4/28 What’s Happening this Weekend?

TCL’s Local Guy About Town, Mike Marcotte, shares his picks for What’s Happening This Weekend!  

4/21 What's Happening This Weekend  

TCL's Mike Marcotte invited Islandic horses to the station to feature the Minnesota Horse Expo, one big event happening this weekend!

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Every Thursday on Twin Cities Live, our Local Guy About Town shares his picks for What’s Happening This Weekend!

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TCL’s Mike Marcotte has weekend events worth checking out!

3/31 What’s Happening this Weekend  

TCL’s Mike Marcotte shares ideas of what to do around the cities this weekend!

3/24 What’s Happening This Weekend  

A bunny, a beast, and a beer.  It’s all a part of what’s happening this weekend! Emily fills us in.

3/17 What’s Happening this Weekend?  

TCL's Local Guy About Town, Mike Marcotte, shares his weekend event suggestions!

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We’ve got a list of events to add to your calendar.

5 Top Twin Cities Events Happening April 25 - May 1, 2016

It was a long week for Minnesota. Prince’s passing on Thursday was shocking. But in the hours after his death, Minnesotans united to celebrate the life of an icon. From all-night dance parties to viewings of Prince’s “Purple Rain,” the mourning process is an opportunity for all of us to congregate. And after months of unrest in our community, I feel this was exactly what we needed: to let it all out. This week made me fall in love with this community in a new way. 

5 Worthy Event Picks April 18-24 from Twin Cities Live's Local Guy About Town

After recommending events for years, I have a (useless) talent of remembering what happens on a particular weekend. Grand Old Day(s) is the first weekend of June, Highland Fest is the third weekend of July, and for some reason, no one likes to plan events the weekend before the State Fair starts (minus the Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival at Como Park Zoo). And like clockwork, the second to last weekend of April is when the warm weather events season begins. We go from a short list of things to talk about to dozens of events happening around town. For me, it's like the fishing opener. Just like how there are 10,000 (plus) different lakes to fish in Minnesota, there are so many events, but oh so little time.