Food Truck Feast  

Emily is at Friendly Chevrolet in Fridley getting ready for the TCL Food Truck Feast!  She’s busy sampling some of the food that you’ll find there.  The trucks are competing to be our Food Truck Truck Feast Champ – and you’ll have a chance at winning tickets to see Kelly Clarkson in concert!

Betty Dangers  

Sitting out on the patio is the definition of a perfect summer night.  Betty Dangers Country Club is taking the patio to a new height – literally!  Emily heads to Northeast Minneapolis to check it out. 

The Launch Bar & Grill  

The Launch Bar & Grill is the only gastropub in the Lake Mille Lacs area. It focuses on unique but approachable appetizers, sandwiches and entrees. And the full-service bar offers a wide assortment of craft beers and cocktails.  

Sunday Supper Deals  

When the weekend rolls around, it’s probably either Friday night or Saturday night that you think about going out for dinner.  Local guy about town, Mike Marcotte, says Sunday is the day you should really be going out.  There are some fantastic deals to take advantage of on Sunday evenings.

TCL Book Club Preview  

Twin Cities Live is hosting our first-ever Book Club inside FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar at Radisson Blu Mall of America on Tuesday, June 2nd, and there's still room for you to join us! Elizabeth heads behind the bar to juice and sits down with their Chef to find out how they're celebrating summer.

Good Company: Nelson’s Ice Cream Shop  

Nothing says Best Summer Ever like ice cream!  Emily heads to Stillwater to Nelson’s Ice Cream where it’s not only the ice cream that makes them a big part of the community. 

Twin Cities Burger Battle Preview  

Chefs from the best restaurants in the Twin Cities will gather at the Minneapolis Armory on Saturday, May 16th for the Twin Cities Burger Battle. We invited two chefs who will be at the event to go head-to-head in-studio to give you a taste of what you can sample at the event.

Best French Fries in the Twin Cities   Back To Top

What restaurant serves up the best French Fries in the Twin Cities? Three TCL staff brought their picks with Steve deciding the ultimate winner.

Unique Breakfast Spots   Back To Top

The Editor of Eater Minneapolis, Joy Summers, has some suggestions for restaurants to check out.  You may only think of these places for lunch or dinner, but Joy says you need to add them to your breakfast destinations as well! 

The Best Restaurants for Fish   Back To Top

Many folks are not eating meat on Friday’s due to lent.  If you are one of these people – or you are just simply looking for a place to go for some good fish, we have some suggestions.  Local guy about town, Mike Marcotte, Food Producer Maggie Winter, and TCL’s Executive Producer, Mandy Tadych, have their picks for the best place to go for a fish meal.

Multi-Generational Restaurants   Back To Top

For those times when you are going out to eat with the whole family, it can be tough finding the perfect restaurant that is kid-friendly, that Grandma and Grandpa will enjoy, but dad can still order a beer.  Editor of Eater Minneapolis, Joy Summers, has three multi-generations friendly spots she recommends. 

Restaurant Week   Back To Top

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine is celebrating the food scene in the Twin Cities with a week full of deals at the hottest restaurants.  Restaurant Week began with restaurants you would find only in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The restaurant choices are now extending into the suburbs.  Food and Dining editor of Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, shares her picks of places in the burbs to check out.  

Be Well with TCL: Gluten Free   Back To Top

For those who suffer from celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, you know that eating out at a restaurant can be a challenge.  It can get complicated and become a serious health issue if there is even cross contamination from foods being fried in the same oil, for example.  Reporter Kelli Hanson checked out Ernie’s Pub & Grill in Burnsville where they have changed everything about the way they cook and serve food, keeping people who can’t eat gluten – safe. 

Classic Minnesota Restaurants   Back To Top

New restaurants are popping up all the time in the Twin Cities.  Editor of Eater Minneapolis, Joy Summers, says there are some that have been around for a while that you shouldn’t forget.  She gives us her picks of some iconic Minnesota dishes.

Best Bar Seats for Valentine’s Day   Back To Top

If you haven’t made reservations for Valentine’s Day yet, there still are some options.  Food Editor of Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, and Editor of Eater Minneapolis, Joy Summers, say have a seat at the bar!  They give us their picks for the best bar seats with a romantic vibe and no reservations required! 

