Order Ahead for Thanksgiving Sweets  

Go beyond pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner this year. The Food and Dining Editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, shares her picks for Twin Cities bakeries and restaurants making sweet treats you can order in advance. 

El Burrito Mercado Half Off Deal  

El Burrito Mercado in Saint Paul is holding a special Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, event on November 2nd. Dia De Los Muertos honors loved ones that have passed. It’s a great way to celebrate their life with food, music, and crafts.

Lobster Mac and Cheese with CRAVE Catering  

Chef and author Daniel Green shares how to make a fancier version to everyone's favorite comfort food, lobster mac and cheese. It’s an exclusive dish on the CRAVE catering menu.

Big Foods: Randy’s Premiere Pizza  

Pizza is a favorite for many families. It’s not unusual to have a large pizza, but there’s one pizza spot in the east metro that doesn’t do large. It does REALLY large.

Good Company: Punch Pizza  

Coffee and pizza -- the two don't really mix. But for one Twin Cities businessman, they've proved to be hugely successful.  The founder of Caribou Coffee was a huge fan of Punch Pizza. In fact he loved it so much, he became co-owner of the restaurant chain, joining forces with Italian born John Sorrano, who founded the company in the mid-90s.

Big Foods: Pretzel  

New Bohemia Wurst and Bier House is on St. Paul’s popular seventh street. This restaurant bar has beer from all over the country and the world. They serve thirty six different craft beers. They also have more than two dozen types of sausages. All of them are from Minnesota.

Big Foods: Giant Ice Cream Sandwich  

Seventh Street in Saint Paul is a hopping place full of restaurants and bars. It’s right in the heart of the action with the Xcel Energy Center only being steps away.

How to Eat Like a Minnesotan   Back To Top

The team at Mpls St. Paul Magazine have compiled the essential list of foods showcasing Minnesota living. Their Food and Dining Editor, Stephanie March, stopped by with some of her favorite picks.

What’s For Dinner with Chef Daniel: Mussels   Back To Top

If you've been recycling through the same recipes, it's time to change it up! We have some out of the box dinner ideas that are easy to prepare that will help you get out of your recipe rut.  Chef Daniel Green shares a delicious dinner idea that’s featured on the new fall menu at CRAVE.

10/11 Super Saver   Back To Top

If your nights are like most parents -- getting the kids from school, running to practice, a lesson, parent-teacher conferences, you are busy. And dinner around the table, sometimes just isn’t going to happen. Restaurants in the Twin Cities and the suburbs are making sure you get fed...and save some money too. TCL’s Super Saver, Kelli Hanson shares where your kids can eat free all week long.

Essential Comfort Food Picks   Back To Top

If you hear the question, “What's for dinner?” just about every single night, the editor of Eater Twin Cities can empathize and Its why Joy Summers created and frequently updates The 38 Essential Twin Cities Restaurants on the Eater Twin Cities website. It's the ultimate guide to the best spots in town. Today she stopped by with her picks for essential comfort foods.

Best Pizza in the Twin Cities Back To Top

In honor of Twin Cities Live's Dude Week, the Food and Dining Editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, stopped by to share three of her favorite spots for pizza in the metro, along with a suggestion of what to get when you're there.  

Pryes Brewing   Back To Top

Minneapolis has a new brewery. It’s called Pryes Brewing. It sits right next to the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. It’s the first in the state to offer something called Feather Bowling. It’s a cross between curling and bocce ball. So, guests can have a good beer and take on an interesting and new game that uses feathers and wooden cheese wheels.

Good Company: Emily’s Bakery and Deli   Back To Top

Emily’s Bakery and Deli is a hometown favorite in Hastings. For years, it has been serving up some of the best donuts, cookies, cakes and other treats to its customers. It has been in the Hastings area for more than a century. In 1988, brother and sister, Steve Fox and Norine Bishop, took over the business from their parents when it was known at Hasting’s Home Bakery.  They changed the name to Emily’s Bakery and Deli in honor of their grandparents Emily and Elmer Walker who bought the bakery in the 1940’s.

St. Andrews Salad from Girvan Grille   Back To Top

Today we're tossing out the iceberg lettuce and adding a pop of flavor, starting with homemade strawberry vinaigrette. Executive chef from Girvan Grille in Brooklyn Park, Mike Nagan explained great ways to make salads taste delicious.

