Blue Goose Tavern  

If you’ve ever been to or through Garrison, Minnesota then you are probably familiar with a place called the Blue Goose.  It’s been a staple in the area since 1923.  Recently, it underwent some changes and will be celebrating its Grand Opening this weekend on Saturday, September 13th.

Best Sports Bars  

Stephanie March, the food and dining editor from Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, gets us all prepared for football season with three of the best sports bars to head to watch the game.

Em's Adventures: Ladies' Night Picks  

There are a lot of great places to check out in the cities. But sometimes getting out of the suburbs and downtown takes some effort and if you go often, the choices are overwhelming.
But that's where Emily comes in. She teamed up with The Weekly Dish Co-host and Mpls. St. Paul Magazine's Food and Dining Editor Stephanie March to come up with three spots that are worth the trip for ladies night.

Dinner at Harry’s Café  

Elizabeth is having dinner with viewers at Harry’s Café on Tuesday, August 19th.  The last time Elizabeth gathered with guests at Harry’s turned out to be so much fun, we just had to do it again!  Owner of Harry’s Café, Harry Brand, is giving us a little taste of the appetizer that will be served at the event - sea scallops wrapped in thinly shaved Prosciutto ham pan seared and served with a side of Lemon Buer Blanc.

A Day Out in White Bear Lake  

If you are looking for a fun place to spend the day, White Bear Lake could be the perfect place to go.  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine’s Food and Dining Editor, Stephanie March, and their Shopping Editor, Allison Kaplan, has some suggestions of places to check out.   

Broadway Pizza  

Minnesotan’s have been going to Broadway Pizza for 60 years.  Elizabeth went to check out our Patio’ke location a head of time to see what has kept them around for so long.

Really Cool Drinks  

The cocktail scene around the Twin Cities is flourishing and mixologists are stirring up some pretty impressive cocktails.  Joy Summers, creator of the website Joy on the Rocks, shows us some of the more impressive ones. 

El Burrito Mercado   Back To Top

When a new restaurant pops up in the cities, Emily is excited to go out and try it.  She takes a little bit of pride in the fact that she checks out all different kinds of places.  She was pretty surprised when she just now “discovered” El Burrito Mercado, a St. Paul staple that’s celebrating 35 years! 

Sole Mio Ristorante   Back To Top

Our second Patio’ke is at Sole Mio in Woodbury, where you can meet our new host Steve Patterson!  It’s also a chance for you to sing your heart out for a chance at winning the grand prize of a trip for two to Mazatlan Mexico!      

Harvest Grill   Back To Top

Elizabeth will be hosting our first Patio’ke brought to you by Patio Town at Harvest Grill in Coon Rapids.  She went ahead for a sneak peak to make sure they were ready for all the festivities.

Fresh and Fiery Tilapia Taco   Back To Top

Chef Jamie Malone has been named one of Food and Wine’s top ten best new chefs in America, has a Sustainability Award for her work at Sea Change in Minneapolis, and was a semifinalist for a James Beard Award (which is like the Grammy’s for chefs!)  Let’s just say she knows a thing or two about cooking and she proves it with her Fresh and Fiery Tilapia Taco!  

Restaurant Week   Back To Top

Dozens of local restaurants have teamed up with Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine once again for Restaurant Week.  This is your chance to try some of the hottest restaurants at a discounted price for lunch or dinner.  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine Food Editor Stephanie March has some advice before making your reservations.

BlueStone Steak & Seafood   Back To Top

You don’t have to head downtown to enjoy a great restaurant.  BlueStone Steak & Seafood is bringing the feel of the city to you!

TCL Book Club   Back To Top

Elizabeth joined our devoted Book Club members at FireLake Grill House and Cocktail Bar inside the Radisson Blu at Mall of America.  Chef Paul introduced Elizabeth to their Panini’s off the menu, including a couple of dessert ones!

