Hello Gorgeous!  

New Reflections Salon has partnered with an organization called, Hello Gorgeous, so they can give women diagnosed with cancer a much needed break at the salon.  Marilyn Stalheim from Plymouth (who had been diagnosed with colon cancer) was surprised with a day of pampering with New Reflections Salon and Hello Gorgeous!

Hairdo Redo  

We love receiving emails from viewers asking us to help them make a huge change to their look. Recently, a Blaine mom of three emailed us wanting to go from long hair to a short and sassy hairdo. TCL Producer Kelli Hanson took her to New Reflections in Ridgedale Center for the transformation.

10 Years Younger  

New Reflections Salon stylist, Kati Giles, and make up artist, Julie Martin, says you don’t need to resort to Botox or plastic surgery to look ten years younger.  All you need might be to change your hair and make-up routine.

Co-Worker Ambush Makeover  

Producer Kelli Hanson received an email from Christy Smith about a co-worker of hers.  She said that Misty, her co-worker, was “stuck in functional fashion” and she would love to see her look energized.  So Kelli assembled the Ambush Makeover Team from New Reflections Salon and Ridgedale Center to give Misty a brand new look!  ‎   ‎

Ambush Makeover: The Set Up!  

Usually, Producer Kelli Hanson and our makeover team finds someone at the mall to ambush with a makeover.  This time, thanks to an email we received, we had a target!

Girls Holiday Makeovers

Grown ups aren’t the only ones who want to look great for the holidays!  Kids like to look good too!  Whether it’s a trip to see Santa, their school Christmas concert, or a visit to the grandparents, dressing up is part of the holiday fun!  New Reflections Salon is helping some girls get a new head to toe look for the holidays. 

New Neighbor Makeover  

Prinna Boudreau of Shakopee has recently moved into a new neighborhood.  She told us she could use a new look and and updated wardrobe to help her meet her new neighbors.  That’s where the TCL makeover team stepped in.  Ridgedale Center and New Reflections Salon give her an updated look.  

Firefighter Ambush Makeover   Back To Top

Today is the day that many Americans are honoring their local heroes.  Our makeover team at New Reflections Salon and Ridgedale Center took Firefighter, Kate Heckaman, under their wings for a little pampering.   

Silver Jean Makeover   Back To Top

Trying on jeans is one of the worse experiences for many women.  But when you find the right pair you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.  We wanted to make the jean shopping experience fun for a few unsuspecting shoppers at Mall of America.

Fall Student Makeovers with Globe   Back To Top

Fall is a great time for a college student to make a change to their look. We teamed up with Globe University to give three students a makeover.

Back to School Week: Ambush Makeover   Back To Top

It's back to school week here on Twin Cities Live and that means it's time for a change and a fresh start. Our TCL Ambush Makeover Team found an incoming college freshman ready to make a huge change. TCL producer Kelli Hanson shows us we're getting exactly what we asked for.

Ambush Makeover   Back To Top

Our Ambush Makeover Team is at it again! This time, they find an Albertville woman who is a frequent traveler and owner of over 130 pairs of shoes! TCL Producer Kelli Hanson adds to that collection and takes her around Coldwater Creek at Ridgedale Center to give her a new look.

Swimsuit Makeover   Back To Top

There's a place in Edina that helps women find the right fit for their body type, and Emily takes its owner to Bunker Beach to do a little makeover on women...ambush style. 

Summer Slim-Down   Back To Top

If you are looking for some inspiration to slim down this summer, look no further.  Medifast Weight Loss Program helped Jeni Blaylock of Stillwater, Gretchen Prohofsky of Maplewood, and Deb Kaiser of Maplewood drop a combined total of approximately 175 pounds! 

Short, Sassy, Summer Ambush Makeover   Back To Top

The TCL Ambush Makeover Crew was determined to help someone embrace the summer season – finally.  Producer Kelli Hanson, along with the crew from New Reflections Salon and Ridgedale Center Stylist, Ranae St. Angelo, helped stay-at-home Lakeville mom Andrea Twedt with a short, sassy, summer look!

Mom Makeover   Back To Top

Imagine having three boys all under the age of 4 and then finding out you’re expecting twins. That means 5 under the age of 5! That’s the life of one Shoreview mom, one that we thought was very deserving of a makeover. TCL Producer Kelli Hanson takes us along on her day of pampering.

Nurse Makeover   Back To Top

It’s Nurses Day today!  In true Twin Cities Live fashion, we are celebrating by giving some deserving nurses a new look and taking them from scrubs – to sassy!  The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins is just the man to pamper these women!

Our Most Dramatic Ambush Makeover Yet   Back To Top

Every month you may see our producer, Kelli Hanson, roaming Ridgedale Center asking people if they want a free haircut, color, makeup and clothes.  It’s usually pretty easy to get a yes.  This time, she got a lot of “no’s” but the end result was definitely worth the wait.