Good Company: Papa Tronnio’s   Back To Top

Pizza night is certainly a popular night for many families and there’s one hot spot in Prescott, Wisconsin that has been feeding the stomachs and the hearts of families for almost forty years. Papa Tronnio’s is a staple. Known for its laid back atmosphere and great pizza, Papa T’s attracts people from Prescott and from all over the cities. Some families come weekly just to get a taste.

TCL in Your Town: Pie Night   Back To Top

Twin Cities Live is celebrating the town of Prescott, Wisconsin!  TCL reporter, Kelli Hanson, takes us to Nesbitt’s Nursery in the town along the river for dinner.  Yes – to a nursery for dinner!  It’s called, “Pie Night.”         

Best of the Cities at the Fine Spirits Classic   Back To Top

On Thursday, July 27, the Twin Cities best restaurants and distilleries will showcase food and drink at Minnesota Monthly's Fine Spirits Classic. Food critic Joy Summers stops by with a preview and a half off ticket deal for Twin Cities Live viewers!

July Restaurant Week: The Copper Hen   Back To Top

Minneapolis St Paul Magazine is celebrating the best of Twin Cities Dining with a weeks’ worth of deals and The Copper Hen is one of the many places you can choose from. Chef Josh Hedquist made Lobster Gnocchi.

TCL in Your Town: Places to Eat and Shop in White Bear Lake   Back To Top

Our focus for TCL in Your Town is on White Bear Lake, which has one of the largest lakes in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. We asked the style and food editors from Mpls St.Paul Magazine for their favorite spots to eat and shop!  

Underrated Patios   Back To Top

When the weather is as pleasant as it's been the past few days...there's nothing like enjoying a meal outside.  But where to go? We challenged the Food and Dining Editor of the Mpls. St. Paul Magazine to determine the three most underrated patios you'll find around town. The ones not getting the praise they deserve. Stephanie March’s picks are below.

Caribbean Backyard Bash   Back To Top

If you've got a summer BBQ in your upcoming plans, we want you to put down that package of hotdogs. Don't even think of buying that relish tray. Instead, escape to the Caribbean. The owner of Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, Tomme Beevas, stopped by to show us how to pull together a Caribbean Backyard Bash.

Bald Man Brewing   Back To Top

Some of the best breweries aren’t in the cities, they’re in the burbs. Throughout the summer, Twin Cities Live is going to feature some of them. Our first stop is Bald Man Brewing in Eagan. It’s a hot spot for folks wanting good beer and a good vibe.

Gala Apple Salad with Cork Wine Bar and Restaurant   Back To Top

Bob and Billy Martin from Cork Wine Bar and Restaurant show Steve how to make a refreshing summer salad, perfect for a hot day. They also sampled a few other offerings from the Anoka restaurant.

3 Best Restaurants to Get French Fries   Back To Top

We challenged three Twin Cities based food critics to pick their favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities to get French Fries. It was hard for them to each choose only one! Joy Summers from Minnesota Monthly, Jess Fleming from the Pioneer Press and Stephanie March from Mpls.St.Paul Magazine share their go-to spot.

Summer Kick off Party at The Lookout Bar and Grill   Back To Top

The Lookout Bar and Grill in Maple Grove is the perfect spot to celebrate the start of summer.

Best Supper Clubs   Back To Top

The supper club culture invites people to visit with friends, enjoy a hearty meal and remains an important part to the Minnesota dining scene because it allows guests to feel at home. Food critic for the Minnesota Monthly, Joy Summer gave a roundup of her favorite supper clubs in the Twin Cities.

Good Company: Hogan Brothers Back To Top

Northfield is a cute, quaint town that has lots of character. Some of that character is because of its local businesses. That includes Hogan Brothers’ Acoustic Cafe.

Best Restaurants in Northfield Back To Top

TCL In Your Town is celebrating the best of Northfield! To kick things off, the Food and Dining Editor at Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, Stephanie March, shares three restaurants in the community worth the drive.

Twin Cities Burger Battle   Back To Top

On Saturday, May 20, over 20 restaurants will battle for your vote at the Twin Cities Burger Battle. We invited two chefs to share what they'll be serving.