Home + Remodeling Show: Sustainability  

The Home + Remodeling Show is taking place this weekend, January 27th to January 29th at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Steve Gragne stopped by with some tips on how to make our homes more sustainable. 

"Two Haute Mammas" Tackle Current Topics  

Sheletta Brundidge and Lindy Vincent from the Two Haute Mamas podcast share their thoughts on a NY Post story about kids losing expensive hats and a Page Six story about Kim Kardashian dropping big bucks on designer bags for the little girls in her life. 

Katie K9 Pet of The Month: Sky from Warrior Dog Rescue  

Pet Expert Katie K9 stopped by the TCL studio to talk about the importance of obedience class and introduced us to rescue Sky. 

Big O Tires: Know Your Tread  

January and snow. They typically go together like peanut butter and jelly. That's why it's so weird to have our PB without the J. But we hear it's coming soon. And when those roads do get treacherous, like we know they will, you'd better be prepared. It's why Twin Cities Live headed to Big O Tires to get a lesson in the perfect tread.

Metabolic Acupuncture  

Senia Mae of Healing InSight stopped by the TCL studio to share a Metabolic Acupucture program that encourages weight loss. 

Sticking to New Year's Resolutions  

Setting New Year's Resolutions can be easy but following through on them can be a tad more difficult. Author and Keynote Speaker Kristen Brown stopped by with some advice on how to accomplish those goals in 2019. 

Apps Worth Downloading  

If you got a new smartphone over the holidays or are still rocking your classic model, there are many useful apps worth checking out! Our tech producer Christian Unser shares a few of his favorites!

Two Haute Mamas: Adulting to Phones at Family Gatherings   Back To Top

Sheletta Brundidge and Lindy Vincent are the co-hosts of Two Haute Mamas Podcast where they tackel difficult parenting questions. They stopped by the TCL studio to share some of their on when kids should be taught to "adult".  Interested in listening to their podcasts? Click here

Things to Do Now To Sell Your Home in 2019   Back To Top

Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and Exp Realty shared their advice on things to do right now to get your home ready for selling in 2019. It's a great time to do everything from fixing that leaky faucet to getting new bedspreads to cleaning out your closets!

Be Well: Staying Relaxed During the Holiday Season   Back To Top

Author Jasmine Stringer stopped by the TCL Studio with tips on how to relax during and prepare for the holiday season. 

Gifts for the Traveler from AAA Minneapolis   Back To Top

Linda Snyder from the AAA Minneapolis Travel Store stopped by with perfect gifts for the traveler, whether you head out of town by air or car.

Holiday Party Etiquette   Back To Top

Author and Media Personality Roshini Rajkumar gives some quick tips on how to survive the holiday party season. 

Bump Club & Beyond: Gift Guide for Kids   Back To Top

So you're stumped about what to get your granddaughter, your nephew, heck maybe even your own kids for Christmas this year!  Katie Blozis with Bump Club and Beyond rounded up several ideas perfect for girls and boys. She stopped by the TCL studios to share her ideas, plus surprise our audience full of moms with a little Christmas cheer!

Hosting Over the Holidays   Back To Top

Interior Designer Bria Hammel stopped by with some tips on how to make your home ready for overnight guests during the holiday season. 

Staying Present During the Holidays is Your Greatest Gift   Back To Top

The holidays are fast approaching and you may be feeling more stress than holiday cheer.  Rather than getting overwhelmed by your to-do list -- give yourself the gift of being more present. Life coach, Barbara Churchill stopped by with ways to change up your holiday routine this season

Gift Ideas from Ridgedale Center   Back To Top

If you need help with your holiday shopping, you’re in luck. Ridgedale Center is a great spot do to one stop shopping for everyone on your list. Jodi Mayers of Jodi Mayers & Style Partners put together a list of items perfect for kids, parents, friends and even holiday hostess gifts. 

As Seen On TV Stocking Stuffer Ideas   Back To Top

Who doesn’t love gifts? There are so many creative and fun things to hide in a stocking. That includes those always entertaining As Seen On TV products. Emily Engberg has a handful that would be fun gift ideas this year.

Parenting Advice: Children Home for The Holidays Back To Top

Author and Parent Expert Kelly Radi gave some advice on how to be prepared for your children being home for the holidays this season. 

Holiday Toys Review   Back To Top

Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy, stopped by the TCL studio to share the hottest toys of this holiday season.   

Third Parties and Divorce with Terzich and Ort   Back To Top

Jennifer Lopez recently made headlines for butting into discussions between her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and his ex-wife. How should divorced people handle third parties? Jodi and Shannon from Terzich and Ort stopped by to explain how it works.

Great American Smokeout   Back To Top

The American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout is taking place on November 15th to help raise awarness on the issue of smoking. Mike Sheldon of ClearWay Minnesota stopped by to share some helpful tips on how to stop smoking. 

Spanking, Parent Coaches and Parenting Styles   Back To Top

Sheletta Brundidge and Lindy Vincent host a new podcast called "Two Haute Mamas". They stopped by to talk to us about their thoughts on spanking in 2018, if it's okay for a parent to hire a "coach" to help them deal with their kids and if "laid-back" parenting is worthwhile!

Giving and Receiving Thankfulness   Back To Top

The holiday season can be stressful so our go-to Success Coach Roshini Rajkumar stopped by with her fool-proof guide.

Must-Have Holiday Products   Back To Top

Registered Dietian and Nutritionist Carissa Bealert stopped by the TCL studio with some good advice on how to stay healthy this holiday season. 

Balancing Being a Couch Potato   Back To Top

Author and keynote speaker Kristen Brown stopped by to help us navigate the positive and negative affects of being a couch potato.   

Pet of the Month - Captain Jack Sparrow   Back To Top

Pet expert KT K9 stopped by TCL to introduce us to our Pet of the Month, Captain Jack Sparrow, and provide some tips for how to deal with pets on Halloween.   

Holiday Stains   Back To Top

The Laundry Evangelist, Patric Richardson, gave us some tips on how to tackle stains your clothing may see this holiday season. 

Halloween Products   Back To Top

Halloween is all about the costumes and of course the candy and décor. Emily Engberg found some fun and interesting products to make your holiday spooktacular at home and while trick or treating with the kids.

Last-Minute Getaway Deals   Back To Top

Hopper's Travel Expert, Liana Corwin, shared some last minute domestic and international getaways from the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport.    

Feel Fabulous this Fall   Back To Top

The shorter days and cooler weather of fall can affect our mood and eating habits. Registered Dietian and Nutritionist Carissa Bealert stopped by the TCL studio with some helpful tips on how to feel your best this season.