Hot Mama Makeover  

Stay at home mom,Ashley Schwartz from Cottage Grove, has fell into the classic trap of putting her family before herself.  Now she says, she just needs a little “boost”.  Our makeover team from Ridgedale Center and New Reflections Salon transform this tired mom into one Hot Mama!  

Medifast Makeover  

Over a year ago, Colleen Jakes from Buffalo, weighed 236 pounds.  That’s when she decided to make a change.  She took a leap and joined a Medifast Weight Loss Center.  In just nine months, she met her goal weight. 

Makeover to a Trendier Look  

Tedi Stoe from Maple Plain is a mom of four boys.  She works in marketing and is surrounded by trendy young girls.  She asked for help because she wanted to fit in better.  So we gathered up our makeover team at New Reflections Salon and Ridgedale Center and gave Tedi quite the transformation.    

Ambush Makeover  

TCL's Kelli Hanson recently met 66 year-old Mary Marshall-Engen from Burnsville, who emailed the show asking for a brand new look. Kelli assembled our Ambush Makeover team at Ridgedale Center to add some color to Mary's hair and clothes.

Ambush Makeover  

Every month, our Ambush Makeover team gives deserving people a fresh new look. In November, we met Stormy who recently lost her husband and was treated fro breast cancer. It was Stormy's daughter Jacquie who nominated her.  When our team heard Jacquie's story, they knew she was also deserving. TCL's Kelli Hanson takes us behind the scenes at Ridgedale Center.

Medifast Makeover  

Kris Couser from Minnetrista has lost 65 pounds, thanks to the help of Medifast.  She is happy to spread the word of her success – and we thought she was deserving of a little pampering. 

Breast Cancer Survivor Makeover  

Champlin mom, Jacquie Bystrom, submitted her request for a makeover.  Our makeover team thought she would be perfect.  A short time later, Jacquie had different ideas and decided that her mother, a recent breast cancer survivor, was a better candidate for the makeover.

Medifast Makeover   Back To Top

In less than one year, a Saint Croix Falls Wisconsin teacher and coach lost over 100 pounds with the help of Medifast. To celebrate, TCL's Kelli Hanson brings him to Heimie's Haberdashery in downtown Saint Paul to give him a new look.

Biker Chick Makeover   Back To Top

Kelli Hanson and our Makeover Team from Ridgedale Center and New Reflections are at it again.  Cindy Bollin rides a motorcycle and is use to wearing only jeans.  The team steps in and gives this “biker chick” a whole new look.      

Empty Nester Makeover   Back To Top

Lynn Winters, a mom from Blaine is looking at a big life change.  With her youngest out of the house and away at college, it’s time for her to start focusing on herself.  Our makeover team from New Reflections Salon and Ridgedale Center give Lynn a new look. 

Fair Ambush Makeover   Back To Top

Our Ambush Makeover Team scoured the fairgrounds for the perfect person to ambush with a makeover.  They receive a new haircut, style, and make-up from New Reflections.  Plus Flaunt Accessories gives them a brand new outfit.

Teacher Makeover   Back To Top

Michelle Bannie is preparing to head back to school to teach her 3rd grade class at Somerset Elementary School in Mendota Heights.  It’s only her second year teaching and she wants to make a great first impression.  Our makeover team at New Reflections Salon and Ridgedale Center step in to make that happen.

35th Class Reunion Makeover   Back To Top

Peg Lynch from Apple Valley should have graduated in 1979 with her class from Minneapolis West High School.  Back in the day, Peg had other ideas and decided to take another route in life.  Having never actually graduating, she never attended any of her high school reunions….until now!  Peg went on to earn her GED and wanted to attend her 35th class reunion and she got a little help from our makeover team at New Reflections Salon and Ridgedale Center.       

10 Years Younger Makeover   Back To Top

Doris from Bloomington is beaming inside. Although she is the oldest gal amongst her co-workers at 51, she feels like 15 inside, even when she’s wearing her “crazy” reading glasses. She has been married to the love of her life for nearly 3 years, whom she met in high school.

Ambush Makeover   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live gets emails all the time from folks who are feeling a little frumpy and could use a little pick-me-up.  In steps our makeover team from New Reflections Salon and Ridgedale Center to help make this happen!

Mother/Daughter Makeover   Back To Top

Colleen Lehrer from Litchfield and her daughter Sara met TCL Producer Kelli Hanson at Ridgedale Center for a mother / daughter makeover.  The mom-daughter duo were absolutely stunned with each other’s brand new look that the team at New Reflections Salon gave them.    

Makeover for A Big Change!   Back To Top

When we put the call out on Facebook for someone looking for a makeover, we got a lot of response.  Jill Kennedy, a mom of two boys from Plymouth, fit the bill.  TCL producer, Kelli Hanson meets up with Jill at Ridgedale Center where she does a little shopping at The Limited  and Aerosoles for a new look. New Reflections Salon takes over and revamps her hair and makeup for the final touch!