Apps for Your Road Trip  

Our very own TCL producer Christian Unser shared his favorite road friendly apps that can make planning your trip fun and fast. 

Techy Gifts for Dad  

Forget the tie and go straight to tech.  Nate Glinski from AT & T has ideas for keeping in touch with Dad, helping his golf swing, and more.  

Tech for Mom!  

Don’t think it’s just the men who buy the tech gadgets.  According to , it’s the women who do most the buying when it comes to tablets and smartphones and laptops.  Nate Glinski from AT&T is here with tech gadgets that are sure to make mom’s life a little easier.

Homemade Wireless Music Box  

Our "Mr. Fix-It" just built a wireless music box for his kitchen using a Raspberry Pi, a computer that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Innovation Avenue Products  

While you are at the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show, check out Innovation Avenue to see the newest and most creative products.  Product Expert, Sasha Andreev, shows us just a few of the items you’ll find there. 

Light it Up!  

It’s finally starting to be light out when you walk outside after work and that is a good feeling. TCL’s Mr. Fixit, senior producer Christian Unser, has some fun ways to bring a little light inside!

Digital Cameras  

In 1975, Steve Sasson invented the digital camera.  The camera has come a long way since the first one that stored images on cassette tape.  Our “Mr Fixit”, senior producer Christian Unser has some solutions to some of the problems that digital cameras still have.

High Tech Products for Your Home   Back To Top

There is a product out there that will help you with just about anything you need in your home.  Need help to not over water your plants?  There’s a device for that.  Remembering to turn off the lights?  There’s a device for that.  Product Expert, Sasha Adreev is here with high-tech products for all around your home.

High Tech Heat   Back To Top

The USB port on your computer is where you plug in everything from your mouse to printer to digital cameras to talk to your desktop or laptop.  Those little ports can do more than we are asking them to.  Did you know that they can keep your feet warm?  TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser has some high tech heat ideas to show us.

Tech Gift Ideas   Back To Top

We've got gift ideas for the tech lover in your life, courtesy of our friends from AT&T.

Man Gifts   Back To Top

Do you feel like you end up getting your guy the same gift over and over every year?  Sasha Andreev, new product expert, has some great gift ideas to get your guys instead of the usual pajamas or tools.

Toy Testers   Back To Top

It’s no secret that kids find bodily functions funny.  That’s the idea behind one of the toys that the panel of pint-sized testers checked out.

Testing Childhood Toys   Back To Top

Tech Producer, Christian Unser, and his pint-sized panel put some childhood toys to the test.

TCL Rewind of the Week   Back To Top

It’s our favorite Twin Cities Live moment of the week! Thanks to Comcast for sponsoring them!

Dorm Tech   Back To Top

Technology is constantly changing with the times.  Back in 1996 when Chris Egert graduated college, DVD’s were first introduced in Japan.  Now, students are being woken up by alarm clocks that vibrate their beds and have portable music players fit for the shower.  Sasha Andreev, a Vassar College rowing team alum, is here with some cool college dorm products.

Wearable Tech   Back To Top

Samsung just released a smartwatch and everyone thinks that Apple is going to put one out too.  Is wearable tech the next big thing?  Tech Producer, Christian Unser, shows us that there are already plenty of gadgets out there that attach to your body.

Gotta Have It Back to School Products   Back To Top

The list you get from your kids’ school are pretty basic and the kids are expected to get the same things.  Our producer, Kelli Hanson, found some things that showcase their personalities with these back to school products that you’re kids will “just gotta have!”