10/30 What's Happening This Weekend  

Our "local guy about town," TCL Assistant Producer Mike Marcotte, shares his picks for What's Happening This Weekend.

10/23 What’s Happening this Weekend?  

Mike Marcotte is here with some Halloween inspired ideas to check out this weekend.

10/16 What’s Happening this Weekend?  

With the kids off of school the next couple of days, our local guy about town has a few family-friendly things to check out.

10/9 What’s Happening this Weekend  

Twin Cities Live assistant producer, Mike Marcotte, is back with ideas for you to check out this weekend.

10/2 What’s Happening this Weekend?  

Assistant Producer – and our local guy about town – Mike Marcotte has a few things for you to check out this weekend.

9/25 What’s Happening this Weekend?  

Our local guy about town, assistant producer Mike Marcotte, has a few things to let you know about that’s going on this weekend.

9/18 What’s Happening this Weekend?  

TCL Assistant Producer Mike Marcotte has a couple suggestions for things to put on your social calendar this weekend.

9/4 What’s Happening this Weekend?   Back To Top

Just because summer vacation is over, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do this weekend!  TCL Assistant Producer Mike Marcotte has some suggestions.

9/11 What’s Happening this Weekend  

Assistant producer and our guy about town, Mike Marcotte, has some suggestions for things to check out this weekend.

What's Happening July 31-August 3, 2014

From one of the biggest parties of the year to three art fairs, it's a busy weekend in the Twin Cities!

What's Happening July 17-20, 2014

It's a big weekend to get outside and enjoy the warm weather! Here are a couple events definitely worth checking out.

Wednesday, June 4 - Welcome!

Welcome to the What's Happening This Weekend blog! I hope that this will become your one-stop for things happening around the Twin Cities. I love hearing about events in your neighborhood! Email me or hit me up on Twitter. For this weekend, I have two events I'm sure you'll love: