Divorce & Multiple Marriages  

Planning a wedding is a stressful job, not to mention going through a divorce.  What if you’ve been married multiple times?  How does that affect divorce proceedings?  Legal analyst, Anne Tressler, from Tressler Law tackles the topic.   

Kids & Money  

Author and Blogger, Tracie Shroyer, loves to celebrate during the month of April.  That’s because it’s Financial Literacy Month!  Tracie loves to teach kids about money and wrote a book and created a website about it called Investing in your 401K  Tracie joins us with her advice on kids and money.  

“Conscious Uncoupling”  

Leave it to celebrities to take a fairly common thing like divorce and make it way more complicated.  That’s exactly what Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin did when they announced their “conscious uncoupling” decision.  Legal Analyst Anne Tressler from Tressler Law is here to help clear this up for us.


Dr. Terri Wollan from Entira Family Clinics focuses on women’s medicine.  Dr. Wollan is here to help debunk some of the myths that surround the issues of infertility.  One in six couples experience infertility, yet surprisingly, many couples have trouble admitting there is an issue.

Value of AAA  

AAA’s Emergency Road Service technicians have been kept pretty busy this winter.  So far they have helped more than 50,000 motorists in Hennepin County alone.

Those Embarrassing Moments  

We’ve all had those moments where you are completely mortified.  Don’t you wish you knew the perfect comeback to get you out of the situation with a little bit of self pride?  TCL’s advice guru, Carla Barnhill is here to help!

Keeping Divorce Amicable  

Actor Josh Lucas recently got a divorce from his wife, Jessica.  Even though his divorce was amicable and, Josh says, they are trying to remain friends, it was still a difficult process.  Legal analyst Anne Tressler from Tressler Law explains why even when a divorce goes smoothly, it’s still very difficult.

Kids and Spring Clothing Allowances   Back To Top

A sometimes heated discussion for parents and their teens is how much money that should be spent on clothes. Author and creator of "Investing in Your 401k Kid", Tracie Shoyer, shares her suggestions on the issue.

New Mom Must Haves   Back To Top

New moms are always looking out for the next best thing for babies.  Never quite sure of what they’ll need, they might end up with so much stuff that doesn’t even get used.  Katie Blozis from Bump Club and Beyond Twin Cities shows us some of the new items out there, that she says are “must-haves”. 

Products that Can Cause Problems   Back To Top

You think you are doing the right thing when put on sunscreen by protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  You are – unless you are applying your sunscreen by spraying it on.

Maximize Your Savings at Target   Back To Top

Right now, Target has a coupon that will save you $15 off your purchase of $40 or more of their Up and Up brand.  Super Saver, Carrie Rocha from Pocket Your, is here with even more ways to maximize your dollar there.

Packing for a Cruise   Back To Top

If you are getting ready to take a cruise, or you’ve taken one and forgot to pack some items, Louise Kurzeka from AAA Travel Store is here to help!  When packing think strategically, she says and gives us her top product picks to pack before setting sail. 

Etiquette Around the Digital Age   Back To Top

Social Media like Twitter and Instagram, even emails, are a big part of people’s lives these days.  But there are certain rules and expectations that should be followed.  A Minnesota public relations firm, Goff Public,  put together a book called, The Anne E. Answers Guide to Communications Etiquette in the Digital Age.  Chief Operating Officer of Goff Public, Jennifer Hellman, explains some of the rules of the digital age. 

Linked In is a professional networking site.  The site should be used by business professionals and job seekers to connect with people you have met through business and education.  The biggest mistake by people using Linked In: connecting with people they have never met and having incomplete profiles.

Facebook is a social networking site to be used by anyone who wants to connect and share with friends.  You should only connect with people who are friends in the real world.  The biggest mistake by people using Facebook:  over-sharing.

Twitter is a micro massaging site.  Anyone can use Twitter but the people who should be using it are reporters, elected officials, and celebrities.  You can connect – or “follow” – anyone.  The biggest mistake may by people on Twitter is not making your tweets interactive.  Twitter is all about conversations!

Dealing with Difficult People Back To Top

There are some people in this world that are just tough to get along with in everybody’s life.  The author of The Happy Hour Effect, Kristen Brown, has ways to help us learn how to deal with these difficult people.

Divorce & Social Media   Back To Top

Now-a-days, going through a divorce can be even trickier with social media.  While it can be a great way to share photos and stay connected to friends and families, but you might have to be a little careful with it when going through a divorce.

Dealing with Big Financial Concerns   Back To Top

Vice Chairman of TCF Bank, Tom Jasper, says there are three big financial concerns that can be tough to deal with.  Tom has some advice on preventing identity theft, saving money, and getting a mortgage.

All Joy and No Fun   Back To Top

In 1957, new moms were complaining about loss of sleep, chronic tiredness or exhaustion, extensive confinement to the home and the resulting curtailment of their social contacts.  Add to that, giving up the satisfaction and the income of outside employment, additional washing and ironing, and the guilt at not being a better mother.  These are still common complaints of moms today.

Older Kids & Money   Back To Top

A lot is changing in today’s world.  Land lines are disappearing and payphones are practically non-existent for example.  Parents have to decide when their kids should have cell phones – and who should pay for them.  That is just one of the decisions being made as the kids get older that will cost them money.  Author and blogger of 401k Kid, Tracie Shroyer thinks she has the answers.

Separations in Minnesota   Back To Top

When a couple splits and announces that they are separated, that usually means they are headed for divorce.  Anne Tressler, from Tressler Law, explains if a legal separation is necessary in the state of Minnesota.

Valentine’s Day Advice   Back To Top

It’s the most romantic day of the year but does it also give you anxiety?  Our advice guru, Carla Barnhill, is here to help you get some of the issues resolved that keep you from fully enjoying the day.

The Five Steps to Teach Your Kids about Money   Back To Top

Tracie Shroyer, author of Investing in your 401(K) Kid, made it her goal to have her kids understand money and set them up for financial success.  She shares her five steps for teaching your kids about money.

Money Saving Challenge   Back To Top

You may have heard about the 52 Week Money Challenge.  Our Super Saver, Carrie Rocha says you should be doing that challenge in just the opposite order!  Start by saving the highest dollar amount the first week and then reduce the amount as you go.  Carrie explains how to get financially fit for 2014.

Rapid Readings with Jodi   Back To Top

Our resident psychic and medium, Jodi Livon, wants to give you some guidance and inspiration in the New Year.  She has picked out a few audience members for a rapid reading.

Winter Survival Car Kit   Back To Top

If you ever got stranded in your car this winter, are you prepared?  AAA Travel Store’s Louise Kurzeka is here with her must haves to survive in extreme winter weather. 

Volunteering with Kids   Back To Top

Family schedules can be busy, but volunteer work could be a great way to spend time together. Parenting expert Jenny Hanlon has some ways that your kids can volunteer that match their interests and don't have to feel like added work.  

Making Your Resolutions Stick   Back To Top

Less than half of the population even make New Years resolutions – and more than half that did make them have already failed.  Kristen Brown, author of The Happy Hour Effect has some secrets to making your resolutions a success.

Remedies for Dry Skin   Back To Top

Winter weather is known for contributing to dry, itchy skin and the sub zero temps we just experienced didn’t help with that one bit!  Dr. Jaime Davis from Uptown Dermatology has some effective over the counter remedies.

Ways to Reveal Your Pregnancy   Back To Top

It use to be, when a woman got pregnant when she had to tell her husband she just blurted the news out to him.  Now-a-days, people are coming up with a lot more creative ways to reveal their pregnancies and ways to reveal the gender.  Party Planner, Kelly Anderson shows us some of the more creative ways.

Handling Divorce   Back To Top

Your wedding day is usually one of the happiest days of your life.  Going through a divorce is the complete opposite.  But how you deal with the split can make a big difference.  Legal analyst from Tressler Law, Anne Tressler, explains ways to handle it for the best outcome.

Tech Etiquette   Back To Top

When you are at a gathering do you notice that some people are just not “present” and rather, are plugged into their iphone, or ipad, or another techy device?  We’ve called in our advice guru, Carla Barnhill, to not only help you become present in 2014 but how you can get others to unplug too!