Good Company

Good Company: Jack Links

You know you love it. Whether it’s on a road trip, camping, on a plane or before a working. I’m talking about beef jerky. The CEO of Jack Link’s Protein Snacks, a Wisconsin based company, says he eats so much of it, his dentist is constantly asking if he grinds his teeth. Jack Link’s is this Good Company and they’re making waves not only because of their product, but also because of one of the scariest faces you may ever see.

Good Company: David Fong’s Chinese Restaurant  

TCL in your town rolls on in Bloomington at what locals at an institution. It’s a Chinese restaurant and it's been around for 60 years. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to David Fong's Chinese Restaurant where they attribute their success to their supportive community.

Good Company Business Updates  

On Tuesday on Twin Cities Live we feature local businesses, big and small, who have discovered their AHA moment. Whether they've been in business for 3-years or 30, these local entrepreneurs had a dream that is now a successful reality.

Good Company: Eyebobs  

The right pair of frames can change your look. It's what one Minneapolis business woman knew was possible when she created Eyebobs 16-years-ago -- an affordable way to make your frames part of an outfit, more like an accessory. Eyebobs is this week's good company, where Kelli Hanson shows us how one vision is now creating signature looks.

Good Company: Punch Pizza  

Coffee and pizza -- the two don't really mix. But for one Twin Cities businessman, they've proved to be hugely successful.  The founder of Caribou Coffee was a huge fan of Punch Pizza. In fact he loved it so much, he became co-owner of the restaurant chain, joining forces with Italian born John Sorrano, who founded the company in the mid-90s.

Good Company: Emily’s Bakery and Deli  

Emily’s Bakery and Deli is a hometown favorite in Hastings. For years, it has been serving up some of the best donuts, cookies, cakes and other treats to its customers. It has been in the Hastings area for more than a century. In 1988, brother and sister, Steve Fox and Norine Bishop, took over the business from their parents when it was known at Hasting’s Home Bakery.  They changed the name to Emily’s Bakery and Deli in honor of their grandparents Emily and Elmer Walker who bought the bakery in the 1940’s.

Good Company: Irish on Grand  

The Minnesota State Fair has all sorts of spots to check out for a little shopping. That includes the International Bazaar. There are dozens of stores that offer everything from clothing to home décor. Among the stores, Irish on Grand. It’s been at the fair for years, but that’s not its only spot. They’ve been on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul for twenty eight years, making it the oldest Irish store in the Twin Cities. The owners are from Ireland and they say their authenticity is what has made them a success.

Good Company: Slumberland Furniture   Back To Top

Slumberland is celebrating a big anniversary. The company is fifty years old. It started back in 1967 with its first store in Richfield. Slumberland didn’t start out in the furniture business like it is today. It actually started as a sleep store. Mattresses were its main focus. In fact, it wasn’t until 1990 that bedroom furniture was added. By 1975, Slumberland was franchising. By 2016, the company was exceeding the $450 million mark in sales.

Good Company: Papa Tronnio’s   Back To Top

Pizza night is certainly a popular night for many families and there’s one hot spot in Prescott, Wisconsin that has been feeding the stomachs and the hearts of families for almost forty years. Papa Tronnio’s is a staple. Known for its laid back atmosphere and great pizza, Papa T’s attracts people from Prescott and from all over the cities. Some families come weekly just to get a taste.

Good Company: Haskell’s   Back To Top

TCL In Your Town is featuring the gorgeous town of Excelsior. This water community has just about everything you can think of right in the heart of Water Street. Haskell’s is among the companies that have a long history of serving the community. They are just steps away from the lake. In fact, if you show up on the dock and need an order, they’ll bring it to you.

Good Company: White Bear Boat Works   Back To Top

White Bear Boat Works is in the business of fun. The team behind the company helps bring new life to old boats. If it’s fiberglass, they can fix it. In fact, they have fixed boats for folks who live all over the country.

Good Company: SelfEco   Back To Top

For many of us, the convenience of having plastic plates and silverware means the ease of no dishes. The only problem is, it all ends up in landfill. That’s where Stillwater company SelfEco comes in. They make products that are environmentally friendly.

