What to eat Before, During and After Your Workout

Figuring out the best thing to eat before and after a workout is almost as challenging as the workout itself! Fitness expert and owner of the warehouse, Nickie Carrigan has tips on how to get back to the basics with your nutrition and to clear up any confusion!

Summer Essentials  

Natalie Jaeger from The Olive Grove shares her essential olive oil and vinegars to get you all set for grilling season. 

Hog Wild Week: Dellwood Candied Bacon  

It’s "Hog Wild" week with the Minnesota Pork Board! Executive Chef, Peter Christenson from Dellwood Country Club, has a Candied Bacon recipe that will go perfect in your next BLT!

Best (Protein) Bars  

When you hear the words Best Bar on Twin Cities Live, you might expect a craft cocktail on the show. But this time around, we’re talking about Protein Bars.

Minnesota Salsas  

May is National Salsa Month. To celebrate, reporter Emily Engberg has four Minnesota Made Salsas that not only taste great, but also have interesting stories. Here are four.

Many Uses for Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar  

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar are great for salad dressing and to drizzle over a chicken breast, but a bottle can provide so many more uses. The owner of The Olive Grove in Mendota Heights, Natalie Jaeger, shares how it works on ice cream, in tap water, and more.

WNBA Player Rachel Banham  

Rachel Banham is a shining star in the WNBA. She graduated from Lakeville North High School and had a huge career with the Minnesota Golden Gophers. She’s currently one of only 11 basketball players in NCAA history to rack up over 3,000 points in her collegiate career.

All Things Pork with Cochon555   Back To Top

On Sunday, February 19, five Twin Cities chefs will each receive an entire pig with the challenge to feed 500 people six different dishes. One of the competitors, J.D. Fratzke from The Strip Club Meat & Fish, stopped by with a preview along with tips for cooking pork.

Prince’s Personal Chef: Ray Roberts   Back To Top

This week’s TCL in Your Town series takes us to Chanhassen. We of course can’t talk about that lovely community without mentioning one famous resident. We all know Prince was recording amazing music at Paisley Park, his estate in the southwest metro, and now we know he was eating very good too. His personal chef, Ray Roberts, stopped by to whip up a few of Prince’s favorite sweet treats.

Olive Grove Essentials for Your Kitchen   Back To Top

The owner of the Olive Grove in Mendota Heights, Natalie Jaeger, put together a special pack of products that she says are essential to every kitchen.

National Peanut Butter Day   Back To Top

People who love peanut butter have reason to celebrate. January 24th is National Peanut Butter Day. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg has three peanut butters made in Minnesota that are worth checking out.

Blender Recipes   Back To Top

Get ready to bust out your blender! From smoothies, milkshakes, frosty cocktails there are plenty of tasty recipes you can make in a blast. Robin Asbell is a chef, Instructor and author of a new book called 300 best blender recipes using your Vitamix.

Unleash Your Awesome: Lindsey Bomgren with Nourish Move Love   Back To Top

Many of us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but your morning boost can turn into a bust if you’re not too careful.  Fitness instructor and author of the blog Nourish Move Love, Lindsey Bomgren, has tips on how to improve your breakfast.

Good Company: Rustica Bakery Back To Top

Rustica Bakery is a go to for many folks looking for that sweet fix or good cup of coffee. It has a special feel of a neighborhood hot spot and that’s exactly what has made Rustica Bakery so popular. It has locations in Minneapolis, Edina and Mall of America. It will soon open a fourth location in Wayzata.

2017 Food Trends   Back To Top

It’s a great time to be hungry in the Twin Cities! For the second year in a row, Elizabeth sits down with three esteemed local food writers to find out which restaurants we’ll want to visit, which ingredients we should be picking up at the grocery store and what types of cuisine we’re missing in the metro.

Gift Ideas for the Cook   Back To Top

Natalie Jaeger, owner of The Olive Grove in Mendota Heights, shares gift ideas for the person you know who loves to cook!

Holiday Baking with Nordic Ware   Back To Top

Nordic Ware are celebrating their 70th anniversary and they stopped by with holiday recipes and the pans to match, perfect for baking up some tasty treats.

