Midwest Dairy  

Skyview Dairy in Hutchinson, Minnesota started way back in the late 1960’s.  That is when the father of the current owner, Garrett Luthens, bought the farm. At that time there were only six cows at the farm.

Good Company: Finer Meat Co.  

Known to his customers as “Grandpa,” Tim Knopik has been working for Finer Meat Company in Minneapolis since 1963.  That’s when Tim’s father took over the business and Tim went to work by his side. 

Popcorn for Premiere Week  

We are celebrating ABC Premiere Week presented by Mall of America.  Grab the popcorn, curl up on the couch and turn on the TV!  Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten, has ideas for flavoring your popcorn beyond salt and butter. 

Good Company: Patti’s Granola & Nuts  

Just one year ago, Patti Heimbold, dropped off a bag of nuts that she made to a woman in Excelsior who makes gift baskets.  Six months later, she started her company, Patti’s Granola and Nuts.  Now she spends most of her free time making, mixing, and marketing her creations. 

Bacon Bash  

The second largest bacon festival in the country is taking place in River Falls, Wisconsin.  It’s a weekend full of live music, beer, and a whole lot of bacon!  Owner of Croix Valley Foods, Damon Holter, gives us a taste of Bacon Bash

Afternoon Snacks  

The next time you head to the grocery store, leave the peanut butter on the shelf.  Owner of The Olive Grove, Natalie Jaeger, shows us how to make it yourself – including other snacks that are healthier when you make them yourself.

Fair Food Combinations  

When you go to the State Fair, is there one food you just have to get?  Pronto Pups or Mini Donuts?  Maybe it’s Sweet Martha’s Cookies or the roasted corn.  Cooking for Dad’s host, Rob Barrett, is doing one better.  He’s combining some of the favorites for a whole new taste.

New Fair Foods   Back To Top

There are over 40 new foods at the fair this year and Steve and Elizabeth get a taste of some of them.  Food and Dining editor of Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, makes it even more interesting by putting a blind fold on them!

Good Company: Gedney Pickles   Back To Top

They are the Minnesota Pickles and a popular stop at the Minnesota State Fair.  Emily gives us a taste of what makes Gedney Pickles so special. 

Blender Recipes with Olive Oil   Back To Top

Summer is not over yet! Natalie Jaeger, owner of The Olive Grove Olive Oil, shows us how to make some delicious recipes without even turning on the stove.

Salts for Seasoning   Back To Top

Putting salt on your steak is not all that unusual, but there is a new restaurant in Bloomington that will change the way you think about salt.  Salt that looks more like lava, salt that has been smoked with old wine barrels, pink Himalayan salt, and even a chipotle salt are just some of the flavors you’ll find at Lela Restaurant

Make Ahead Meals   Back To Top

Make ahead meals are essential to any kitchen that feeds a busy lifestyle. When you have a few tried and true meals that are always ready to go you will never worry about what is for dinner again.   Food stylist, Rachel Sherwood, shows us some easy recipes and shares some of her tips. 

Bruschetta Recipes   Back To Top

Co-owner of Kafe 421, Antigoni Sander McCloud, is skipping the tomatoes that you usually find on bruschetta and toping it with something more unusual.

Maple Grove Farmer’s Market   Back To Top

Kelli Hanson is live at the Maple Grove Farmer’s Market.  There is over 50 vendors and everything is local – from fruits and veggies to flowers to homemade Bloody Mary mix.  At the Maple Grove Farmer’s Market they have a special program that lets the kids do all the shopping.  It’s the perfect way to get the kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. 

Savory Peaches   Back To Top

Peaches aren’t just for desserts, they can be used in savory dishes too.  Eli Wollenzein, owner of Coalition, shows us a few ways to do that.

Summer Meal Planning   Back To Top

Meal planning is hard all year, but especially challenging during the summer, here are 5 things Alice Seuffert of Dining with Alice says you need to know about Summer Meal Planning.

Boat-Friendly Snacks   Back To Top

In the land of over 10,000 lakes, it’s safe to say Minnesotan’s love spending time on their boats!  Laurie Crowell from Golden Fig has some snack ideas that are perfect for taking out on the boat with you.

Best Summer Ever Awards: Best Brewery   Back To Top

The craft beer scene has blown up in the Twin Cities over the last few years.  There were a lot of local breweries hoping to get the title.  TCL’ers, staff members, and local foodies voted for their favorite brewery.

Best Summer Ever Awards: Best Burger   Back To Top

We continue with our first ever, Best Summer Ever Awards!  We compiled suggestions from TCL’ers, our staff, and foodies from around the Twin Cities to find your favorites.  Emily shares with us who walks away with the best burger in the Twin Cities!

Condiment Hacks   Back To Top

TCL chef and cookbook author Mary Jane Miller stops by to help kick the condiments in your fridge up a notch.

Best Summer Ever Awards: Food Truck   Back To Top

Our inaugural Best Summer Ever Awards compiled suggestions from TCLers, our staff, and foodies from around the Twin Cities. Emily awards the first award for the best food truck.

Pampered Pumpkin   Back To Top

If you are familiar with CSA’s, then you know that it is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer.  You usually receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

Creative Dips   Back To Top

When it comes to your pot-luck’s and barbeques, dips are where it’s at.  Chef and author, Robin Asbell, shares some recipes for creative and unique dip recipes. 

4th of July Foods   Back To Top

Minnesotan’s love their ranch dressing and is a go-to for so many things.  Natalie Jaeger, owner of The Olive Grove, has a homemade version of the dressing that is healthier and a little more friendly  to your hips!

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From the Garden to the Table   Back To Top

TCL’s Luckiest Cook winner, Patty Morrissey, is back in the kitchen putting dinner on the table – straight from the garden.

Happy Hour at Home   Back To Top

You don’t need to go somewhere to enjoy a patio for happy hour.  Have your own at home!  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine food and dining editor, Stephanie March, has some suggestions for the best places to stop and pick up happy hour to bring home!

4th of July Side Dishes   Back To Top

With Father’s day, graduation parties, 4th of July, and weekend barbeques, there’s always summer potlucks that you need to come up with a dish for.  Meg Dhamer, owner of Pigtale Twist, has a few recipes for you. 

Thrill of the Grill   Back To Top

With Father's Day coming up, many dads will be heading outside to fire up the grill. But just like cooking with an oven, there are things to consider when it comes to safety. Steve suited up with firefighters to make sure your grilling experience goes well.

Perfect Picnic   Back To Top

With the sun out and the warm weather, it’s the perfect time for a picnic! TCL Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert says when planning on what you are bringing to keep it quick and easy! 

Good Company: Gerhard’s Brats   Back To Top

Gerhard’s Brats is a fairly new company, but what they serve has been around for a long time.  With their brats, the timing is perfect to take part in the Twin Cities food and beer scene.  They don’t just serve regular brats, however.  Their healthier recipe has been around for decades and comes from Austria.