Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Edition  

Tech gadgets are usually up pretty high on the Christmas list for a lot of people.  Our Tech Producer, Christian Unser, has some gift ideas for the tech lover that you need to buy for.

Cyber Monday  

TCL’s Tech Producer, Christian Unser, has some deals that he found for Cyber Monday that you might not want to pass up!

Tech Gift Ideas  

Nate Glinski from AT&T stops by with gift ideas.  If you have some folks who are all about techie gifts, get ready to cross some of them off your lists! 

Halloween Picture Tips  

Halloween is a perfect time to capture some great photos of the little goblins in your life.  TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser shares some tricks for making the photos the best they can be.

Netflix 101  

Netflix currently has over 50 million subscribers.  The popular streaming service offers thousands of movies and TV shows on demand, starting at less than $8 a month.  Our tech producer, Christian Unser, has some ways to make the Netflix experience even better.

Internet Security  

Saving your photos and information to “the cloud” might not be as secure you thought.  TCL Tech Producer, Christian Unser, explains how photos can be stolen from cloud based accounts – and some advice on making your photos and passwords more secure.

Back to School Tech with AT&T  

Right after the fair ends, school begins for many Minnesota students.  That means new clothes, new shoes, and new pencils and other supplies.  Kids today have something else on their back-to school list: technology.  Nate Glinski from AT&T shows us some of the latest technology your kids might want to have.  

Kid-Approved Educational Apps   Back To Top

Even though kids are on summer vacation, it doesn’t mean the learning has to be on vacation too.  Tech producer, Christian Unser shows us some educational apps for your smartphone or tablet.  Christian’s kids, Gabe and Hannah, test them out for their stamp of approval.

Tech Products for Home   Back To Top

Smart phones are great for showing off that really funny video you just saw or checking your Facebook.  Now you can use your smart phone for even more – like controlling your air conditioner, or the propane tank on your grill.  New product expert Sasha Andreev shows us how it’s done plus other new tech gadgets for your home.

Apps You Should Have   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live Tech Producer, Christian Unser, found an app that will flip your videos that are shot with your phone held vertically to the horizontal position (like they should be viewed!)  Plus, he’s showing us a few other fun and useful ones he has found along the way.

Apps for Your Road Trip   Back To Top

Our very own TCL producer Christian Unser shared his favorite road friendly apps that can make planning your trip fun and fast. 

Techy Gifts for Dad   Back To Top

Forget the tie and go straight to tech.  Nate Glinski from AT & T has ideas for keeping in touch with Dad, helping his golf swing, and more.  

Tech for Mom!   Back To Top

Don’t think it’s just the men who buy the tech gadgets.  According to , it’s the women who do most the buying when it comes to tablets and smartphones and laptops.  Nate Glinski from AT&T is here with tech gadgets that are sure to make mom’s life a little easier.

Homemade Wireless Music Box   Back To Top

Our "Mr. Fix-It" just built a wireless music box for his kitchen using a Raspberry Pi, a computer that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Innovation Avenue Products   Back To Top

While you are at the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show, check out Innovation Avenue to see the newest and most creative products.  Product Expert, Sasha Andreev, shows us just a few of the items you’ll find there. 

Light it Up!   Back To Top

It’s finally starting to be light out when you walk outside after work and that is a good feeling. TCL’s Mr. Fixit, senior producer Christian Unser, has some fun ways to bring a little light inside!

Digital Cameras   Back To Top

In 1975, Steve Sasson invented the digital camera.  The camera has come a long way since the first one that stored images on cassette tape.  Our “Mr Fixit”, senior producer Christian Unser has some solutions to some of the problems that digital cameras still have.

High Tech Products for Your Home   Back To Top

There is a product out there that will help you with just about anything you need in your home.  Need help to not over water your plants?  There’s a device for that.  Remembering to turn off the lights?  There’s a device for that.  Product Expert, Sasha Adreev is here with high-tech products for all around your home.

High Tech Heat   Back To Top

The USB port on your computer is where you plug in everything from your mouse to printer to digital cameras to talk to your desktop or laptop.  Those little ports can do more than we are asking them to.  Did you know that they can keep your feet warm?  TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser has some high tech heat ideas to show us.