Em's Adventures

Rock of Ages Black Light Mini Golf  

Mall of America is known as a shopping destination. After all, visitors come from all over the country to shop. But the mall offers more than just great stores. It is also full of experiences and fun for the entire family.

Waterskiing on White Bear Lake  

TCL In Your Town is headed to White Bear Lake on Thursday, July 13th. Come see Steve Patterson starting at 2 p.m. at Tally’s Dockside. There will be food and drink deals and giveaways. It’s a great way to watch the live broadcast for free! Steve will be there until 4 p.m.
The owners of Tally’s Dockside love the water. Their restaurant is right on White Bear Lake and they are avid water skiers. They have even claimed that they can teach anyone to ski. They don’t do lessons anymore, but Keith and Jan Dehnert were given a challenge they couldn’t refuse.

Em’s Adventures: Coon Rapids Family Fun  

TCL In Your Town will be in Coon Rapids on Thursday, May 11th. The city is full of things to do for families. Coon Rapids has forty eight parks and mile after mile of trails. Many of the hot spots attract folks from all over the cities.

Em’s Adventures: Saint Thomas Academy Crack Drill Squad  

Saint Thomas Academy Crack Drill Squad is celebrating eighty years. The squad is the longest running high school precision drill team in the state. The squad performs all over the area in parades, at military events and at schools.

Em’s Adventures: Live at Metropolis in Eau Claire, Wisconsin  

If anyone loves a good day of fun and adventure, it’s TCL Reporter Emily Engberg. One of her fav spots just so happens to be an easy drive from the cities.

Em’s Adventures: Minnetonka Cheerleading Champs  

Minnetonka’s Varsity Cheer has become the first competitive cheer team from Minnesota to win two first place titles in one year. They got the titles at the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championships in February 2017. The titles included UCA Medium Varsity non-tumbling “National Championship” and UCA Large Varsity non-tumbling “Game Day Championship”.

The Alpine Factory  

Winter, spring, summer or fall you can still ski in the Twin Cities. There’s a new spot in Arden Hills that helps skiers work on their skills all year long. No snow needed.

“Experience” Gift Ideas & Deals   Back To Top

More and more people are getting into experiences over buying material items. So, we have enlisted the help of our adventurous reporter Emily Engberg. She’s known for trying all sorts of new things. She has compiled a list of three of her favorite experiences that would make great gift ideas. She also has deals.

Em’s Adventures: Holiday Dress Exhibit at Galleria   Back To Top

The Galleria in Edina has a special exhibit showcasing local designers. Twelve of the designers were given the task of coming up with a dress that highlights a verse from the classic song “12 Days of Christmas”. For example nine ladies dancing and five golden rings. Every dress has a unique flare and design. Grant Whittaker is the curator of the exhibit. He says it is fun to see what these creative minds have come up with. Guests will be in awe of what they are featuring. Emily was challenged to see what her interpretation would look like.

Em’s Adventures: Culinary School   Back To Top

For 75 years people have been learning about food at St. Paul College’s Culinary Arts program. Cooks learn how to prepare all sorts of dishes in all sorts of environments. They learn how to do prep for small events to big banquets.

Em’s Adventures: The Last Firefly   Back To Top

Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis has a new show that is action packed and full of drama. It’s called “The Last Firefly”. While many of the theatre’s shows are geared toward younger audiences, this one is recommended for kids eight years and older. This is not a musical.

Em’s Adventures: Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition   Back To Top

It was a popular show on the Discovery Channel for years. Now, Mythbusters is an exhibit that allows you to see firsthand how or if something will work. Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition is at Mall of America.

Em’s Adventures: Hog Farm   Back To Top

TCL is going Hog Wild and Emily is taking us on a family farm in Northfield to see what it takes to keep the hogs healthy and happy.

Em's Adventures: Gymnastics with Nastia Liukin   Back To Top

Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions is headed to the Target Center in Minneapolis. Before they show off their skills at Target Center, one Olympian made a stop at Northwest Gymnastics School in New Hope to meet several young gymnasts.  

Em’s Adventure: Em works at Hackenmueller’s Meat Market   Back To Top

Hackenmueller’s Meat Market in Robbinsdale has been around for more than 120 years. It has been Gordy Lindenfelser who has been the face of the business for more than thirty years. Gordy’s personality is as big as his customer base. He attracts folks from all over the cities.

Em’s Adventures: Pinocchio at Children’s Theatre Company   Back To Top

It’s a family show that is engaging, creative and unique. Pinocchio’s cast is made up with talent that will certainly captivate an audience. Each and every one of them bringing a talent to the stage that is impressive and fun to watch.

Em’s Adventures: Emily taps her way through Prior Lake   Back To Top

TCL in Your Town hits up the city of Prior Lake. It’s a city with lots of character. There are great places to eat, shop and to enjoy for recreation. There also just so happens to be a spot that is very popular with local dancers. It’s called Premiere Dance Academy. There’s ballet, hip hop, point and even lyrical dance lessons. However, it’s tap that caught Emily’s attention.

Em’s Adventures: Lawn Bowling at Brits   Back To Top

Brits in downtown Minneapolis is a popular spot for food, its patio and its lawn bowling. There are two leagues at Brits that are so popular, there’s a ten year waiting list. The good news is that there is also open bowling. So, just about anybody at any skill level can try it.