Good Company: Hogan Brothers Back To Top

Northfield is a cute, quaint town that has lots of character. Some of that character is because of its local businesses. That includes Hogan Brothers’ Acoustic Cafe.

Good Company: Jensen’s Foods   Back To Top

It has been a staple in Coon Rapids since 1959. It was started by George and Janice Jensen. Known for its fresh produce, good service and its people, Jensen’s has always been about family values. 

Good Company: Buffalo Rock Winery   Back To Top

Buffalo Rock Winery is a dream come true for Nicole Dietman. She’s a busy mom of two who wanted to spend more time with her kids. So, she pursued her dream of starting her own winery in May of 2012. Her long commutes to Roseville ended and Nicole says she couldn’t be happier.

Good Company: Sun Country Airlines   Back To Top

Minnesota’s hometown airline is celebrating some of the state’s best lakes. Sun Country Airlines has kicked off what’s called the Hometown Lakes Project. Each plane has a featured custom lake theme picture designed by Minnesota artist Mark Herman. The art work also showcases the lake’s name. You can see them on the side of each plane and inside.

Good Company: Mama’s Happy   Back To Top

Amanda Ficek has certainly inspired a whole lot of women over the years. She owns a company called “Mama’s Happy”. It’s a store full of refurbished, upcycled and incredibly unique pieces. You’ll find furniture, home accessories and even jewelry. Everything is made or re-done by a group of artists who inspire and empower each other.

Good Company: Donato’s Floral   Back To Top

Donato’s Floral is about to celebrate a big anniversary. For almost thirty years, Donato’s flowers have been used in all sorts of life’s events.  It was Victor Donato that had a vision. He wanted to open the floral shop and boy have things been blooming ever since.

Good Company: Sunrise Market   Back To Top

Since 1913, the Forti family has been sharing their families favorite foods. Sunrise started as a bakery in Hibbing. It was started by Guilio Forti who was an Italian immigrant. He came to the United States in 1910. Known for many foods with an Italian flare, Sunrise soon grew into much more.

Good Company Update: JOIA & Urban Undercover   Back To Top

We have featured all sorts of Good Companies on Twin Cities Live over the years. Some of those companies have seen big changes since first appearing on Twin Cities Live. Case in point, JOIA. The sparkling soda company started in 2011. TCL reporter Emily Engberg featured the new company in 2012. The drinks are made from all natural and delicious ingredients. Since its start, JOIA has grown over 600%. It’s now available in about 20 states in over 3,000 locations. That includes Panera Bakery Cafes nationwide. Here in Minnesota, JOIA is available in about 200 locations, including Haskell’s.

Good Company: Da Bomb Bath Fizzers   Back To Top

Da Bomb Bath Fizzers has been around since 2012, but what makes this booming business so amazing is that it’s run by two teenage girls. Isabel is just 15 and Caroline is only 14. The two girls from Edina loved fizzing bath bombs. They wanted them to last longer and to be unique. So, they created their own with a special surprise in the middle. Their product is natural with just a few ingredients.

Good Company: Clingks   Back To Top

Ever poured a glass of wine and you set it down only to realize that you can’t figure out which glass is yours? A Golden Valley woman has solved that problem in a fun and creative way.
Stephanie Wiestling used to break stemware on wine glasses every time she’d wash them. So, she switched to wine glasses that didn’t have any. Only problem was, you can’t put charms on a glass that doesn’t have a stem. She solved the problem with address stickers. Those stickers would get stuck. Determined, Stephanie found a solution and started making her own. Before she knew it, people were buying them. Fast forward four years later and she’s in shows all over the cities and in stores across the country.

Good Company: Empty the Nest   Back To Top

Moving can be stressful, but one company says it doesn’t have to be. Empty The Nest started in 2010. It helps people with what they call wall to wall removal of personal items from their homes. They help offset some of the costs with a thrift store that they run.

