Hidden Tech Features  

TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser shared hidden features you might not know you have built in to your iPhone and PC!

Fun AR Apps Worth Trying  

TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser shared his picks for some of the best apps to give "augmented reality" a try. These are all available for both iOS and Android too!

Taking the Perfect Selfie  

TCL Senior Producer and professional photographer Christian Unser shares his advice for taking the perfect selfie!

Apps Worth Downloading  

If you got a new smartphone over the holidays or are still rocking your classic model, there are many useful apps worth checking out! Our tech producer Christian Unser shares a few of his favorites!


Most people have to keep track of about 90 passwords. And security experts say you shouldn't use the same one across multiple accounts and you should change them every few months. That's too much! Our tech producer Christian Unser has a solution! A password manager!

Tech To Help You Find Stuff  

TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser shares products and apps to help you find things you need (including other people!)  

Best Educational Apps  

Our TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser shares his picks for educational apps, including ones to help students cram for last minute tests or keep learning all summer long!

Fun Kitchen Science Projects   Back To Top

Liz Heinecke, the "Kitchen Pantry Scientist" shared more fun science experiments with Steve and Elizabeth. For all of her experiments, click here

Minefaire Minecraft Convention Founders   Back To Top

Minefaire is the #1 Minecraft event in the world. The founders of the event, Chad Collins and Gabe Young, stopped by to tell us all about the game and this huge event.

Halloween Tech   Back To Top

You don’t necessarily have to hand out full-sized candy bars on Halloween to make your house the talk of the block.  Tech Producer Christian Unser shows us some of his favorite tech finds.

Hot Tech Gifts for 2017   Back To Top

Technology tops the charts again when it comes to holiday gifts. Blake Rouhani from the Consumer Technology Association stopped by with some of the hottest products for the season. You can read more about the latest trends from CTA by clicking here.

Apps to Stay in Touch   Back To Top

Even though cell phones keep us connected, you still have to call or text to stay in touch. TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser shares a few apps that allow you to share where you are at all times or chat without dialing a number.

Apps That Can Make You Money   Back To Top

Kids are back to school and that means you've opened your wallet for new clothes, school supplies and pretty soon you'll be paying for school activities. Luckily Twin Cities Live’s Super Saver has found apps you can download right on our smart phone that will make you money. 

Father's Day Gift Ideas with Pawn America   Back To Top

Getting a great gift for the dad in your life for Father's Day doesn't have to break the bank. Founder of Pawn America Brad Rixmann shares a few ideas that would make for a perfect present. 

Taking Great Easter Pics   Back To Top

TCL Senior Producer and professional photographer Christian Unser shares his ideas on taking a great Easter pic.