rather throw out. Danielle Rode from Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake stopped by to help with this facelift!

More Crayola Crafts   Back To Top

Craft night at the Crayola Experience at Mall of America was a huge success!  The kids not only got to do the crafts…they also got to BE the craft!  

Crayola Experience   Back To Top

It's more than just a place to go color...and that's what Elizabeth found out.  She spent an evening at the Crayola Experience at Mall of America with some kids doing a whole lot of fun things!

Test Kitchen: Egg Decorating   Back To Top

If you like the idea of having colored Easter Eggs at home, but hate the mess, head to Pinterest. There you’ll find hundreds of different ways to decorate your Easter Eggs this year, but will they look like the picture you pin. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson tested a few in her own kitchen and was in studio to tell us if they’re worth trying in your own home.

Spring DIY Décor   Back To Top

Flowers aren’t in bloom, few birds are chirping, but it’s time to talk Spring! And it’s time to add Spring décor to your home. Our DIY Expert and owner of Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake, Danielle Rode, stopped by with easy ways to ring in Spring!

Oscar Inspired Crafts   Back To Top

The celebrities will be walking the red carpet at the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday, March 4th enjoying all the pomp and circumstance.  Alexis Thompson from myTalk 107.1 has some DIY Oscar-themed ideas that are perfect for your Oscars Viewing Party.

Vikings Game Day Crafts   Back To Top

There's plenty of excitement surrounding play-off season but along with watching the game... the fun also includes dressing the part to cheer on the home team. Pioneer Press Lifestyle Columnist, Donna Erickson shared some of her Vikings DIY craft ideas.

Winter Science Fun with the Kitchen Pantry Scientist   Back To Top

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist Liz Heinecke stops by with ways to embrace the cold and learn a little science too!

DIY Holiday Hostess Gifts   Back To Top

If your go-to hostess gift is usually a bottle of wine then it’s time to stand out from the Crowd. TCL Craft Star, Alisun Abbott shared creative DIY gift ideas that won't get overlooked.

TCL Gift Guide Giveaway: Sawdust Savvy   Back To Top

Who knew that decorating and creating could be so much fun? The ladies behind Sawdust Savvy like to say they specialize in having good time with old and new friends. Sawdust Savvy was started by Lindsay Kohn and Annie Dahl. They were building and creating things for their own homes. Before they knew it, they were being asked to make things for neighbors, friends and family. They said, we won’t make it for you, but we’ll show you how. So, they started their business in 2014 and today it keeps getting better. Sawdust Savvy is in the heart of Stillwater’s main street. It’s a perfect spot to spend the day or even a weekend.

Holiday Crafts with Crayola Experience   Back To Top

Kelly-Anne Suarez from Crayola Experience stopped by to share DIY holiday decorations made with Crayola! Plus, why the Crayola Store at Mall of America is a great place for gifts!

Holiday Bliss   Back To Top

The holidays are in full swing and that means decorating!  Holiday Bliss in Woodbury is in the Woodbury Lakes Shopping District. The store offers everything you can imagine for decorating during the holidays. There are ideas for all sorts of styles and budgets.

Build Your Own Boot Tray   Back To Top

Tis the season for soaked sloppy boots and shoes. The snow can wreck your floors, but Jill Miller, owner of Projects in Person came up with a unique way to keep the mess off your carpet. And you can build it too!
Jill stopped to teach Steve and Elizabeth how to make a Wooden Boot Tray!

Decorative Mini Pumpkins   Back To Top

Halloween has come and gone but don't put away your pumpkins just yet.  Pioneer Press Lifestyle Columnist, Donna Erickson shared how to make DIY centerpieces that are perfect for Thanksgiving Day.

DIY Front Door Décor   Back To Top

DIY expert, Danielle Rode shows us some easy and festive ways to welcome people into your home for the fall season.

Pinot’s Palette   Back To Top

You don’t have to be an artist to feel like one. Pinot’s Palette in St. Louis Park is where you get to paint and sip. It’s a class that allows you to have fun, make some art and enjoy some good wine. You’re lead in the right direction so your art work is something you’ll be proud to hang. You can also paint wine glasses and tote bags.

Family Halloween Costumes   Back To Top

Michelle Raven from Arc’s Value Village stopped by to share creative and spook-tacular ways to help coordinate Halloween costumes for your family on a budget.

No Carve Pumpkin Ideas   Back To Top

Pumpkin carving, in theory, sounds like a great idea and can result in great memories to make. But in real life it's a big mess and the kids can't wield a knife and actually carve anything. That means mom and dad do all the work.  Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson went in search of no-carve pumpkin ideas and tried them out for you.