Em's Adventures: Standup Sailing   Back To Top

TCL in Your Town sets sail to Forest Lake and Emily hits the water for a lesson on standup sailing. Some consider it like windsurfing, while Randy Johnson of Forest Lake calls it 'dancing on water.' The board is propelled with the sail. 
Randy has been standup sailing for years. He says it’s about balance and control. There are some key moves to learn in order to be successful. That includes reach, power, catch and drive and recovery. 
Randy gives Emily a lesson in “Em’s Adventures."

Em’s Adventures: Trollhaugen Aerial Course   Back To Top

Trollhaugen in Dresser, Wisconsin is just a short drive from the cities. It’s probably best known for its winter activities, but there are also plenty of adventures in the summer. Trollhaugen has an Aerial adventure park. It offers a thrill for guests of all ages.

Em’s Adventures: Goliath Challenge   Back To Top

The Goliath Challenge is back in Hudson, Wisconsin. It’s a 5K and 2.5K family obstacle for the family. This is the fifth year for the event which is on June 25th. It’s at a spot best known for its winter adventures. Badlands SnoPark is full of hills, woods and plenty of challenges. And that’s exactly what makes this adventure a fun one. The event has around twenty obstacles along the route. We’re talking climbing walls, ropes, cars that you have to crawl over, and even a giant slip and slide. The course for kids has an inflatable obstacle course, hay rides, a petting zoo, and concessions.

Em’s Adventures: Skyline Mini Golf at Walker Art Center   Back To Top

It’s time to play a little mini golf again at the Walker Art Center, but this time it’s not near the garden. It’s on the rooftop overlooking Minneapolis’ great skyline. The nine hole course is designed by artists. Each hole is very unique. You’ll find a hole that is all about ketchup and fries, a musical hole complete with musical sounds, and even one that is designed around constellations. The visuals alone are intriguing, but the game is an exciting and challenging one, too.

Em’s Adventures: Adventurous Eating Around Minneapolis   Back To Top

There are all sorts of foods and all sorts of opportunities in Minneapolis to try different kinds of foods. For most of us, we stick with what we know and what is more likely than not “normal”. But what if we sent you to try things that you would never normally order. And then we told you it involves a tail, gland and a brain? That’s exactly what happens in “Em’s Adventures” as Emily and Minnesota Monthly Food Critic, Joy Summers, head to three restaurants.

Em’s Adventures: Chess Champ   Back To Top

Wesley So has made a living out of playing chess. At just 22  years old, he travels the world competing against some of the best. Wesley learned to play the game from his dad when Wesley was six years old. He started competing in tournaments three years later. He grew up in the Philippines and at fourteen years old, he became the Philippines youngest National Champion, International Master and Grandmaster all at the same time.

Em’s Adventures: Ghosts of Anoka Walking Tour   Back To Top

The city of Anoka is the Halloween capital of the world, but there is plenty of fun to be had in the spring, too. In fact, the Anoka County Historical Society has a new “Ghosts of Anoka Walking Tour”. But when we tried to share the ghost story, we were hit with some surprising technical difficulties

Em’s Adventures: Segway Tours   Back To Top

The Twin Cities is full of history and now there’s a way to get a tour of some of its hot spots. This tour isn’t by foot or by bike. It’s by segway. Their motto is human on a stick. Segway Tours of Minnesota takes locals and out of towners all over the cities for tours of both Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Guests range in all sorts of ages and abilities. In fact, that’s what makes them so popular. After some instruction and a short lesson, guests will be on their way to see what the cities have to offer. Guests just need to be at least 12 years old.

Em’s Adventures: Minnesota Wild Merchandise Crew   Back To Top

The Minnesota Wild are busy in playoff season, but it’s not just the team that has a lot going on. The crew behind the scenes is also doing a lot of prep. There’s an entire crew that makes jerseys, gets hats and shirts ready for fans and the team,  and there’s someone sending out gear to folks who don’t live here in Minnesota. It’s a busy crew that loves their job and the sport.

Em’s Adventures: Starters Sports Training   Back To Top

There’s a new technology helping baseball lovers of all abilities. It’s not your average batting cage. This one has a simulator that allows you to pick your favorite major league ballpark as the background. It’s at Starters Sports Training in Shakopee. The coaching staff works one on one with folks to improve their game, but this simulator takes it to a whole new level. Technology is helping in a big way. The computer program keeps track of how you’re doing and it looks at things like distance. Even though it’s helping players that one day hope to go pro, it’s also something the entire family can try for fun. It’s not just for baseball players either. It’s also great for softball players.

Em’s Adventures: Grounds Crew at CHS Field   Back To Top

Baseball is Back and that means getting the field prepped for game day. The Saint Paul Saints celebrate their home opener on May 19th, but long before that day comes the field has been under major prep work. The grounds crew works all day making sure everything is ready to go. That means mowing, getting the dirt just right, moving the batting catch in and out and getting the bull pen just right.

Em’s Adventures: Children’s Theatre Company “Animal Dance”   Back To Top

“Animal Dance” is a show designed for preschool kids. The stars of the show are real animals. There are dogs, baby goats, a chicken, bunny and even a tortoise. Ann Carlson narrates, sings and dances with the animals while they move in their natural state. Ann was awarded the Doris Duke Artist Award in Dance in 2015. Ann watches and reacts to the animals as they move and in some cases, just sit. There’s even a song that talks about animal “accidents”.

Em’s Adventures: Fandazzi Fire   Back To Top

Fandazzi Fire is a group of trained professionals that use fire as their focus for shows. They travel all over the country sharing their skills and their story. The busiest time of year is the summer months. They can be seen all over, including locally at the Renaissance Festival. They also perform with music.