Charred Oysters  

Oysters can seem like a delicacy only available at resturants but owner of Coalition, Eli Wollenzein, showed us how to grill them at home. 

Best Restaurants Featuring Live Music  

If you're looking to spend a night out with your sweetie to enjoy a good meal and take in a great concert check out these restaurants that feature live music.

Happy Hour at Can Can Wonderland  

You would never think of taking your kids to a Happy Hour right? But what if you could! You’re sipping on a glass of wine, while your kids are playing mini golf. It just so happens that at TCL’s Happy Hour takes us to a place just as magical. We found Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson hanging out at Can Can Wonderland in Saint Paul and fell in love with this adult playground!

Best Restaurants on the Water  

The Food and Dining Critic at MplsSt.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, shares three of her favorite restaurants where you can dine near water.

Randy’s Premier Pizza Goes Gluten Free  

We are wrapping up TCL in Your Town, North Saint Paul, by bringing a staple to our studio. Randy’s Premier Pizza has been in business for 32-years and is known for her tasty and huge pizzas.

TCL Happy Hour: Stanley’s NE Bar Room and Al’s Place  

Twin Cities Live Happy Hour kicks off Wednesday, June 13th at a special location in honor of our Patio Party show. Stanley’s NE Bar Room and Al’s Place upstairs at Stanley’s is a great spot for a drink and some good food. It’s also our happy hour location from 3-4:30 on the 13th.The spot is not only fun indoors, but the patio is what makes this spot stand out on a nice, warm summer day.

Best Restaurants for a Hamburger  

The Food Critic for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, Jess Fleming, stopped by with her favorite restaurants to get hamburgers and a cold beverage.

Foil Recipies   Back To Top

The owner of the Golden Fig on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Laurie Crowell, shares two dinner recipes you can easily make over a campfire, in the slow cooker or in the oven.