Wine Bars in the Eastern Burbs  

There are all sorts of great wine bars in the cities, but there are also some really great spots worth checking out in the suburbs. Emily Engberg teams up with Minnesota Monthly Food Critic Joy Summers. They have three spots worth toasting to on the east side.

Restaurant & Bar in Barnes and Noble Galleria  

The next time you go to buy a book at the Barnes and Noble in Galleria, you can have a beer and some food, too. The national book store has a brand new restaurant that features everything from pastries to full entrees. The bar has coffee, local brews, and wine.

Gigi’s Cupcakes  

From working in a bank to running her own business, you could say things are going pretty sweet for Krista Kook.  She’s now the owner of Gigi’s Cupcakes in Woodbury!  Krista gives Elizabeth and Steve a lesson in their signature swirl! 

Skyway Eats in Minneapolis  

The Skyways in Minneapolis are full of offices and retail stores. It’s also full of places to check out good food. Emily meets up with Joy Summers of Minnesota Monthly to find out which stops are worth a taste and a trip.

Secret Passages at Popular Restaurants  

The Twin Cities is full of some really great restaurants. Some of those restaurants include secrets. There are a handful of spots that have secret passages. Some are open to the public and some aren’t.

Best Pie in the Twin Cities  

We asked the Food and Dining Editor of Mpls St.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, to share her favorite restaurants serving up pie you can bring to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Good Company: Dairy Queen  

Dairy Queen has been home to delicious frozen treats since 1940. Today, there are Dairy Queens all over the country. It started when a father son duo came up with their soft serve recipe and contacted a friend who had an ice cream shop. The owner of the shop said they could have an “all you can eat” trial run. More than 1,600 servings of ice cream were given out. The rest is history and that same recipe is still used today.

Elizabeth in New Orleans: The Sweets Back To Top

Elizabeth, along with 40 TCLers and AAA Minneapolis, took an adventure any foodie would love: a tour of New Orleans. Elizabeth came back to Minnesota with an Instagram page full of delicious photos. It also inspired her to find New Orleans inspired dishes that you can find in the Twin Cities, so she connected with Minnesota restaurant critics to find the best Big Easy sweets in the North Star State.

Taste of New Orleans in Minnesota   Back To Top

Eating through New Orleans was a big part of Elizabeth's trip to the Big Easy with AAA Travel and a bus of TCL'ers. There are places here in the Twin Cities serving up a taste of that city on the Mississippi. 

Best Restaurants in Hudson, Wisconsin   Back To Top

The Food and Dining Editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, shares three of her favorite restaurants in Hudson, Wisconsin as TCL in Your Town celebrates the best of that community. 

The Peg   Back To Top

Steve, Elizabeth, and Emily put on their aprons and find out what it’s like to work at the only full-service restaurant on the fairgrounds, The Peg.

Food & Drink of Brazil   Back To Top

All eyes are on Rio for the 2016 Olympics.  For some people, watching the games inspires them to take up a new sport.  For just makes them want to try the food and drink of the country!  Minnesota Monthly's food critic, Joy Summers, shares her favorite food and drink from Brazil that you can find right here.

Shortstop Bar and Grill in Coon Rapids   Back To Top

Patioke is back and so is one of the most popular spots from last year. Shortstop Bar and Grill in Coon Rapids has been a hot spot in the neighborhood for years.

Muddy Waters Bar & Grill   Back To Top

Our Patio’ke Contest sponsored by Patio Town kicked off a few weeks ago and the music continues at Muddy Waters Bar & Grill in Prescott! TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson takes us across the river to show us at this event you’ll hear music, with a beautiful view.

Not Your Average Margarita   Back To Top

The classic margarita is a popular drink, but there’s one restaurant that is doing it a bit different. Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant has good food, but it also has good drinks perfect for a happy hour or night out with friends. The restaurant has come up with some drinks that are bigger in concept and flavor. The restaurant has a margarita that uses a yard stick. They also have one that is a take on the mojito. For bubble fans, there’s even a sparkling margarita. 

Patio’ke at Cowboy Jack’s   Back To Top

Our second Patio’ke event is at Cowboy Jack’s in Bloomington! Elizabeth pays them a visit and learns that this spot is all about happy hour on a giant patio. She also samples a bison burger and a special beer made in collaboration with Lift Bridge Brewery just for Cowboy Jacks.