Good Company: NORTHMADE   Back To Top

March 1, 2017 is a big day for former Minneapolis Saint Paul Clothing Company. They celebrate a new look and a new name. The company will now be called Northmade. It will still showcase t-shirts that still have that Minnesota love, but will now be more inclusive of people who love all things north.

Good Company: Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge   Back To Top

Despite the weather outside, there’s a spot in Northeast Minneapolis that always feels like a tropical oasis. Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge first opened in in 2003. The owner, Leslie Bock, found a niche and certainly went for it. Today, it’s still a destination for out of towners and locals.

Good Company: Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret   Back To Top

Stevie Ray has always been funny. In fact, he performed for the first time when he was just nine years old. He got the bug and the rest is history. Stevie went on to do something that was certainly not “normal”. He got a degree in humor. Yes, humor. It was so rare that he had two advisors and even had to do special curriculum to make it happen. It only makes sense that in 1989 Stevie started a spot where others could laugh, too. That’s when Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret began.

Good Company: Simonson's Salon & Spa   Back To Top

For thirty three years, Simonson's Salon and Spa has been helping folks feel and look their best. Simonson's started in Anoka. Today, there are also locations in Maple Grove and Coon Rapids.

Good Company: Gartner Studios   Back To Top

Gartner Studios is based in Stillwater, but it’s making its mark all over the country. Greg Gartner started the company back in 1998. He wanted to make customizable holiday cards for folks from their home computers. One side had a design, the other was left for personalization. Many people worried the idea would fail, but it was a success.

Good Company: Makeshift Accessories   Back To Top

Northfield, Minnesota is a cute and quaint town that has several unique businesses. That includes a spot called Makeshift Accessories. Owner Devin Johnson takes what many of us might consider trash and he brings it to life.

Good Company: St. Paul Bagelry   Back To Top

While most of us are still sleeping, the folks behind St. Paul Bagelry are up and at ‘em early making delicious bagels. And we’re talking a lot of bagels. They make some three thousand bagels every day.

Good Company: Rustica Bakery Back To Top

Rustica Bakery is a go to for many folks looking for that sweet fix or good cup of coffee. It has a special feel of a neighborhood hot spot and that’s exactly what has made Rustica Bakery so popular. It has locations in Minneapolis, Edina and Mall of America. It will soon open a fourth location in Wayzata.

Good Company: Total Luxury Limousine   Back To Top

Total Luxury Limousine has been in business for almost 30 years, but it has come a long way from those beginning days. It was started by Dave Murray. He owned one limo and kept it in his family garage in Woodbury. He used it for weddings and events. Back then, limos were harder to come by. So, he drove it, maintained it and booked the events. Fast forward to today and the company is booming.

Good Company: Love Your Melon   Back To Top

It was March of 2013 when we first met the team behind the company, “Love Your Melon”. The team really only consisted of Zach Quinn and Brian Keller. Two friends who went to St. Thomas together. They were in an entrepreneurship class and as part of their class project, they started “Love Your Melon”.

Good Company: Willful Goods   Back To Top

Araya Jensen is a woman who is passionate about art and people. She runs Willful Goods. It’s a store in Minneapolis that features all sorts of wooden pieces that are made for her. She then adds unique designs with paint that she hand makes. Each piece is unique and has its own story.

Good Company: Manhattan Toy Company   Back To Top

Manhattan Toy Company is based right here in Minnesota. Their office in downtown Minneapolis is where all the toy magic begins. Designs and color trends are researched. Ideas are then brought to life with toy designers on hand. They take a concept to reality. From there, the designs and drawings are sent off to a factory to get them made. They are then shipped back to Eden Valley, Minnesota. That’s where they are all packaged up and shipped out all over the world to places like Asia, Australia and Canada.

Good Company: Coborns Delivers   Back To Top

Coborn’s has been a family run business for five generations. It started back in 1921 as a produce market, but over the years has certainly changed. There are one hundred twenty retail locations across the Midwest. There’s also a delivery service. The company’s revenue is $1.4 billion.

