Condiment Hacks  

TCL chef and cookbook author Mary Jane Miller stops by to help kick the condiments in your fridge up a notch.

Best Summer Ever Awards: Food Truck  

Our inaugural Best Summer Ever Awards compiled suggestions from TCLers, our staff, and foodies from around the Twin Cities. Emily awards the first award for the best food truck.

Pampered Pumpkin  

If you are familiar with CSA’s, then you know that it is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer.  You usually receive a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

Creative Dips  

When it comes to your pot-luck’s and barbeques, dips are where it’s at.  Chef and author, Robin Asbell, shares some recipes for creative and unique dip recipes. 

4th of July Foods  

Minnesotan’s love their ranch dressing and is a go-to for so many things.  Natalie Jaeger, owner of The Olive Grove, has a homemade version of the dressing that is healthier and a little more friendly  to your hips!

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From the Garden to the Table  

TCL’s Luckiest Cook winner, Patty Morrissey, is back in the kitchen putting dinner on the table – straight from the garden.

Happy Hour at Home  

You don’t need to go somewhere to enjoy a patio for happy hour.  Have your own at home!  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine food and dining editor, Stephanie March, has some suggestions for the best places to stop and pick up happy hour to bring home!

4th of July Side Dishes   Back To Top

With Father’s day, graduation parties, 4th of July, and weekend barbeques, there’s always summer potlucks that you need to come up with a dish for.  Meg Dhamer, owner of Pigtale Twist, has a few recipes for you. 

Thrill of the Grill   Back To Top

With Father's Day coming up, many dads will be heading outside to fire up the grill. But just like cooking with an oven, there are things to consider when it comes to safety. Steve suited up with firefighters to make sure your grilling experience goes well.

Perfect Picnic   Back To Top

With the sun out and the warm weather, it’s the perfect time for a picnic! TCL Kitchen Star, Alice Seuffert says when planning on what you are bringing to keep it quick and easy! 

Good Company: Gerhard’s Brats   Back To Top

Gerhard’s Brats is a fairly new company, but what they serve has been around for a long time.  With their brats, the timing is perfect to take part in the Twin Cities food and beer scene.  They don’t just serve regular brats, however.  Their healthier recipe has been around for decades and comes from Austria.

Quick & Easy Summer Snacks   Back To Top

It’s summer, the kids are hungry, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time inside figuring out what to feed them.  Here are 4 quick thing you can make in a jiffy from Cooking for Dads host, Rob Barrett

Delicious Dips   Back To Top

Some things are perfect all by themselves such as, a BLT and a Snickers. Amy Hanten, The Cooking Mom, kicked it up a notch and made them into dips on Monday's show. 

Hello Kitty Sushi   Back To Top

What do you get when you put Hello Kitty, Spam, and sushi together?  Hello Kitty Sushi – a very popular dish in Hawaii!  Katie Chin, daughter of the famous Leeann Chin, shows us how to make them at home. 

Unjunk Your Junk Foods   Back To Top

The official start of barbequing season is upon us.  Don’t worry, you can still partake in the barbeques, desserts, and dips and chips.  Registered Holistic Nutritionist and author of Unjunk Your Junk Food, Andrea Donsky, says all you have to do is “unjunk” them!

Gluten Free on a Budget   Back To Top

When going gluten-free, the food can be expensive.  Amanda Paa, blogger, recipe developer and photographer of the Heartbeet Kitchen blog says it doesn’t have to.  She shares her ways to be gluten-free on a budget.

Date Night Meals   Back To Top

It’s always fun to go out to dinner with your sweetie.  It also can be pretty romantic to stay in and make a date-night meal too.  Personal chef and creator of A Simple Kitchen, Sarah Lang, creates a three course menu that will sure to impress your sweetheart.  

Good Company: Lucille’s Kitchen Garden   Back To Top

For Zoie Glass, food has always been the center of family traditions.  Zoie and her wife Amy’s specialty was the homemade jams they made.  Soon, it was more than just family wanting the jams.  Before long, the stores started calling.

Pinch of Yum   Back To Top

Creators of the blog, Pinch of Yum, Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom, share photos of the mouthwatering food that Lindsay cooks in their kitchen.  Along with those photos, they share stories and images from their life.  But it was the experiment they endeavored three years ago that made them stand out. 

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Menu   Back To Top

The Mexican culture is celebrated on this day every year.  Stephany Wieland, creator of Making it with Stephany, has recipes for you to celebrate at home. 

Lisa Lillien: Hungry Girl Diet   Back To Top

Author of The Hungry Girl Diet, Lisa Lillien, proclaims herself to be a “Foodologist.”  Not because she has some kind of fancy degree, but simply because she loves food! 

TCL's Luckiest Cook Winner!   Back To Top

The four finalists in our Luckiest Cook contest all presented their recipes cooking with FINNEGANS beer this week in the hopes of winning the title.  Not only do they get the title, they win a trip for two to Ireland from AAA Minneapolis and Trafalgar.

TCL's Luckiest Cook: FINNEGANS Beer Battered Asparagus   Back To Top

Becki Melvie from Buffalo is the next finalist to show us what she came up with in our Irish beer cooking contest.  She is hoping to be named TCL’s Luckiest Cook and win the trip to Ireland courtesy of Trafalgar and AAA Minneapolis.  Becki is using FINNEGANS Amber beer in her asparagus recipe.

Cauliflower Recipes   Back To Top

Named one of the trendiest veggies of 2015, Cauliflower is having a big year!  Kafe 421’s co-owner, Antigoni Sander McCloud, shows us some fun ways to cook with cauliflower.

Ramps   Back To Top

Ramps are one of the first vegetables to be harvested in the spring.  Also known as wild leeks or scallion, the wild onion can be found across the eastern United States.  Chef Eli Wollenzien from Coalition got in his first shipment and he has a few different ways to use them. 

Workout Nutrition   Back To Top

Rasa Troupe knows the importance of taking care of her body through nutrition.  This former athlete ran track and field in the 2008 Olympics, representing Lithuania.  Rasa decided to become a registered dietitian to help others learn about nutrition.

Freezer Meals for Moms   Back To Top

TCL’s Kitchen Star Alice Seuffert’s first e-book, Frozen Meals for Mom, is now available.  Alice’s hope is that Freezer Meals for Moms gives the reader a collection of recipes and freezing tips to help with family meal planning. The recipes are easy to assemble and can be eaten that day or frozen and stored for a later date. Whether you are expecting a baby and want to stock your freezer or you are parent and looking to make evenings smoother for meal planning, this book is for you.  These recipes are an easy resource to reference when you are making a weekly meal plan, or when thinking about a meal to deliver to someone who could use some good comfort food.

Em’s Adventures: New Foods at Target Field   Back To Top

Emily loves baseball – and she loves food.  For those two reasons she could not have found a better adventure to go on!  Target Field announced their new food items and Emily headed over to do a little research.

Deviled Eggs   Back To Top

Now that Easter is over, you may be overloaded with hard-boiled eggs.  Don’t through them away!  Cookbook writer, Mary Jane Miller, has some creative ideas to make deviled eggs from them.

Jazzing Up Leftovers   Back To Top

Nobody likes to waste food, but sometimes you can get bored with the leftovers.  Cooking for Dads host, Rob Barrett, shows us some easy ways to “jazz up” the leftovers for a whole new meal.  The key to jazzing up leftovers is to add one easy new element to them.