Fire & Flour   Back To Top

This week on Twin Cities Live, we’re exploring the Modern Mill City. Minneapolis earned the moniker “Mill City” because it was known as the “Flour Milling Capital of the World” for 50 years in the 1800’s. But after World War I, the milling industry moved elsewhere and by the middle of the 1900’s, the once-booming mills were all shut down. But today, many bakers will say we’re in the middle of a bread and flour revolution in the Twin Cities. In our final installment of our special series, “Modern Mill City,” Elizabeth meets Chris Boles, the man behind “Fire & Flour,” a homemade bread baking business based in Chaska. Chris says his use of heritage wheat and a process called extended fermentation created a highly nutritious product. Chris shows Elizabeth how to shape loaves of bread in his home kitchen and shares that the secret to great bread starts with super high quality flour. His favorite flour comes from Sunrise Flour Mill in North Branch.

Bakers Field   Back To Top

Minneapolis was known as the “Flour Milling Capital of the World” for fifty years back in the 1800’s when the industry was instrumental in helping the city grow. But after World War 1, the milling industry went into decline and the mills had all shut down by the mid 1900’s. This week, we’re exploring the current state of flour milling and baking in the Twin Cities in our series “Modern Mill City.”

Modern Mill City: Pumpkin Pie Brioche Back To Top

For fifty years, Minneapolis was known as the flour milling capital of the world.  It’s what the city was built on.  By the mid 1900’s the mills were gone.  Today, we may just be in the middle of a flour and bread revolution and that’s why we’re exploring our Modern Mill City.

Top Secrets in the Kitchen   Back To Top

Cookbook author and Betty Crocker recipe developer Mary Jane Miller shares her secrets every cook should know.

Em’s Adventures: Culinary School   Back To Top

For 75 years people have been learning about food at St. Paul College’s Culinary Arts program. Cooks learn how to prepare all sorts of dishes in all sorts of environments. They learn how to do prep for small events to big banquets.

Which Olive Oil Flavor to Use   Back To Top

Elizabeth visits The Olive Grove in Mendota Heights for a first ever edition of, “If you want to make this, buy that!” Owner Natalie Jaeger shares the best way to taste her selection of 55 olive oils and vinegars and how to pair them in your kitchen to create easy and delicious meals.

Em’s Adventures: Hog Farm   Back To Top

TCL is going Hog Wild and Emily is taking us on a family farm in Northfield to see what it takes to keep the hogs healthy and happy.

Seattle Sutton’s Health Eating: Project REAL   Back To Top

A Brooklyn Park couple is doing something no one on the Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating Program has ever done. It’s not that they’re eating those meals for 6 months, but they’re documenting their journey. It’s called Project Real and we wanted to know how their doing. Angela and Steve Gritton stopped by our studio to show us how much weight they’ve lost and how they’re meals have changed!

Sneak Protein Into Your Diet   Back To Top

The United States Government recommends that 10-35% of your daily calories comes from protein. For a 140 pound, 50 year-old woman, that equates to 53 grams a day. Instead of eating the same protein-rich foods over and over, food blogger Sarah Lang shares protein-rich foods worth adding to your grocery list along with ways to sneak it in to other foods, including macaroni and cheese.

Em’s Adventure: Em works at Hackenmueller’s Meat Market   Back To Top

Hackenmueller’s Meat Market in Robbinsdale has been around for more than 120 years. It has been Gordy Lindenfelser who has been the face of the business for more than thirty years. Gordy’s personality is as big as his customer base. He attracts folks from all over the cities.

Shrimp on a Stick   Back To Top

Cooking for Dads host, Rob Barrett, prepares a dish that he says will be the next great fair food!

Special Minnesota State Fair Beer and Food Pairings   Back To Top

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Alice, is a State Fair junkie.  She comes every year, enters contests, and checks out all the new stuff.  There are quite a few things that you’ll find only at the State Fair.  That includes some wild and wacky beers!  Alice shares her picks for fair beer and food pairings!

Fair Food Favorite: Chris Egert   Back To Top

Five Eyewitness News Mornings anchor, Chris Egert took our cameras along for his morning meal at the fair.  His go is the breakfast burrito from The Mexican Hat located east of Chambers and south of the Grandstand.