Classic Cocktails & Food Pairings  

Craft drinks are a popular trend in the Twin Cities.  Foodie and author of the website Joy on the Rocks, Joy Summers, joins Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine food editor, Stephanie March, for some cocktail and food pairing suggestions.

Smitten with Squash  

Summer squash and zucchini are now in season - ready to be picked from your garden or picked up on the cheap at the Farmers Market.  Cookbook author and blogger, Amanda Paa, shows us two recipes using summer squash from her new book, Smitten with Squash.

Creative Burger Ideas with The Oilerie  

If you are getting a little bored of the same old burgers off the grill this summer, The Oilerie has some creative ways to change things up.  Terri Chaffer of the Maple Grove Oilerie shows us how easy it is to wake up your taste buds.

Creative Pasta Salads  

You may find several different options of pasta salads at any of the pot-luck gatherings you go to this summer.  Our kitchen star, Alice Seuffert, has three salads that you can probably count on being unique options.

Meatless Mondays: Salads  

Chef and cookbook author Robin Asbell stopped by to share meatless salad ideas, including a lime quinoa salad with mango and avocado.

Cooking with Sriracha  

The condiment is becoming as popular as ketchup and mustard for some folks.  A touch of sriracha to any dish will add some heat.  Private chef, Justin Davis, shares some of his favorite recipes using the hot stuff.

Em’s Adventures: Cooking  

Emily has tried many things in her days here at Twin Cities Live.  She is usually up for trying just about anything, and does so bravely.  The adventure she’s about to embark on has her a little terrified because she has never really done it before.  We are talking about cooking!

Cheese Curds Appetizers   Back To Top

The folks at Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery say cheese curds aren’t just for the state fair anymore!  In fact, they are seeing couples serve them at their wedding receptions!  Beth Ingli from Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery has some appetizer ideas using cheese curds for any party you may be having. 

Freezer Meals   Back To Top

Maybe you do this: you figure out your meal plan for the week, prepare them on the weekend and put them in the freezer.  Our Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert, goes even further than that.  She’s organized a Freezer Meal Exchange.  Alice says the way you freeze your meals makes all the difference.  If you freeze them wrong all your hard work would be wasted.

Protein Bars   Back To Top

You might assume that a protein bar would be the healthy choice when you're looking for something easy to keep you full. That's not always the case. Health coach Kelley Suggs shares some healthy options, including one that you can make at home.

Home Chef Showdown: Summer Appetizers   Back To Top

Antigoni Sander McCloud, co-owner of Kafe 421, is a familiar face on Twin Cities Live.  She has cooked up many recipes on the show.  Now you can see her do a whole lot more cooking on TV.  She is going to be a part of a cooking show on the Live Well Network called, Home Chef Showdown.

Summer Beer Bucket List   Back To Top

Craft breweries are popping up all over the place and it’s hard to keep up.  Our Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert, has found a way!  She’s creating a “Summer Beer Bucket List.”

Cowboy Caviar   Back To Top

BT, from KTWIN, has made recipes on our show many times and now his daughter Lydia is getting in on the fun!

Dairy Farm   Back To Top

In honor of June’s Dairy Month, Elizabeth headed to Princeton to a dairy farm that contribute to the dairy we consume.  Not only do dairy foods tast good, but they are good for our health and good for our budgets.  Milk is an affordable, nutrient-rich drink.  At only about 25 cents per 8 ounce glass, it delivers nine essential nutrients including calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and protein for healthy muscles.

June Dairy Month: Yogurt Sauces for Burgers   Back To Top

Midwest Dairy Association Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Cundith, shares her recipe on adding yogurt to the sauces that are delicious on your burger.

A Dinner for Dad from the Oilerie   Back To Top

Using espresso in your recipes is one way to make sure it’s full of rich flavors.  Professional cook and food writer, Mecca Boss, shows us how it’s done with ingredients from the Oilerie in St. Paul.

Quinoa and Berry Salad Back To Top

Using espresso in your recipes is one way to make sure it’s full of rich flavors.  Professional cook and food writer, Mecca Boss, shows us how it’s done with ingredients from the Oilerie in St. Paul. 

Balsamic BBQ Sauce Back To Top

Using espresso in your recipes is one way to make sure it’s full of rich flavors.  Professional cook and food writer, Mecca Boss, shows us how it’s done with ingredients from the Oilerie in St. Paul. 

Dad Approved Meals   Back To Top

Time to get your grill on!   We’re making the Ultimate Father's Day or perfect summer dinner! Starting with Ribs 'n Beer.  Ribs can be kind of a pain to make.   The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten, found a way to make it easy breezy with her own rib rub!  Add to that her fancy potatoes on the grill, and for dessert- Death By Chocolate Cupcakes

Battle of the Bites   Back To Top

For the third year in a row, we are hooking up with myTalk 107.1 for our Battle of the Bites.  It’s  our event where food trucks meet up for bragging rights on which one is the best!  Gastrotruck, Taste of Target Field, O’Cheeze, Stanley’s Bar Room, and Pepperjax Grill’s Philly Express make up the first round taking place at Friendly Chevrolet in Fridley!  

Sugar in Your Breakfast   Back To Top

Katie Couric’s new documentary, Fed Up, is getting a lot of attention.  The show highlights just how much sugar American’s really eat.  Registered dietician and blogger, Cassie Bjork says it all starts with your breakfast.  You may be surprised at how much sugar is in what you normally eat, especially after considering Cassie’s carbohydrates to sugar breakdown.  For every 4 grams of carbohydrates it equals a teaspoon of sugar.  Cassie has some alternatives for you instead.

Cheese Recipes from Ellsworth Cheese   Back To Top

You don’t have to wait for the Minnesota State Fair to enjoy cheese curds!  Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery produces the tasty morsels every day.  Beth Ingli from Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery has a couple of picnic ideas using cheese. 

Lake Superior Flavors   Back To Top

The founders of Heavy Table.com, James Norton and Becca Dilley, went on a culinary tour around Lake Superior.  The Great Lake spans Minnesota to Canada, Wisconsin, and Michigan where they found unique and delicious flavors along the way.

Barnstormer Granola   Back To Top

When Audrey Wolfgram got laid off from her full-time job with the airlines, she had to decide what to do next.  With the encouragement of her husband, she turned her hobby into her career.

Traveling with Dietary Restrictions   Back To Top

Taking a summer vacation?  Don’t want to derail and lose all o f the progress s you’ve made?  Or worse yet, lose all of the progress you‘ve made and have your kiddo get sick? Health coach Kelley Suggs is here to help!

Wild Ramp Recipes   Back To Top

Wild ramps, also known as spring onions or wild leeks, are an early spring vegetable with a strong garlic-like odor and an onion flavor.  The combination of onions and garlic is numerous cooking styles.  Golden Fig’s Laurie Crowell shows us how to use wild ramps in a few recipes.

Grilling with Latin Flair   Back To Top

It’s grilling season - so grab those burgers and throw them on the grill.  Chef and cookbook author, Amalia Moreno-Daamgaard shows us how to take your meal and give it a Latin flair, just by adding a couple of extra items.  

Crazy Corn (Elotes Locos) Back To Top

Cook the ears of corn in the husks in salted boiling water for 5 to 8 minutes.  Then carefully remove the husks – beware of the steam – cool slightly, and varnish the corn with a light coating of low-fat mayonnaise.  Sprinkle the corn with dried Cotija cheese, bottled hot chile sauce, and coban chile powder.

Cooking with Citrus Oils   Back To Top

Terri Chaffer from The Oilerie in Maple Grove is showing us how cooking with citrus oils makes, can make an already delicious meal so much more flavorable.