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Name: Rob Barrett
TCL Contributor: Cooking for Dads
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What do you get when you mix a composer, a sculptor, a volleyball coach, a marathon runner, and a cooking show host in a shallow pan over medium heat? After working professionally in the music biz for over 20 years, Rob Barrett started making video recipes on a whim and Cooking for Dads was born. His easy cooking style with very little measuring, combined with lots of humor has made Cooking for Dads a favorite among beginning cooks as well as more the experienced ones.

Rob has been featured on the Today Show, and in the New York Times, USA Today, The Guardian, and many local television stations. He was named Better Homes and Garden's America's Next Cooking Celebrity and was in a Barbara Walter's special.

You can watch his show on YouTube and hear his music and commercial jingles all over the country.

Rob’s Easy Dinner Ideas  

Rob Barrett with Cooking For Dads shared has over 15,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. It includes easy family recipes like how to make low carb chicken pizza,  a Chicken Chalupa, and stuffed popovers with bacon and cheese! He stopped by Twin Cities Live to share his favorite Back-to-School dinner recipes.

12 Days of Grilling: Steak Burgers  

What’s better than a steak or a burger?  A Steak Burger.  Cooking for Dads host, Rob Barrett, says there are two keys to making a delicious grilled burger. It's Day 10 in our 12 Days of Grilling presented by the Minnesota Beef Council.

Cooking for a Grad Party  

Rob Barrett from Cooking For Dads thinks it's crazy how people who have never cooked for crowd need to feed potentially hundreds of people for a graduation party. So he stopped by the TCL kitchen with advice from his own experiences with grad parties (including one that ended with a trip to the hospital!) along with great recipes for a crowd.

Rob’s Chicken Chalupa  

There was a lot of hype when a popular fast food chain ditched the traditional tortilla shell for a fried chicken shell. We tried the “Naked Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell on the show… and it wasn't too bad. But it's no longer on the Taco Bell menu. It turns out you can create your own at home that's arguably even healthier than the original. Cooking For Dads, Rob Barrett explains how.

Steak and Rice with Peanut Sauce  

One survey says on average we spend 35 hours a year looking at the refrigerator. That's why having a stash of homemade freezer meals on hand not only saves you time, but also money.  Cooking with Dads host Rob Barrett explains his favorite lunch that you can freeze.

Healthy Quinoa Stir Fry  

This week on TCL we are bulldozing away those extra calories, carbs and fat in a series called "fix my food" to help you have a healthier start in 2017. TCL contributor, Rob Barrett made guilt free sizzling stir fry by swapping out rice for quinoa.

Family Slaw Night  

Cooking for Dads host Rob Barrett says he knows what the next big family get together will be – Family Slaw Night!  He’s the man to show us all how cabbage can be fun!

Boat Snacks   Back To Top

If you're heading out for a day on the boat, make sure you have a stocked cooler full of snacks to satisfy those cravings.  Host of “Cooking for Dads,” Rob Barrett, shares his advice and recipes to a fun day full of rays and good food.

T-Bone Steaks Back To Top

As the weather warms up, everyone is itching to get outside to experience the thrill of the grill with beef especially with Father’s Day just ahead. As summer grilling heats up, the Minnesota Beef Council wants to share a beef recipe for Father’s Day.  The T-Bone steak is the most popular cut of beef for Father’s Day. 

Lettuce Free Summer Salads   Back To Top

The unofficial start to summer is here and that means salad season!  Host of Cooking for Dad’s, Rob Barrett, is here showing off three summer salads, no lettuce included.  

"Ten, Ten, in Ten" Cooking Challenge   Back To Top

We gave TCL regulars Mary Jane Miller, Laurie Crowell, and Rob Barrett 10 kitchen tools, 10 ingredients, and 10 minutes from start to finish, to make a meal. The results of our "Ten, Ten, in Ten" Cooking Competition are wild! 

Baseball Inspired Meal   Back To Top

We challenged TCL Regular and Cooking for Dads YouTube host Rob Barrett to create a baseball-themed meal for your favorite little leaguer.

Naan for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner   Back To Top

Naan bread is Indian Flatbread that you’ve probably seen in the grocery store but what do you make with it?  Cooking For Dads host Rob Barrett loves Naan so much that he’s created recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Plus, he shares his recipe for making homemade naan.

Hottest Hot Dish: Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie Hotdish   Back To Top

The perfect winter go-to dinner is hotdish and we’ve gathered some of our favorite foodies to do a week full of hotdish! Next up, host of Cooking For Dads, Rob Barrett with a twist on the classic Pot Pie.