Mom Makeover at Ridgedale Center  

Moms out there, imagine being with your kids, those cute little faces, 24-hours a day, every day. Not being away from your 14-month old ever and then getting a call from Twin Cities Live telling you you've won a makeover. It's what happenedd to Saint Paul mom, Tina Walls. Just a few days ago, reporter Kelli Hanson helped treat this mom of four to a day all to herself at Ridgedale Center. And what she got was way more than some peace and quiet.

Man Makeover  

Doing makeovers is one of Twin Cities Live’s favorite things.  It’s not only for women either.  Men need a little makeover love too.  Steve tagged along to Simonson’s Salon and Spa where Jim Valerius from Albertville gets a little love!

Celebrity Spectacular Makeover  

Our Celebrity Spectacular show at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel wouldn't have been as glamorous without a mega makeover. That's why we called in our friends over at Simonson's Salon and Spa and *Glitz! Gowns to help us out.

Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating: “Project Real” Reveal  

Seven months ago, the Gritton family from Brooklyn Park put their eating habits in the public eye. You may have seen their commercials as they vowed to eat only Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating.

Ambush Makeover: Stephanie  

Every month we ask viewers to email us if they want to make a big change to their hair, clothes and makeup. A few weeks ago, an email was sent to the TCL inbox that we just couldn't ignore.  Stephanie, a mom from Maple Grove, wrote this:  "Help! My hair is turning gray - frizzy and brittle too. My stomach is bloated all the time. I'm embarrassed to even show you. There appears to be an elephant, with all his wrinkles, living on what was once my smooth forehead, and my skin is so dry I feel like a stale piece of bread. My daughter is graduating high school, how much more can I take?! I need bangs or Botox - or both, changes I must make! Please help a middle aged mom out, a makeover is what I'm talkin' bout."

Mother/Daughter Hairdo Redo  

We find that Twin Cities Live brings moms and daughters together quite a bit.  Of course it seemed perfect to do a Mother/Daughter Hairdo Redo.  Especially when Nancy Nicklasson from Litchfield emailed us asking for help with her hair and makeup and she wanted her daughter to be included too.  The best part was when  Nancy and her daughter, Laurie told the stylists at New Reflections Salon they could do ANYTHING to their hair!

Makeover: Grays to Glam!  

When we ask viewers to email us if they want a makeover often times we get people asking for a fresh start, a new look to make them feel better. Other times we get nominations telling us their friend or mom could use a little updating.

Hair-Do Redo   Back To Top

If you're not a Facebook fan of ours yet, you're missing out. 
Recently TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson posted a live video asking if there was someone out there that wanted to change their hair, a woman who wanted to shock their family in a good way of course.
That's how she found Linda from Isanti. And what Linda got is the show's most dramatic makeover yet. Kelli takes us to new reflections salon for a hair-do redo. 
Kelli is again looking for someone to make over, but this time it's not only hair and makeup but an entire new outfit. Let us know why you need a new head to toe look by emailing us at Don't forget to include a current picture!
Call New Reflections Salon to make an appointment for your own hair-do redo or visit their website by clicking here.