Good Company: General Store of Minnetonka Back To Top

General Store of Minnetonka has become a hot spot for shopping. The store is filled with just about everything you can imagine - cooking items, food, clothing, decorative items and fun gag gifts. The store has been around since 1984. It originally began as a way to showcase all sorts of artisans for the holidays. It quickly became popular and people wanted more.

Good Company: ACME Comedy Company Back To Top

ACME Comedy Company is celebrating twenty five years of business. In that twenty five years, hundreds if not thousands of comedians have come through to showcase their talent. Comedians like Robbin Williams, Kevin Smith, and Louis C.K. have all performed on the stage. On Monday’s newbies can also showcase their talents in open mic night. The night is free for guests.

Good Company: Dairy Queen   Back To Top

Dairy Queen has been home to delicious frozen treats since 1940. Today, there are Dairy Queens all over the country. It started when a father son duo came up with their soft serve recipe and contacted a friend who had an ice cream shop. The owner of the shop said they could have an “all you can eat” trial run. More than 1,600 servings of ice cream were given out. The rest is history and that same recipe is still used today.

Good Company: Twin Cities Magic and Costume   Back To Top

Back in the 1980’s Halloween was not as popular as it is today, but it was certainly the start to something big. Now, adults love getting in on the craze of costumes. But it isn’t just Halloween that is big business for Jim Berg and his business partner. They opened Twin Cities Magic and Costume thirty years ago.

Good Company: Benjos   Back To Top

For most of us, shoelaces seem more like a necessity than anything. But for a group of three guys in Minneapolis, shoelaces are a fashion statement. It’s a chance for the usually conservative guy to show a little flare on his feet.

Good Company: Vertical Endeavors   Back To Top

For nearly 25 years, Vertical Endeavors has been helping kids and adults climb to new heights. It was in 1992, when Nate and Pam Postma decided they needed an indoor rock climbing facility to train for competitions. There was nothing like it here. So, Nate started doing a ton of research. He traveled all over the country looking at similar facilities and asking the owners just about every question he could think of.

Good Company: Hallstrom’s Florist and Greenhouse   Back To Top

Dave and Diane Hallstrom love their hometown of Red Wing, Minnesota. They say it’s unlike any other city because of its feel, its people and what it has to offer.

Good Company: Sever’s Fall Festival   Back To Top

It’s a family tradition for folks all over the Twin Cities. Sever’s is synonymous with good old fashion family fun. For twenty years, it has been a destination. Today, it’s so much more than just a corn maze. There’s food, games, two massive corn pits, pumpkins and more. 

Good Company: Knoke’s Chocolate and Roasted Nuts
  Back To Top

Knoke’s Chocolate and Roasted Nuts has become a destination for both locals and tourists. It’s a cute and quaint shop in Hudson that has everything from chocolate and caramels to ice cream and roasted nuts.

Good Compay: Husband/Wife Company Owners in Robbinsdale   Back To Top

The city of Robbinsdale is a tight knit community. The city’s downtown has several unique businesses that attract folks from all over the cities. Many of them are run by husband and wife teams. 

Up and Coming Good Companies   Back To Top

Every Wednesday we feature a company that stands out. We take you inside for a unique look at places like General Mills and Schwan’s Company. Emily has three newer companies that stand out for their product idea and their story.

Good Company: Corn Roast Stand   Back To Top

The Corn Roast Stand at the Minnesota State Fair has been around since 1985. When it first started, it was Brad Ribar that believed it would be a big fit from the start despite some nay Sayers. Today, around two hundred thousand ears of corn are sold during the run of the fair.

Good Company: Versatile Vehicles Back To Top

Versatile Vehicles has been in business for 31  years. It has three locations. The company is in Savage, Prior Lake, and Brainerd. This “Good Company” has also provided the American dream for the Accad family.

Good Company: Sleep Number   Back To Top

Sleep is a big problem for many Americans and there’s one company in Minnesota that has made it their mission to help millions of people get the right kind of sleep. Sleep Number is part of Select Comfort which is based in Plymouth, Minnesota. It has certainly gained popularity over the last several years, but the Sleep Number story dates back to 1987.