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Jodi?s belief is that style is nothing unless it?s personal and that women and men of all ages and body types should be able to find something that fits well, is unique and that makes them feel confident.

As the former owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique in Edina, Jodi made the leap from traditional brick and mortar retail to a fashion concierge business. Seeing the changing retail environment, she pivoted her business to a new pay-as-you-go model in which clients are strategically aligned with partnering malls and shops to offer a curated selection of clothing and accessories or home décor items that match their need. Her new business model offers high value and uber-flexibility to accommodate shifting consumer behaviors and enables her to serve as a liaison to other partnering businesses. As such, Jodi is your mobile, nimble, just-in-time and only when you need her fashion concierge.

Jodi is also the resident personal shopper and stylist at Ridgedale Center. To learn more about how she works with clients in her on-site Style Lounge, please visit:

Men’s Fashion: Comfy and Classy  

If dudes want to be comfortable, they don't have to be sloppy. It's time to not burn the cargo shorts, but maybe put them in the back of the drawer.  Jodi Myers, from Jodi Mayers & Style Partners stopped by with her style tips to help the guys look comfy yet put together.

Dad’s Day Off  

Father's day is only a few days away and just the moms out there, sometimes dads need a day of pampering too. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson found a Saint Paul dad that wanted to make a huge change. She takes us to Ridgedale Center to give this dad, a day off.

Spring Wardrobe Trends  

Tomorrow is officially the start of spring.  Is your wardrobe ready for the change of seasons?  Three big shopping destinations are teaming up to showcase the hottest trends for spring to help you get ready!  TCL stylist, Jodi Mayers hosts Style Edina and we get a peak!

Styling the LBD  

Ladies if you open your closet right now, i bet you'd find a black dress in there. Feels like every lady has a little black dress -- or LBD.

Fall Trends  

There is only a few weeks left of summer and then it’s time to switch your wardrobe over for Fall.  Jodi Mayers from Jodi Mayers & Style Partners give us a look ahead at the trends we’ll be seeing.

TCL Summer Trend Report  

Summer 2017's fashion trends have everyone excited for warmer weather, but this season don’t follow the pack. Instead you make the rules. TCL Stylist Jodi Mayers stopped by with the trends she says will make you feel like going rogue.

Shopping in Northfield  

Downtown Northfield is sprinkled with great spots to grab a bite and to do some shopping. That’s why we enlisted the help of our very own TCL Stylist Jodi Mayers. Not only does she know shopping, she’s a native of Northfield!

Styling Tips   Back To Top

TCL Stylist, Jodi Mayers is the person behind Steve & Elizabeth’s outfits.  If you struggle putting any outfit together, she has some tips for you to make it easier.

Winter Trend Report   Back To Top

Turtlenecks and gauchos. Sounds like a closet circa the 1970s. TCL Stylist and owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers says this should be your closet today! That’s because those styles are right on trend this winter. Jodi stopped by to tell us why we should be seeing red too.

Holiday Gifts With Corset Styling   Back To Top

Utilize the stylists at Corset Styling to help you take care of everyone on your guest list this year. With complimentary gift wrapping and a special gift for those who mention TCL upon checkout, you can rest easy come Christmas.

CMA Fashions   Back To Top

A lot of folks tuned in to channel 5 last night to watch the Country Music Association Awards.  But it wasn’t only the music they were interested in.  On the red carpet, it’s all about the fashion!  Our panel of fashion experts share their hits and misses of the night.

Best Dressed at the 2016 Emmys   Back To Top

TCL brought a fashion stylist, a fashion designer, and a fashion "fixer" to weigh on on the 2016 Academy Awards. The owner of Corset Syling and Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, "Project Runway" contestant Christopher Straub and owner of Fashion Fix, Lindsey Froemming, discuss who was the best dressed!