Fancy Toast  

There is a new trend in the food world that takes a normally inexpensive side dish and turns it into a fancy main dish.  Expensive toast, known as Café Toast, is a huge trend in San Francisco and is spreading all the way to New York City.  Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis has a Toasted Sausage Bread that goes for $5.25 and at Bachelor Farmer, there are many café toast options.

Triple Berry Fruit Salad with Vanilla Vinaigrette

Professional cook and food writer, Mecca Boss, uses ingredients from The Oilerie to put together a few dishes for  Easter brunch. 

Regina’s Candies  

Three generations of making candy have made Regina’s Candies a St. Paul tradition.  TCL producer Kelli Hanson visits the “Candyland” that is full of varieties of chocolates and candies where they immediately put her to work! 

Eat More Salt!  

Up until about 100 years ago, salt was one of the most sought after commodities in history.  We are now told to avoid eating too much of it because studies show that there is a direct link to heart disease.  Health Coach, Kelley Suggs says, “not so fast, go ahead and eat up!”  Kelley is here to explain why eating the right kind of salt is actually good for you.

Good Company: Drew’s Caramel Corn  

Drew MacPhail, loved his grandfather’s caramel corn brought to the families special events.  He couldn’t get enough of it so Drew took his grandfather’s secret caramel corn recipe and turned it into a successful business.  Emily heads to the kitchen of Drew’s Caramel Corn

Fatty Foods = Healthy Food?  

Fourteen grams of fat is what you will find in a glazed donut.  We all know that a glazed donut is not your healthiest choice of foods either.  Registered Dietitian Sina Teskey says there are foods that are healthy for you and, believe it or not, have more grams of fat than that donut!

New Foods at Target Field  

Every year Target Field rolls out new foods for the new baseball season.  Emily volunteered to do the research on this and find out what foods will be new this year – and which ones she thinks will be fan favorites.

Pan Roasted Vegetables   Back To Top

Roasted veggies are always a hit, enticing even the most reluctant diner.  Oven roasting can take an hour but pan roasting in an iron skillet can be done in about 20 minutes.  Cookbook author, Mary Jane Miller shows how easy it can be done.

Meals on Wheels   Back To Top

Thousands of people get food delivered to their homes from the Meals on Wheels program.  The executive chef behind the program has fed all sorts of celebrities and even past presidents. 

Nespresso Espresso Cocoa Mole   Back To Top

James Beard Award winner, Michelle Bernstein, is in town for a Nespresso Cooking Demo at Macy’s Flower Shower.  We know that Michelle knows his stuff as she has served as a guest judge on Bravo’s Top Chef.  She’s bringing the heat to the TCL kitchen with an espresso cocoa mole.

Springify Your Dish!   Back To Top

Getting a meal on the table is one thing.  Making it look good is an entirely different feat!  You want to make sure the meal is edible of course, but making it look good on the plate will only entice your guests to want to eat more!

Beyond Your Average Baked Potatoes   Back To Top

Laurie Crowell, owner of Golden Fig, goes beyond the average baked potato with butter and sour cream.  She dresses up the potato in ways you may not have thought of! 

Revamp Your Salads for Spring   Back To Top

It’s a bit early for the Farmer’s Market but you’re craving lighter fare and fresh fruits and vegetables?  Terri Chafer from The Oilerie in Maple Grove is freshening up your salads with homemade salad dressings.  

An Irish Meal   Back To Top

On St. Patrick’s Day, undoubtedly you will find Corned Beef popping up on menus everywhere.  Did you know that corned beef is NOT the national dish in Ireland?  It is, however, an Irish-American dish!  The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten, shares some recipes to get an Irish meal on your table at home. 

Food Fight: Mpls or St. Paul?   Back To Top

The debate about which is better, Minneapolis or St. Paul, caught the attention of Matt “The Rookie” Michalski from 1500ESPN and Bradley Traynor from myTalk 107.1.  The discussion all started when the two started talking about pancakes.

Oscars Party Food Ideas   Back To Top

Since foodie Stephanie March is today's guest co-host, we challenged her to come up with some Oscars Party snack ideas using the movies nominated for Best Picture as inspiration.

Gluten Free Pasta   Back To Top

If you love pasta but your stomach can’t handle the real thing, Cookbook Author Robin Asbell has a new cookbook out that will help you.  Gluten-Free Pasta is filled with over 100 pasta recipes for people whose diet is gluten-free.

WholeMe   Back To Top

When you are busy and on the go, grabbing something quick to eat usually does not translate to healthy.  That is exactly what Mary Kosir and Krista Steinbach were hoping to solve when they started their own company.  WholeMe focuses on bars and cereal for healthy eating.

Garden Fresh Farms   Back To Top

Elizabeth, like a lot of other people, wants to see a little green at this point this winter.  So, she went to a farm that isn’t letting the weather stop them from growing their summer crops.

Fancy Meals in Under 30 Minutes   Back To Top

With Valentines Day less than 24 hours away, has time gotten away from you in your planning?  There’s still time to put together a romantic dinner for two!  Professional cook and food writer, Mecca Boss shows us how to put together a fancy meal in under thirty minutes using ingredients form The Oilerie in St. Paul. 

Heart Healthy Foods   Back To Top

February is Heart Health Month and we want to help keep that heart beating with healthy eating.  Registered dietician, Cassie Bjork, is here with her top five heart healthy foods – and they aren’t what you would normally think!

Just Gotta Have It Valentine’s Gifts   Back To Top

If you haven’t bought your valentine their gift yet, don’t worry!  TCL Producer Kelli Hanson found some Valentine treats “you just gotta have”!

Waffle Iron Recipes   Back To Top

Waffles aren’t the only thing that you make with a waffle iron!  Cooking for Dad’s host, Rob Barrett, shares some recipes that he uses the waffle iron to prepare.

Homemade Pretzels   Back To Top

Co-owner of Angel Food Bakery in Minneapolis, Katy Gerdes, says she has the perfect snacks to serve while watching the big football game.  It’s the perfect treat and she shows us how to make them.

The Taste Contestant   Back To Top

As head chef at the Minneapolis French restaurant, Barbette, Sarah Masters is making the Twin Cities proud week after week on the ABC show, The Taste.  Sarah joins us with one of the dishes that she wowed the judges with.

Healthy Eating Panel   Back To Top

According to History.com, half of the people who made the resolution to eat healthy and lose weight will have given up already.  We brought in Registered Dietitian, Sina Teskey, Health Coach, Kelley Suggs, and Registered Dietician, Cassie Bjork, our panel of eating healthy experts to help you get back on track.

Summer Porridge   Back To Top

When Laurie Crowell, owner of Golden Fig, read an article about summer porridge she could not wait to come up with her own combinations.  While you may not think of summer porridge as a winter snack, these versions may just change your mind.

Macy’s Popovers   Back To Top

There is one thing that has remained unchanged over the years at Macy’s restaurants and the Oak Grill in the downtown Minneapolis Macy’s and that is their popovers.  TCL producer, Kelli Hanson had to see what the fuss was about these popovers.

Dough Three Ways   Back To Top

Chef and cookbook author Zoe Francois demonstrates her "No-Knead Artisan Free-Form Loaf" from The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook.  She shows us how this one dough can be used three different ways.

Make Ahead Lunches   Back To Top

Cook and author of blog, Heart Beet Kitchen, Amanda Paa, is helping you to eat healthy and get ahead by showing us some lunches you can make ahead of time – and have a “Happy New You!”