Dining Along the Water   Back To Top

Minnesotans like to take advantage of time outdoors in the summer. So we asked Food and Dining Editor at Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, Steph March, to share her picks for dinning near the water. From Forest Lake to a brand new restaurant in Wayzata, you'll want to add these to your list. 

Selma’s Ice Cream   Back To Top

Ice cream is one of the best summer treats – if not a favorite year round.  Emily is a lover of the delicious cold sweet treat.  She’s live at Selma’s Ice Cream Parlour in Afton for some sampling.

Harry’s Dinner   Back To Top

A group of TCL’ers met Elizabeth at Harry’s Café in Lakeville for a private dinner party.  It wasn’t just a typical meal and a regular restaurant, they actually got lessons in cooking meat and how to pair wines with it right from the pros! 

A Day Out in Wayzata   Back To Top

The city of Wayzata is a hot spot in the Twin Cities for a one-stop place to get some shopping and dining in.  Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine Food Editor Stephanie March and the Shopping Editor Ali Kaplan give us their picks for dining and shopping.

Flavor   Back To Top

The Flavor event presented by the Minnesota Restaurant Association is a fantastic opportunity for you to get a taste of some of Minnesota’s top restaurants.  It’s inaugural event will be at the Muse Event Center on Thursday, May 29th.  Emily will be at the event and has food from some of her favorite restaurants that will be at the event.

Lunch Hot Spots   Back To Top

It’s such a fun thing thing to do – whether it’s with your sweetie, or with your girlfriends, or with your kids.  We’re talking about grabbing lunch!  The Food and Dining Editor at Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Stephanie March is here with a few of her favorite lunch hot spots.

Old Country Buffet   Back To Top

A national restaurant chain has changed their image and improved their products to keep up with their customers.  The CEO of Old Country Buffet even went on the show Undercover Boss to figure out how to make the restaurant better. 

48th and Chicago Neighborhood   Back To Top

Just blocks from 35W in South Minneapolis is the perfect place to spend the day with the girls.  The intersection of 48th and Chicago is where you’ll find a modern main street with an abundance of shops and restaurants.

Dinner on a Dime   Back To Top

Many of the Twin Cities hottest restaurants are known for undeniably delicious food.  But they can also be pretty expensive.  City Pages food columnist, Joy Summers, has some ways to get around that so you can check them out without breaking the bank.

Sushi in the ‘Burbs   Back To Top

Sushi has become a staple meal for many folks in the Twin Cities.  But you don’t have to hit the cities to get the best sushi.  Restaurant and Dining Editor from Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, fills us in on the best places to grab sushi in the suburbs. 

Droolin’ Moose   Back To Top

Emily could not stop drooling over the chocolate from the Bloomington company, Droolin’ Moose.  She went to check out how the sweet company got it’s start. 

Paczkis   Back To Top

It's a huge Fat Tuesday tradition and it's also one of Elizabeth's favorites. It's called a Paczki, a Polish donut that's only sold once a year. Emily heads to Kramarczuk's in northeast Minneapolis to find out what makes them so special.

Mystic Lake Desserts   Back To Top

There’s a new buffet at Mystic Lake and they have it all.  From a Friday fish fry and steak to a Sunday champagne brunch with bottomless champagne and mimosas.  Of course, you can’t have a buffet without desserts and you can’t have desserts without finding Emily around! 

Cow Bella Gelato   Back To Top

Cow Bella Gelato in St. Paul uses local products and all natural ingredients.  Emily found out how they make the delicious treat and how they get the best taste.

Cool Nights Out: Scotch Tasting   Back To Top

Elizabeth took her husband don’t let this cold weather keep them in.  They headed out to Merlins Rest Pub in Minneapolis for “a cool night out” with a little scotch tasting.

Romantic Restaurants   Back To Top

It’s probably too late to get your reservations in for Valentine’s Day if you want to dine at a romantic restaurant.  City Pages food columnist, Joy Summers, has some ideas for places that you can go that are romantic anytime – not just Valentine’s Day!