TCL in Your Town: The Pointe Bar & Grill   Back To Top

TCL in your Town is highlighting Prior Lake and our first stop is The Pointe Bar & Grill.  Owner, Ryan Bartlett, gives us a taste of their giant nachos and tell us why they added an old pizza recipe from a former restaurant to the menu.

Shopping & Eating in Wayzata   Back To Top

TCL is in your town Wayzata!  Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's Shopping and Style editor, Allison Kaplan, show us her favorite places to shop and grab a bite while she is in this west suburb. 

50 Years Later Park Tavern Still Going Strong   Back To Top

Park Tavern Bowling and Entertainment Center has been a mainstay in the city of St. Louis Park for more than 50 years.  And for good reason.  It offers something for everyone.

Dishes that Define St. Paul   Back To Top

Saint Paul is known for many things including their food scene.  The food writers of the Pioneer Press put together a list of the 25 dishes that define St. Paul.  

Chicken & Waffles   Back To Top

Chicken and waffles is a classic southern dish that you don’t see too often in the Twin Cities.  The Girvan Grille in Brooklyn Park serves up this dish.  Chef Jason Libel shows us how they do it.

Good Company: Birchwood Café   Back To Top

Birchwood Café has been a popular restaurant in Minneapolis for twenty one years, but its history goes back years before. In 1926, it started as a dairy and was owned by Cy and Del Bursch. Business was good for some time, but then in the 1940’s it was converted into a grocery store called Birchwood. It was a place where people would go and Del and Cy always knew your name. It was a place where families would stop by just to say hello.

Behind the scenes of Minnesota Monthly’s Best Brunch Issue   Back To Top

Minnesota Monthly’s June issue is all about the best places for brunch. It features twenty seven spots. Ten are classic and seventeen are brand new places to add to your list.  The list also shares best new donut and best new coffee spots.

Em’s Adventures: Adventurous Eating Around Minneapolis   Back To Top

There are all sorts of foods and all sorts of opportunities in Minneapolis to try different kinds of foods. For most of us, we stick with what we know and what is more likely than not “normal”. But what if we sent you to try things that you would never normally order. And then we told you it involves a tail, gland and a brain? That’s exactly what happens in “Em’s Adventures” as Emily and Minnesota Monthly Food Critic, Joy Summers, head to three restaurants.

2nd Annual Unofficial Burger Battle   Back To Top

The 2nd Annual Unofficial Burger Battle is here!  We bring together 2 competing chefs you go head to head to be announced the unofficial winners and walk away with pride!  This is all in honor of the Official Burger Battle happening Saturday, May 21st!

Cocktails On Tap   Back To Top

When heading out, it’s not just beer the bar has on tap.  Cocktails are kept on tap too!  It’s one of the hottest trends behind the bar and the Twin Cities is doing it right. Food writer for Minnesota Monthly, Joy Summers, shares some of her favorites.

Top 100 Favorite Dishes   Back To Top

The team at City Pages embarked on quite the mission: select and rank the top 100 items found on the menus of Twin Cities restaurants. They were successful. City Pages Dining Critic Mecca Bos stops by with four ranking in the top 10 and where you can order them.

Twin Cities Best Hot Dogs   Back To Top

There are all sorts of crazy foods to try at Target Field, but the classic go-to for many fans is a hot dog. But, you don’t have to be at Target Field to enjoy a good one. In fact, there are several spots in town where you can find not only good hot dogs, but some over the top dogs, too. Emily teams up with Minnesota Monthly Food Critic, Joy Summers, to check out three of the best.

3 Best Food Delivery in the Twin Cities   Back To Top

Sometimes you simply don’t feel like cooking and you don’t want to get out of your pajamas to go out to eat. That’s when you deliver!  Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Food & Dining Editor, Stephanie March, stops by our studio with her pick for the 3 best places to order from. 

Check out what else Mpls.St.Paul Magazine is working on.

MilkJam Creamery   Back To Top

He’s known for his roles at Saffron and World Street Kitchen. Now, Sameh Wadi has a new business. He recently opened “MilkJam Creamery” on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis. It’s not your typical ice cream shop. This is where anything goes.