Good Company: Hastings Co-op Creamery  

It’s TCL in Your Town, celebrating all things Hastings. The town is home to something pretty unique. It's where the Mississippi, Vermillion, and St. Croix rivers meet.  Also just as cool, a business there that's been a staple in the community for more than 100-years. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson takes us inside the Hastings Co-op Creamery in this Good Company.

Apples with Sweetland Apple Orchard  

Now is the time to make tasty apple treats using different apple varieties. Gretchen Perbix from Sweetland Orchard and Recipe Developer Mary Jane Miller put Gretchen’s Apples to good use and made delicious apple recipes for the fall.

DIY Baking Steel  

Cooking with Dads, Rob Barrett, showed us how to make baking steel at home to cook pizza, bread, meat and more. 

After School Snacks with Beef  

Becky Church with the Minnesota Beef Council shares some after school snack ideas that are a little "beefed up"!

University of Minnesota Apple Varieties  

Jim Luby, fruit breeder with the University of Minnesota, shared several of the apple varieties they've developed over the years. They have released 27 apple varieties, including the Honeycrisp. It takes between 20 and 30 years to develop a new apple variety. For more information about their program, click here.   

Keg and Case  

What’s old is new again. The old Schmidt Brewing building is home to Keg and Case. Keg and Case features all sorts of pop up events and vendors. You’ll find a variety of interesting spots to check out. The market is made up of 25 spots where you can dine, grab a drink and shop.

Bone Appetit – a Fundraiser for Secondhand Hounds  

The Depot in downtown Minneapolis is hosting a fundraiser for Secondhand HoundsBone Appetit takes place Wednesday, September 12th and will be full of puppies and some of the finest chefs in the state.

Batch Cooking Breakfasts with Coborns Delivers   Back To Top

Starting out your morning with a healthy and nutritional breakfast is key to kickstarting a successful day. Registered Dietian Emily Parent stopped by the TCL studio to share how Coborns Delivers can help you do just that. 

After School Snack Ideas   Back To Top

Cook and author, Amy Hanten stopped by to share three different was to make dips that are perfect for an after school treat.

Deep-Fried Cheese Curds   Back To Top

Want to bring a state fair classic food to your own kitchen? Owner of Golden Fig, Laurie Crowell taught us how to make deep-fried cheese curds.     

Blue Barn’s Blue Farm   Back To Top

The Minnesota State Fair is full of food and drink options. Among the popular stops, The Blue Barn. The Blue Barn is known for its delicious list of foods, but it’s also their Blueberry Basil Lemonade that gets people excited about the fair.

Dowling Community Garden Celebrates 75 Years   Back To Top

The Dowling Community Garden in Minneapolis is believed to be one of the last two remaining Victory Gardens in use today. It’s located in Minneapolis and Elizabeth visits a couple of the self-proclaimed “old timers” to find out more about the history of the garden as it celebrates 75 years of growing.

Healthy Lunch Ideas   Back To Top

Emily Dingmann  is a nutritionist and mom, she’s also the creator of “My Everyday Table.” It's full of recipes and meal plans, which is great for busy parents on-the-go. She stopped here with healthy school lunchbox ideas to simplify your morning routine before sending the kids off to school.

Cooking Eggs   Back To Top

Make sure your kids get a good start to their day before heading off to school.  Eggs are a good choice and pack a lot of protein.  James Beard Award winning chef, Alex Roberts (owner of ALMA), shares tips for making the perfect eggs.

Chef Camp 2018   Back To Top

At the end of August something magical will take place in northern Minnesota. It’s a camp unlike any other. There’s swimming, canoeing, archery and crafts. But there’s also award winning chefs, teaching you cooking skills you won’t learn anywhere else. It’s called Chef Camp, an outdoor cooking adventure in Sturgeon Lake.

DIY Classic Snacks   Back To Top

The Real Food RN, Kate Doubler, shared some DIY recipes to classics snacks like fruit roll-ups and chocolate pudding. 

Most Instagrammable Dishes: @eatdrinkdishmpls   Back To Top

According to a study by consulting service, Maru/Matchbox, 69% percent of millennials take photos of their food before it even touches their mouths.  We have to agree with this new trend – many restaurants create works of art that should be photographed. The women behind Instagram’s Eat.Drink.Dish.MPLS has found a way to make money doing this. Golnaz Yamoutour stopped by with what she calls two of the most Instagrammable dishes in the Twin Cities.

Cook with Homegrown Herbs   Back To Top

Rob Barrett of "Cooking For Dads" owner stopped by to share some tasty recipes you can make with herbs you grow at your house. 

The 5th Annual Great Midwest Rib Fest   Back To Top

The Great Midwest Rib Fest is back for its 5th year featuring food and drink tents, 10 rib cookers and free outdoor concerts. Jon and Kristy Bigalk from Just North of Memphis BBQ stopped by to talk about their delicious dry rub recipe.

Easy Breakfast Ideas   Back To Top

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Alice is here with her fun ideas and recipes for making breakfast fun and easy for parents and kids.

Elizabeth’s Garden Tour   Back To Top

Gardeners know this all too well, you get a bumper and you might wonder what am I going to make with it? Elizabeth asked for help from chef and cookbook author, Robin Asbell. She invited Robin over for a private tour of everything that’s growing in her backyard.

Anatomy of a Good Meal   Back To Top

Be Well with TCL is all about health and wellness. This time we're tackling the perfect meal. Not the one you couldn't live without, but the one you shouldn't live without.  Fitness Expert Nickie Carrigan stopped by our studio to help us understand the anatomy of a good meal. She says it’s centered around three important things: Carbohydrates, Protein & Good Fats.

Whitney Fransway - Chocolate Collagen Truffles   Back To Top

Former Bachelor contestant, Whitney Fransway, stopped by to give us the inside scoop of her time on the show and shared a an allergy friendly chocolate truffle recipe.   

Meat Raffle at the VFW   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live is hanging in North Saint Paul for TCL in Your Town. The small town has a lot of personality and as Emily Engberg found out, the people in town also have a lot of fun!

Seasoned Specialty Food Market   Back To Top

Hundreds of Minnesota makers work hard selling their products online and at farmers markets. But now they have one more place to sell their goods -- a new store on Grand Avenue welcomes them with open arms.

Best Meat Markets in the Twin Cities   Back To Top

The Food and Dining Editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, unveils three of her favorite meat markets in the Twin Cities.

Good Company: Cooper’s Foods   Back To Top

Every month Twin Cities Live picks a spot on the map -- a town to really get to know and we then share the good news. This month we're in Chaska. It’s not only the place TCL Host Steve Patterson calls him, but a town full of really cool history.  Reporter Kelli Hanson found the oldest business in Chaska and takes us to Cooper's Foods.

Elderberry Gummies for Cold, Flu and Sleep   Back To Top

Kate Doubler, the Real Food RN, stopped by the TCL studio to teach us the benefits of elderberries and quick yet nutritious recipe for healthy gummies.   

Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest   Back To Top

These days just about every food you can think of has a gluten-free alternative -- from pasta to pizza to Girl Scout cookies. But do they taste like cardboard? And what even is gluten? These are all questions you can get answered at this the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest May 19th and 20th. Festival Organizer, Sara Vollmer, stopped by with products you can try at the weekend event.

Give Me Five: Five Baking Gadgets   Back To Top

Cookbook author and pastry chef, Zoe Francois stopped by to share her five favorite baking gadgets.