Antigoni Sander McCloud
Name: Antigoni Sander McCloud
TCL Contributor: TCL Chef
Hometown: Edina, MN

Who do you live with: My darling husband Matt and our two cats; Olympia and Kramer
Where would you like to live: I love living in the Twin Cites, but my dream cities would be New York and San Francisco.
Your favorite occupation: Working in TV! My dream job would be part of a national talk show or a show on the Food Network!
Person you'd like to meet: Rachael Ray
What do you order in a coffee shop: It certainly depends on the day, but I would say that my most regular order is a Sugar Free Hazlenut Latte with Half a Shot of Flavor Syrup and one or two extra shots of espresso! I love my caffeine :)
3 TCL regulars who you'd like to have dinner with: Ted Farrel, because he would make sure that we were never thirsty! Marjorie Johnson, because her stories would keep us captivated and laughing! And Rusty Gatenby, because I love movie star stories!
Favorite State Fair food: Rice Kristie Treats! They are giant Rice Krispie Bars, that are the size of bricks. They are like the ones that they used to have at Muddy Waters Coffee Shop for years and I pretty much wait all year for these! I get one and eat it right away and then I buy a couple to bring home for later!
Favorite TCL moment: Gosh, there are so many favorite moments. But one of my most memorable was smoking out the set in my 5 Minute Chicken Parmesan Segment! You couldn't tell when you were watching it on TV but the smoke was so thick you could hardly see through it! But we kept going and got the dish done in 5 minutes!
One thing you can't live without: My under the counter kitchen TV! This was a gift from my husband and my in-laws and it keeps me company while I am in working in the kitchen!
Dream TCL interview/segment: I would LOVE to go to NYC and interview Rachael Ray on her set! I think that she really has changed cooking for American's and I would love to pick her brain. After our interview I would love to do a cooking segment with her!
What is your motto? Say yes to any opportunity that comes your way if you believe in it. You never know what door it might open for you! Sometimes the best things in life come when least expected!

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