Rumfish Grill   Back To Top

Emily is down in Florida at the Tradewinds Island Resort where she checked out a place that has been on a national show.  The Rumfish Grill has a diverse menu but it’s the backdrop that catches your eye.  There are multiple fish tanks in the restaurant with one really spectacular tank that was featured on Animal Planet’s show, Tanked.  Emily jumps into the tank and tries a little swimming.

Best Comfort Foods   Back To Top

Meteorologist Ken Barlow says that historically, this is the coldest week of the year.  Now is the perfect time to share favorite comfort foods from Twin Cities establishments.  Steve will judge each of them and state which one is his favorite!

2015 Food & Drink Trends   Back To Top

Every year, it seems there that there are new trends happening in the food and drink scene.  Food Editor for Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Steph March, is joined by the Editor of Eater Minneapolis, Joy Summers to fill us in on what we can expect in 2015.   

Best Restaurants for Brunch   Back To Top

You might find yourself getting out the house earlier on the weekends to jumpstart your holiday shopping.  Or, maybe you have more guests this time of year and are looking for a good place to stop and grab brunch.  Food and Dining Editor of Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, has her three favorite new places to stop for brunch.  

Best Grilled Cheese   Back To Top

It’s been a favorite on the kids menu forever, but now the grilled cheese is stepping up its game.  The sandwich has received a grown up makeover and now it’s being served at restaurants around town.  Joy Summers, creator of Joy on the Rocks, has her picks for the best places to go for grilled cheese. 

National Sandwich Day   Back To Top

The ladies of Twin Cities Live are celebrating National Sandwich Day with their favorite picks for places to go for a sandwich.

Unique Dining Experiences   Back To Top

The Twin Cities has a booming ethnic restaurant scene serving up Hot Pot, Dim Sum, and Bubble Tea to name a few.  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine food editor, Stephanie March, shows us a few experiences you might want to check out.

J.W.’s Bierstube   Back To Top

At J.W.’s Bierstube, it feels like you belong when you walk in.  It’s got the neighborhood feel where you go to hang out.  Emily checks it out and gets a taste.

Blue Goose Tavern   Back To Top

If you’ve ever been to or through Garrison, Minnesota then you are probably familiar with a place called the Blue Goose.  It’s been a staple in the area since 1923.  Recently, it underwent some changes and will be celebrating its Grand Opening this weekend on Saturday, September 13th.

Best Sports Bars   Back To Top

Stephanie March, the food and dining editor from Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, gets us all prepared for football season with three of the best sports bars to head to watch the game.

Em's Adventures: Ladies' Night Picks   Back To Top

There are a lot of great places to check out in the cities. But sometimes getting out of the suburbs and downtown takes some effort and if you go often, the choices are overwhelming.
But that's where Emily comes in. She teamed up with The Weekly Dish Co-host and Mpls. St. Paul Magazine's Food and Dining Editor Stephanie March to come up with three spots that are worth the trip for ladies night.

Dinner at Harry’s Café   Back To Top

Elizabeth is having dinner with viewers at Harry’s Café on Tuesday, August 19th.  The last time Elizabeth gathered with guests at Harry’s turned out to be so much fun, we just had to do it again!  Owner of Harry’s Café, Harry Brand, is giving us a little taste of the appetizer that will be served at the event - sea scallops wrapped in thinly shaved Prosciutto ham pan seared and served with a side of Lemon Buer Blanc.

A Day Out in White Bear Lake   Back To Top

If you are looking for a fun place to spend the day, White Bear Lake could be the perfect place to go.  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine’s Food and Dining Editor, Stephanie March, and their Shopping Editor, Allison Kaplan, has some suggestions of places to check out.   

Broadway Pizza   Back To Top

Minnesotan’s have been going to Broadway Pizza for 60 years.  Elizabeth went to check out our Patio’ke location a head of time to see what has kept them around for so long.

Really Cool Drinks   Back To Top

The cocktail scene around the Twin Cities is flourishing and mixologists are stirring up some pretty impressive cocktails.  Joy Summers, creator of the website Joy on the Rocks, shows us some of the more impressive ones.