Ambush Makeover  

During 2015, TCL's Kelli Hanson teamed up with Ridgedale Center, New Reflections Salon, and TCL Stylist Jodi Mayers to give 12 lucky people transformations to their look.  For the last makeover of the year, Kelli found a 51 year-old mom from Tonka Bay and found out that a even a small change can make a big difference.

Ambush Makeover: New Mom  

Woodbury mom Jill Rockwell spends a lot of her time taking care of her 6-month old son, Abe. TCL's Ambush Makeover team thought she deserved some pampering, so they brought her to Ridgedale Center to give her a new look.

Outdoor Girl Makeover  

Alicia Brown is a 42 year old mom of five who loves the outdoors.  As far as her wardrobe goes, she likes to keep it simple and sticks to earth tones.  TCL stylist Jodi Mayers (owner of Corset Styling & Fashion Boutique) takes Alicia shopping with the hopes of pushing her a little bit outside of her comfort zone.

Medifast Success Story  

It’s always easier to do something with a friend by your side, and a lot more fun too.  The same can be said for weight loss.  When you participate in a program with someone holding you accountable or losing the weight with you it just makes the process easier.  Twins, Laureen and Maureen decided that the Medifast Weight Loss Program and together they lost a total of 87 pounds!

Fair Makeover  

Our makeover team went on a search to find some long hair to cut.  Laura from Cottage Grove hasn’t cut her hair in over a year and decided the State Fair was the perfect time to do it!  Kati Giles and Julie Martin from New Reflections Salon are ready to give her a whole new look. 

Makeover: Cut it Off!  

Katy is a stay at home mom from St. Michael who was ready for a big change!  She told our makeover team from Ridgedale Center and New Reflections Salon it was time to cut off all her hair – so they did!

College Makeover  

The kids are getting ready to head to college.  They’ve got their classes all picked out and housing is lined up.  Cassidy Sharp from Maple Grove has one more thing to get ready – her new look!  Cassidy will be going to St. Ben’s this fall and she hopes to make a good impression.

Back on Her Feet Makeover   Back To Top

Nancy Patenaude from Champlin was all packed and ready to fly out to Arizona when she fell on the ice and broke her hip!  This all happened back in February and Nancy had to cancel her trip.  Now, Nancy is all healed and back on her feet.  Our makeover team from Ridgedale Center and New Reflections Salon jumped in to give Nancy a whole new look so she can book that trip again!

Office Mom Ambush Makeover   Back To Top

Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day.  The team at Twin Cities Live surprised their Office Manager (also known as the “Office Mom”), Tracy Robb with a day of pampering.  The makeover team at New Reflections and Ridgedale Center – with the help of our stylist, Jodi Mayers, gave Tracy a brand new look!

Hot Mama Makeover   Back To Top

Stay at home mom,Ashley Schwartz from Cottage Grove, has fell into the classic trap of putting her family before herself.  Now she says, she just needs a little “boost”.  Our makeover team from Ridgedale Center and New Reflections Salon transform this tired mom into one Hot Mama!  

Medifast Makeover   Back To Top

Over a year ago, Colleen Jakes from Buffalo, weighed 236 pounds.  That’s when she decided to make a change.  She took a leap and joined a Medifast Weight Loss Center.  In just nine months, she met her goal weight. 

Makeover to a Trendier Look   Back To Top

Tedi Stoe from Maple Plain is a mom of four boys.  She works in marketing and is surrounded by trendy young girls.  She asked for help because she wanted to fit in better.  So we gathered up our makeover team at New Reflections Salon and Ridgedale Center and gave Tedi quite the transformation.