DIY Fall Wreaths   Back To Top

Now is the time you can spruce up your front door! It’s not as hard as you may think. Our very crafty friend, Alexis Thompson from MyTalk 107.1 explains how you can easily add a dose of fall to your front door to go from boring to brilliant all thanks to burlap.

DIY Vintage Finds   Back To Top

Our DIY Expert, Danielle Rode is what we would call a flea market fanatic. She stopped by our studio to show us how she takes her flea market finds and turns them into one of a kinds.

Projects in Person   Back To Top

It’s Dude Week on Twin Cities Live and to celebrate we wanted to make build stuff, break out the saw and drill! Jill Miller, owner of Projects in Person in downtown Hopkins, stopped by to show Steve and Kevin how to get their hands dirty!

Fair Freebies D-I-Y Ideas for Back to School   Back To Top

If you're coming to the fair for all the delicious food, chances are you'll leave not only with a full belly but also a bag full of free stuff! TCL Craft Star, Alisun Abbott, showed us some unique back to school ideas you can do with some of your fair free freebies.

DIY Bath Bombs   Back To Top

If you have kids than you may have already experienced the joy bath bombs bring to bath time. Alexis Thompson from MyTalk 107-1 shows us how to add bubbles and fiz and pop of color to bath time.

Back to School DIY   Back To Top

If back to school at your house means hundreds of papers coming home every week, piling up on the kitchen island, our DIY Expert has you covered. Danielle Rode, the owner of Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake, stopped by to show us how to organize everything from crayons and markers to your kid’s electronics.

Catch and Save Summer Memories   Back To Top

Chances are you've taken part in countless fun activities over the summer! It’s a time of year that always flies by. Donna Erickson stopped by with D-I-Y ideas that will keep your kids busy before the school year and help your family treasure the summer memories for years to come.

Make Slime Safe for the Kids   Back To Top

Making your own slime is all the rage. If you scroll through Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube you’ll see hundreds of variations of tweens and teens making their own slime. Alexis Thompson from myTalk 107.1 shared her favorite slime recipe ideas.

DIY Your 4th of July   Back To Top

If you save your holiday decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas, our DIY expert says you’re missing out on a big one -- the 4th of July. And if you're this year's BBQ host, you'd better break out the glue gun. Owner of Upsy-Daisy, Danielle Rode stopped by to help you add some festive flair.

Summertime Activities for You and the Kids   Back To Top

Here’s a list of fun projects and activities for you can do with your kids or grandkids this summer, rain or shine with the help of Pioneer Press Lifestyle Columnist, Donna Erickson.

Wedding DIY Ideas   Back To Top

It's no surprise that summer, especially in Minnesota, is the most popular time for weddings. In fact you probably have a wedding invitation hanging on your refrigerator right now. As a guest at those weddings you may notice more personal touches. That’s because more couples are being inspired to DIY their big day. Our do-it-yourself expert says it's easier than you think. Owner of Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake stopped by with a few ideas.

Cheer’s Pablo: Girl’s Night Out   Back To Top

In February we surprised Angie Swanson, a mom of 6 boys with a baby on the way, to a girl's day out. TCL reporter Kelli Hanson joined in on the mani and pedi and got to help spoil Angie and her friends. A few days ago, Kelli was at it again.  
This time, it was a Girl's Night Out and the surprise was for 2 sisters who Kelli helped tap into their creative side.

DIY Mason Jars for Mother's Day   Back To Top

Often times, mothers ask for a homemade gift and a nice card for Mother’s Day. This simple and thoughtful DIY craft fulfills both of Mom’s requests. Alisun Abbott explains what you need.

TCL In Your Town: Your Time Arts and Craft Retreat   Back To Top

TCL In Your Town is back and this time we’re in a community that sits just 40-miles northwest of Minneapolis, the beautiful, Buffalo. Take a tour of the city and you’ll spot something that we think is pretty hard to miss -- 23 life-sized Buffalo statues.

Spruce Up Your Patio   Back To Top

If the beautiful weather last weekend had you itching to get your patio all ready for summer, and flowers in those pots, here are some fun ways to spruce things up a bit and upcycle while doing it! Owner of Upsy-Daisy and DIY expert Danielle Rode stopped by with unique ideas!

Good Company: Mama’s Happy   Back To Top

Amanda Ficek has certainly inspired a whole lot of women over the years. She owns a company called “Mama’s Happy”. It’s a store full of refurbished, upcycled and incredibly unique pieces. You’ll find furniture, home accessories and even jewelry. Everything is made or re-done by a group of artists who inspire and empower each other.