Jodi Mayers
Name: Jodi Mayers
TCL Contributor: Style Expert
Hometown: Northfield, MN

Who do you live with: My amazing husband Paul and my dog Caribou
Where would you like to live: I'd like to live in MN for 6 months of the year and FL for 6 months of the year. (No, I'm not 60).
Your favorite occupation: Well, this one of course! I love helping women look and feel great every day.
Person you'd like to meet: I would have liked to have met either of my musical idols: Eva Cassidy (deceased) or Karen Carpenter (deceased). Ok, so I don't sound morbid – I'd choose Adele today.
What do you order in a coffee shop: A caramel high-rise or a pumpkin-spice latte (when in season) with soy milk.
3 TCL regulars who you'd like to have dinner with: Antigoni Sander McCloud (main course), John Michael Lerma (dessert) , and Jodi Livon (entertaining stories) – now that's a party! Wait, can Ted Ferrell come too (cocktails) and maybe Marjorie Johnson to keep us laughing (and maybe more dessert)? Did I mention I like dessert?
Favorite State Fair food: Pronto Pup
Favorite TCL moment: Oh, that's a hard question – there's so many good ones. Meeting Kelly Cutrone was pretty awesome. She got a bad rap as a cutthroat taskmaster on TV, but she's very approachable and friendly.
One thing you can't live without: My first cup of coffee in the morning (with non-fat, hazelnut coffee-mate cream). Yum.
Dream TCL interview/segment: Ellen DeGeneres
What is your motto? Be your best self.


Styling Tips  

TCL Stylist, Jodi Mayers is the person behind Steve & Elizabeth’s outfits.  If you struggle putting any outfit together, she has some tips for you to make it easier.

Winter Trend Report  

Turtlenecks and gauchos. Sounds like a closet circa the 1970s. TCL Stylist and owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers says this should be your closet today! That’s because those styles are right on trend this winter. Jodi stopped by to tell us why we should be seeing red too.

Holiday Gifts With Corset Styling  

Utilize the stylists at Corset Styling to help you take care of everyone on your guest list this year. With complimentary gift wrapping and a special gift for those who mention TCL upon checkout, you can rest easy come Christmas.

CMA Fashions  

A lot of folks tuned in to channel 5 last night to watch the Country Music Association Awards.  But it wasn’t only the music they were interested in.  On the red carpet, it’s all about the fashion!  Our panel of fashion experts share their hits and misses of the night.

Best Dressed at the 2016 Emmys  

TCL brought a fashion stylist, a fashion designer, and a fashion "fixer" to weigh on on the 2016 Academy Awards. The owner of Corset Syling and Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, "Project Runway" contestant Christopher Straub and owner of Fashion Fix, Lindsey Froemming, discuss who was the best dressed!

Pre-Season Shopping  

Many retailers are running their end-of season sales right now, including our friends at Corset Styling who have their entire store at 50-75% off!  Twin Cities Live stylist, Jodi Mayers says that if you can wrap your head around off-season shopping, there are big deals to be had.  She suggests that you pick up those off-season finds now, pack them away and then bask in your delightment when you discover these brand new gems waiting for you this Fall.

TCL Summer Trend Report  

Whenever you see pictures of models walking the runway, do you ever think, “Do real women really wear that?” The short of the long answer is no, and a lot of designers know that. It’s why they introduce seasonal trends and tone it down a bit. Lucky for us, TCL Stylist and owner of Corset Styling and Fashion Boutique, Jodi Mayers, is always on top of what’s in and what’s out. She stopped by with the TCL Summer Trend Report which includes trends like the Cold Shoulder and Bermuda Shorts.

Ambush Makeover: Stephanie   Back To Top

Every month we ask viewers to email us if they want to make a big change to their hair, clothes and makeup. A few weeks ago, an email was sent to the TCL inbox that we just couldn't ignore.  Stephanie, a mom from Maple Grove, wrote this:  "Help! My hair is turning gray - frizzy and brittle too. My stomach is bloated all the time. I'm embarrassed to even show you. There appears to be an elephant, with all his wrinkles, living on what was once my smooth forehead, and my skin is so dry I feel like a stale piece of bread. My daughter is graduating high school, how much more can I take?! I need bangs or Botox - or both, changes I must make! Please help a middle aged mom out, a makeover is what I'm talkin' bout."

Women in Music and their Fashion   Back To Top

The Billboard Music Awards took center stage in Las Vegas and along with being fixated on the Prince tribute by Madonna and Stevie Wonder, all eyes were on what the artists were wearing.

Spring Fashion Trend Report   Back To Top

A lot of us pay attention to what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet, but they’re taking cues from the Runway. TCL Stylist and owner of Corset Styling, Jodi Mayers says we should be too by adding pleats, pop art and stripes to our closets this Spring.

Style Edina Fashion Show   Back To Top

The Twin Cities is known for a lot of things. We have a great dining scene, theater is big, there are lakes in the city and people are stylin'.

2016 Oscar Fashion Recap   Back To Top

The 88th Annual Academy Awards proved to be a big night for the movies. Leo finally took home his golden statue, Mad Max won six awards, but what people weren’t talk about was what the women were wearing. Even host Chris Rock had something to say about that.

Corset Styling: Subscription Fashion Service   Back To Top

Fashion subscription services, where you're sent a box of clothes every month, are gaining in popularity. A few popular services include Stitch Fix, Le Tote and Gywennie Bee (which offers plus sizing). Those are great options, but we love to shop local at Twin Cities Live. Our very own TCL stylist and owner of Corset Styling, Jodi Mayers, has been offering this kind of service for years.

Core Wardrobe Pieces   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live Stylist Jodi Mayers has taught us a lot over the years. She not only styles Elizabeth and Steve, she can help you build your dream wardrobe. All you need is core staple wardrobe pieces.